Thursday, June 7, 2007

Britannian Headquarters At Gütersloh Southwest Of Minden
The Marquis of Granby In Command
7 June 1757 (2007) Nearing Midnight

Granby: No word from Col. Luckner, eh?
ADC: None My Lord, but we do have the dispatch from Major von Scheiter.
Granby: Yes my Hanoverian mounted jäger, all good men. Let me read it again.
Meinen Lord Der Marquis von Granby,

Ich habe the honour to beg to acquaint you mit reports from my vedettes. Dis mornink we observed the Chasseurs A Cheval de Fischer mit Chasseurs A Pied of said body appear in force northeast of Hamm. Behind dem, ve could see a large dust cloud vhich I believe from its appearance portends the arrival of the Gallian Advance Guard you kindly informed me about in your last orders. This, I beg to say means Herr General von Broglie has passed the towns of Olpe, Iserlohn, Soest and now Hamm. He has not stopped except to encamp for the night and may be in the area of Gütersloh on the 8th but more likely the 9th instant.

We remain no more than a few hours ride on the main road southwest of your camp. Fischer has been disagreeable though we have given a good account of ourselves preventing him from passing us.

I regret to say I have no news of Col. Luckner though we heard carbine and musket fire around two of the clock this afternoon to the southeast. It vas desultory and ended in less than zehn minuten, Ich denke.

As I write I can see many evening campfires of the Gallian Advance Guard on the plain northeast of Hamm. I vould guess it to be zeveral brigades.

Meanwhile ve await dawn to begin again. I would be honoured to receive a reinforcement of dragooners to stop Monsieur Fischer, if it may be of service as I remain,

Your Very Humble and Obt. Servant
Major von Scheiter
Jäger zu Pferde von Hanover
At Freytag's Inn Zwischen Hamm und Gütersloh

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