Monday, June 25, 2007

From Fiskby Abbey..........

Dear Brother James
I was wondering but neglected to mention it in my previous communication if your venerable and ancient library contains any manuscripts pertaining to the ancient claims Tradgardland had to the lands of Byzantium . Legend tells us that a vangarian ancestor was adopted as the emperor's son but died soon after. Let me know what you find.
The joint Abbots of Fiskby


tidders said...

To Abbot Ingmar

Fraternal greetings from the monastery of Alt-Wittendorf.

I have delved into the archives of the monastery and the King of Wittenberg's library and records.

Unfortunately I have not found any reference to a vangarian of Tradgardland being adopted as the son of the Emperor of Byzantium.

Brother James

tradgardmastare said...

Brother James
Many thanks for your great endeavours on our behalf. I trust if your archivist is sucessful you will inform us.
yours fraternally
The Abbots of fiskby