Friday, June 8, 2007

Off the Gallian coast just before dawn

The Traggardland galley came in towards the shore. The look - out scanned the grey shoreline for signs of life. Finally he began to signal to the shore with his lantern in the vain hope of being seen by a vigilant sentry. The message said " Information of mutal benefit to impart.Signal back if you see this light!" The galley look out stained his eyes and waited, would anyone see the signal ..........


Anonymous said...

A light from ashore rises slowly three times in acknowledgement.

tradgardmastare said...

The galley signals back with three slow passes of the light. After this a ship's boat is launched and with muffled oars makes its way slowly to the shore

Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmmmm, the plot thickens. I wonder who "anonymous" is? Will the Tradgardlanders meet the ones they hope to? or will it be someone else?

I'll stay tuned to find out.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Two men appear on the sand just outside the darkened wood.

One is clearly a civilian of means. He appears to be unarmed.

The other is a capitaine of Les Compagnies Franches de la Marine. His hand quietly rests on his hip with justaucorps folded back over his sword hilt. A flintlock pistol is tucked inside his swordbelt.

It is uncertain if a momentary gleam from the wood signifies the presence of others, but the demeanor of the two aforementioned men suggests a certain relaxation borne of their estate and other securities.

tradgardmastare said...

"Good evening gentlemen. My name is Von Bergman loyal servant of Duke Carl Frederick. Pray identify yourselves and how may we be of help to one another?"
The marine captain accompanying Von Bergman tries to keep a nervous hand away from the flintlock pistol stufed into his belt. He manges a half smile

Gallia said...

The white-coated military officer steps forward two paces, the justaucorps closing over his swordhilt.

Bonjour Messieurs et welcome.
I am Capitaine Acheron de Vinnie of Les Compagnies Franches de la Marine. I command in this region of the coast of Gallia. Permit me to introduce l'Comte de Rapprochement of the Foreign Ministry.

Rapprochement remains stationary, peers intently into the eyes of the major part, von Bergman, bows slighty, evidently grimmacing from an old wound and says.

Messieurs, welcome. Allow me the honour to walk with you along the beach. My compliments to you. A galley journey all the way from The Baltic Sea must seem like a voyage to the far side of the world.

Capitaine de Vinnie, "I believe your marine detachment may stand down."

The four turn south to catch the few warm rays the sun had to offer at its rising, the officers falling in behind von Bergman and Rapprochement.

"Now Sir, how may Gallia and I be of service?"

tradgardmastare said...

"Sir it is an honour to greet you in the name of Duke Karl Frederick.May I present his compliments to you.
I am instructed to suggest that our glorious nations may ,in these troublous times, be of use one to another.Gallia needs a friend in the North, a baltic nation ready to assist in council and field of Mars.Likewise our beloved Duchy needs others she can rely upon.This is how things are seen by us. As the herring shoals are ever pursued by the fishermen so Gallia is pursued too," Von Bergman finishes with a flourish.
Reaching deep into the canvas bag overhis shoulder he produces a bottle of Tradgardian ale.Removing the cork with his teeth he passes it over saying"Let us drink to a better tomorrow and fraternal nations!"

Gallia said...

Rapprochement: My dear Sir, would you forgive me if I discredit myself for not joining you with your wine? My wound aggrieves me very much and the doctor, Monsieur l'Docteur, well, his name is not important at this moment, strictly orders me to consume only the most feeble beverage while under his medications. Such medicoes and their modernisms will be the death of us all I am sure. Please drink for me and share with the officers, if you please. Again, I beg your pardon. Now, if I may, and, oh you have spilled some on your wasitcoat - hardly noticeable.

Where was I? Oh yes. You were speaking perhaps I believe of the Pommeranian Gambit, I believe?

tradgardmastare said...

Your good health gentlemen!Please share this amongst yourselves.
Ah where were we ,oh yes I recall.No doubt your sources will recall the grand proclamation concerning Lady Alisona and the offer of her hand in matrimony? A good and just settlement would seal an arrangement between countries such as ours. That and silk for the making of new standards for the Ducal army. What thnk you of that sir? A seamless garment of diplomacy woven for the benefit of all!

Gallia said...

Rapprochement considers the offer of an alliance for silk and a marriage proposal, the latter as a seal of accord for someone in the Royal household.

Rapprochement: Am I to understand the interests of your Sovereign are solely in the realm of the two aforementioned, shall I say commodities? Commodity, an ill-mannered word for the young lady surely but, I trust colleague, you will understand I mean no disprespect for her charms and personal interests. We understand her to be fetching and desirable.

In the matter of the silks, I personally believe the Prince de Charade would give this his utmost careful consideration. Regarding the young lady of inestimable charms, I beg to remind you the King is married and the Prince de Charade is of an age that, well, may find him in a different orbit though I hesitate to speak for him in this regard with any certainty.

My dear von Bergman, if I may take the liberty, I shall now return to what I referred to a moment ago as "The Pommeranian Gambit. Naturally with your nation's holdings in the Baltic arena, your Sovereign might have a care to resume the Crown of Gustavus Adolphus in Germania proper, Pommerania that is, on the north central shore at the expense of the foes of Gallia, Russi and The Imperium and your own great state. Another sore for our perhaps mutual foe at this time would benefit your Sovereign and mine. Are you directed to discuss a "Pommeranian Gambit" at this time colleague?

If not, then I think our meeting perhaps is at an end. Whether it is or is not, I will ofcourse repair to Versailles to present your compliments and ideas to the Prince de Charade, our Foreign Minister. He has the ear of the King and therefore the pulse of the country.

Oh forgive a digression but, are you interested in the natural sciences at all? I know of a remarkable nesting area around the point yonder....

Gallia said...

[The Gallian l'Comte de Rapprochement resumes the conversation after a few moments saying....]

My limited time has eclipsed the opportunity for further discourse Monsieur von Bergman. I apologize but I need to return to Versailles and make my report and attend to matters I've left unresolved. Unless I misunderstand.

1. Your country desires silks for flags. I shall forward this request to the proper commercial authorities to consider opening a trade with you for this.

2. Your Sovereign seeks suitors for his daughters. My opinion is we have none.

3. The Pommeranian Gambit is of no interest to you.

We thank you for the opportunity to discuss these matters. Now if I may escort you and your marine officer back to your ship's boat I will bid you a cordial adieu. Capitaine de Vinnie, let us return our guests to their launch.

[At the Tradgardmastarre ship's boat, the oarsmen unship their oars after the two foreigners are reseated, Rapprochement doffs his hat out of respect, bows and says,]

My dear von Bergman, please extend my kindest compliments and the King's good wishes to your Sovereign. Adieu.

tradgardmastare said...

Sir let us not be hasty,after such wonders of natural science it is hard to return to the affairs of state!
My master has given me leave to discuss matters pressing - perhaps you would care to dine aboard our great and glorious galley, to refuse would tarnish my honour and yours I fear.
In quiet conviviality perhaps you can elaborate over exactly what your master would desire of mine.
A man of such refinement would I know appreciate my prints concerning the fauna of Tradgardland,especially the fabled boar which is larger and fiercer than in many lands!
come sir let us make haste !

Gallia said...

l'Comte de Rapproachment:
My dear von Bergman, I would like nothing better in life than to accept this kind invitation aboard your vessel. I do not think a few hours delay in my departure for Versailles will matter more than a little. Plus my means of conveyance is still some way off I see. Besides a combination of dinner, natural science, the drawings and an occasion to discuss the Pommeranian Gambit again in more detail might satisfy and surely would not be amiss.

Capitaine de Vinnie?.

Capiaine Acheron de Vinnie:
Oui Monsieur l'Comte?

l'Comte de Rapprochement:
Bring the launch, if you please, to take me to the galley. There is not a minute to lose. Tide and time wait for no man.

Capitaine de Vinnie:
Oui. Certainement.

l'Comte de Rapproachement:
Now my dear colleague, if you will give me but a few moments to gather my papers and for my launch to arrive, I shall join you within the hour. Pehaps this might allow sufficient time for your steward to prepare for the evening's festivities. I may have a bottle of Chevert wine to add as well.

Oui. Capitaine?

Capitaine de Vinnie:
Monsieur l'Comte. I see l'Vengeance standing into the bay riding the tide coming in.

Ah yes, I saw her a few moments ago. A pretty sight rounding the point. Do you not find her lines appealing colleague? She brought me here the day before your arrival, hence the ships's launch. The Prince de Charade thought it best for my prompt arrival but moreover to add protection for your mission and your vessel should Britannian privateers pose a mischief. They are frequenters of the coast here.

And now if I may beg to take my temporary leave, I'll join you by seven of the clock if that is convenient?