Thursday, June 7, 2007


Corpus Christi Holiday
The good people of Tradgardstadt have assembled in square-a holiday mood prevailing. The ancient herald puffs his way round the exterior staircase and upon regaining his breath begins
" By order of Duke Karl Frederick, lord of the inner ocean,keeper of the faith,master of the silver shoals and guildmeister's guildmeister I announce that the aforementioned Duke extends the hand of his firstborn daughter Alisona in marriage to those who are worthy enough,wealthy beyond dreams and of good worthy root stock. Interest to be registered by letters containing referencences of good conduct and wealth!
God save the duke!"
With purple cheeks from loud proclamating the herald staggers down the well worn stairs and into the tower. His wheezing masked by mixed cheering and the odd stiffled laugh. The people disperse to church and then to diverse distractions.

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