Monday, June 18, 2007

Grand Duchy of Stollen Hopes for Peace between Kingdoms, Principalities, and Minor Territories of Imaginary Europe

18 June 1768

To the Rulers of 18th Century Apocryphal Europe,

Gentlemen, it is with great urgency that we assure you of Stollen’s most profound wish for peace above all. We have no desire to be caught in the middle of a general conflict between the Emperor and the Elector, although our sympathies rest largely with the latter, thanks to the recent influx of trade and commerce from Europe and the Near East.

Unfortunately, our most immediate political troubles can be found closer to home. As you might know, rumors persist about the presence of enemy agents in the Grand Duchy. Indeed, some sources suggest that the very government of Stollen itself has been infiltrated by spies from the Electorate of Zichenau. As a result of these rumors, paranoia and fear increase daily among members of the Stollenian ministry, the bureaucracy, and the general population here in Krankenstadt. We are also concerned because it is widely known that Zichenau has allied itself with, and agreed to make its troops available to serve in a larger coalition army under the leadership of, the Emperor should the military situation in Fictitious 18th century Europe warrant it.

Equally troubling is the military situation unfolding at our doorstep. Our own scouts report that a large regiment of white-coated grenadiers has been spotted on maneuvers uncomfortably close to Stollen’s frontier. Nearby villagers report seeing armed foragers, presumably from the same body of troops, who have apparently strayed onto our side of the Lesser Zwischen, the river separating Stollen and Zichenau. A detachment of dragoons and household infantry under Colonel von Spasticus has been sent to region, to observe and ascertain whether there is any truth to these stories.

If these two items were not troubling enough, word has reached Krankenstadt today that a large mercenary regiment of heavy horse has been hired by Zichenau and is now en route from Berlin. It is thought that these troops could be in place on the Zichenau side of the Zwischen by early July. Whether our neighbor to the south intends these troops as a simple corps of observation or as the core of an eventual invasion force remains to be seen. Hopefully, our own Colonel von Spasticus can determine the precise nature of the situation.

So far, our ruler Irwin-Amadeus II has not seen fit to call for a general mobilization of Stollen’s small army – despite advice to the contrary. His rather circumspect way of handling these recent political and military developments notwithstanding, recruiting by the Stollenian army continues. However, it will probably be several months before our forces are fully prepared to take the field against Zichenau, to restore order and stability along our frontier.

With these issues in mind, we wish to stress yet again our wish for continued peace and prosperity in the imaginary Europe of the mid-1700s.

Most Sincerely,

Herr Udo Dirkschneider von Pfeffernuβe, Foreign Minister

Herr Hans Karl von Wilkowiczeske, Senior Member of the Stollenian Cabinet

Herr Heinrich-Schatzi von Pelznikkel, Minister of War


Richard said...

Message to
Herr Hans Karl von Wilkowiczeske, Senior Member of the Stollenian Cabinet

My dear von Wilkowiczeske,
Let us, in the cause of peace, meet with your Minister of Trade begin trade negotiations. We have arrived with ships bulging with silk, spices, carpets, olive oil, and bronze to trade for naval stores (timber and pitch) with which your countryside is well endowded.
While Ambassador Kommena and the Grand Duke discuss the new residence and other political matters we can discuss trade.
Yr Obt. Servant
Letsmaka Deel

abdul666 said...

Respectful Query to His Mighty Proeminency Bob XXII, Emperor of Reconstitued Byzantium and Adfacent Vassalized Territories

Encyclopedists of Western Urope dispair to know so few about Reconstitued Byzantium!

Demeurant de votre Majesé &c...
(abdul666LW on several Yahoo groups)