Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Across the green the sound of industry is heard. The midsommer pavilions are being erected. They stand ,in Ducal colours of blue and rose,proudly upon the heath. A little way off the wooden rails are laid for the boar targets to traverse,the blocks and tackles to move them are hauled from waiting wagons.
In the greatest pavillion of splendour the duke and his entourage settle into their summer quarters-theirs until the midsommer day has passed. The Duke tears another sheet of parchment into myriad pieces.The midsommer speech does not come easily to him this year. The clouds of Mars are gathering and obscuring his other thoughts. With whom lies the safety of Tradgardland?Who will stand against the coming chaos........
A breathless messenger enters the tent and presents a sealed paper to the Duke . He opens it and intently reads....................


Richard said...

My Dear Duke
While to winds of war unfortunately seem to be gathering, let us take this time of peace to enhance it with friendly negotiations of trade. I have four merchantmen in your harbor stuffed with items of peaceful intent: silk, olives, olive oil, spices, and carpets. Let us sit down with your minister of trade.
Yr Obt Servant
Admiral Sailfast

tradgardmastare said...

My dear admiral
The duke has commanded me to reply to you whilst his ducalness is engaged in even weighter matters.I am authorised to trade fairly with your goodself the fair exchange of salted Herring,Karlsberg ale and silverware for your aforementioned goods. Exchange to tajke place as soon as possible as Midsommer is near
Alf Provan
Harbour meister

Richard said...

Dear Harbour Meister
Contact me at your earliest convenience after Midsommer.
Yr Obt Servent
Ad. Sailfast