Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In the Courts of the Morning.............

Karl Frederick limbers up upon the Tennis court. He is awake,refreshed and ready for the fray. He awaits his esteemed guest. Karl Frederick muses upon the fact he loves the smell of linseed oil in the morning and then hears footsteps coming onto the court. He smiles with anticipation at the thought of a glorious game and discussions leading to a united,powerful and mighty northern Europa!


Bluebear Jeff said...

A servant approaches with a bundle.

"This just arrived for you, there was no return address".

Upon opening the package a shirt (yes, suitable for wearing while playing tennis) is discovered.

On the shirt is embroidered a lobster claw. (Note: it is a left claw). There is no card or other indication as to who sent it.

tradgardmastare said...

Karl Frederick looks puzzled ,and having sought the council of his advisers to no avail,returns to his warm -up even more burdened by life and its mysteries.

Snickering Corpses said...

Burgraf von Waffenschmidt makes his way onto the courts finally, every hair in perfect place, confering quietly with the dragoon who is still serving as his aide, briefcase perpetually in hand.

He wears an appropriate tennis attire, with his shirt embroidered with a blue goat holding a golden blacksmith's hammer. Approaching the monarch, the Burgraf makes a polite bow. "Your Grace...I trust you received ample rest in preporation for our game? I am afraid I am a bit out of practice in recent weeks, but I shall endeavor to give a good showing."

tradgardmastare said...

Well Burgaff cough,cough,splutter etc) you are a most excellent player.It is an age since I was bettered!
Now let us refresh ourselves with salted herring and ale while you tell me where we might take our great nations together.
After you sir, please make youself comfortable upon the terrace and let us once more converse.

Snickering Corpses said...

"You should play with the Lady Waffenschmidt someday, Your is keeping up with her skill that keeps me so busy," offers the statesman with a smile, accompanying the Duke to the offered refreshments. "I have not had a good salt herring in quite some time...and I believe your kitchens recevied a small shipment of our excellent goat cheese this morning, did they not? I do hope the delivery went well...a small token of thanks for your hospitality."

tradgardmastare said...

Now Burgaff,down to business! What are you enabled to ofer us by ways of trade or otherwise? are you able to offer comittment to more than merely a compact of defence? Are you filled with a vision of Northern fraternity spreading to the benefit of all but especially ourselves?
The goats cheese,by the by, will live in my mind and palate for ages!

Snickering Corpses said...

A single gesture of the Burgraf's hand draws the dragoon officer near, his sealed satchel opened and the papers within provided to the Minister. The papers are taken, but the Minister does not immediately reference them, setting them face down upon the table before him and speaking, "Your Grace will find the wording somewhat careful in certain sections of the document, for we desire to provide assurances of each other's security as best we are able, but there is doubtless concern upon both sides of the border whether we wish to commit to get drawn in should a major power such as Gallia or the Imperium attack the one and not the other."

He leans forward a bit, turning the top paper right side up and passing it to the Duke. "The first parts are standard natterings regarding general wishes for good future, the identification of the authority on which the paper rests, and so on and so forth. Your Grace may wish to reference the seventh paragraph, which provides that we both wish a peacable border between us and commits us to a non-agression pact assuring that neither country shall invade the other. Exceptions are made, as Your Grace will note, in subsection B to affirm the right of either state to cross the border with small bodies of not above an agreed size for a limited period in the pursuit of bandits or other threats which may adversely affect both countries."

tradgardmastare said...

It is well with me. I see no reason to delay signing.Give me a pen a nd let the matter be accomplished.
I trust you will make the necessary proclamations for us.
Let us seal the bargain in our finest Karlsberg ale!
your health Sir!