Saturday, June 9, 2007

Britannian Headquarters At Gütersloh Southwest Of Minden
The Marquis of Granby In Command
9 June 1757 (2007) Three Hours Before Dawn

Granby: Ah! Good morning Major General Frye. Welcome and sit with me for a breakfast and strong Alterra coffee from the Americas. Did you pass the night well?

Frye: Aye My Lord, I thank thee. The coffee I would love above all things and I am pleased to join thee for breakfast. We can thank the Gallian General de Broglie for a pleasant night. There was no racket to discombobulate our sleep [Pauses to sip coffee] and I dismiss sentry reports saying his campfires stretch for more than three miles to the southward over the hills and far away. My own spy tells me only his Advance Guard is up with him and so if true, tis a fine thing - on paper.

Granby: [Sips his coffee placing the cup on its saucer offering a plate of toasted cheese to his guest saying.] Surely de Broglie has not come this far and this fast without belief the forces under his command are ready for the task. Yet they have marched hard to arrive here. Perhaps they will be tired. Certainly they, I agree, were quiet as a tomb last evening.

Frye: Aye Zur. Quiet they were, though Col. Luckner and even Major von Scheiter had a hard time of it beating back here into the wind, as it were. My Lord, the toasted cheese is the best I've had.

Granby You are too kind. Luckner, true, was bedeviled and had a hard time though he will never admit to it. He suffered a light sword cut to the left shoulder but will not let that dissuade him from duty. Now tell me about your command, your situation, General Frye?

Frye: Aye Zur. The men are encamped in the positions assigned to them by your orders of yesterday. My right rests upon the ponds of Gütersloh. We stretch to the eastward with the village of the same name behind my right. To the eastward we have topped the low rising and undulating ground with the rest with the infantry and artillery. The Britannian and allied cavalry I am told are mounting and should be moving to their assembly areas well - now. The men and beasties are all rested and spirited. No desertion though the Germanians from the Mark of Wesel do not give me the full confidence I desire. Still, My Lord, we are ready for 'em.

Granby: Good. Good. Soon we must join our staffs but for a few moments more, would you be pleased to try a hearty plate of eggs and bacon cooked just this minute and steaming hot?

Frye: Aye Zur, I believe I would.

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Gallia said...

Britannian Headquarters At Gütersloh Southwest Of Minden
The Marquis of Granby In Command
9 June 1757 (2007) Two Hours Before Midnight

Granby: Gentlemen, Report.

Col. Luckner: My Lord. I can scarce say more than the Gallian Main Body and
Rear Guard are close up to us and could engage on the morrow or next day. I
regret my inability to take part in the battle. My wound suffered a day ago on
my return to you at sunrise today was more difficult than the surgeon first
thought and ....

Granby: Colonel, there is no shame in it. Rest easy.

Major von Scheiter: The flanks are secure My Lord. The Gallians are not
disturbing us to the right or left. I suspect they are licking their wounds -
especially Monsieur Fisher.

Granby: Good. Very fine.

Major Gen. Frye: My Lord. The army gave a very good account of itself. General
von, I mean, de Broglie suffered a bloodier nose to his Advance Guard, I dare
say, more than was apparent a few hours ago. Generals Rust and Huskey posted to
our left and right respectively gave additional reports leading me to say this.

Gen. Rust: The Fisher cavalry was near destroyed My Lord but the chasseurs a
pied with battalion artillery remain intact to the extreme left. Fisher is
notorious for his style of le petite guerre, die kleine krieg.

Granby: Yes, I concur. But the reality is Gentlemen, de Broglie broke almost
every bone in our body today by half past five of the clock. Though I do
believe the Gallians suffered dearly, we suffered more casualties. Also, I
commend the aforementioned generals for their tenacity and efforts to rally
their forces but my thought at the time was our flanks were not cohesive, nor
was our center especially with the breakthrough of the Gallian Grenadiers a
Cheval of the Maison du Roi with more coming up in support. Monsieur Fisher
did cause quite a stir appearing in our left rear and though he paid for it, we
diverted a very large portion of our reserve to counter his mischief.

Major Gen. Frye: AYE ZUR, but we can use the night to reform and bring up our
own reserves unengaged this day and....

Granby: True, but the situation is uncertain to the southeast beyond us here.
The location of the Gallian corps Col. Luckner observed on the 29th ultimo
betwixt de Broglie and Chevert is unknown to me. Therefore, I am decided to my
regret and though the Army could fight again, to withdraw before first light to
our former encampment at Minden. Gentlemen I have the honour to ask you to make
the necessary orders to the units under your command. General Rust will form
the Advance Guard, General Frye take the Main Body with me and General Huskey
will hold the position here until the others are upon their march northeast.
Questions? ------ None. Then Gentlemen I bid you good night and I will see you
on the march in a few hours.