Friday, June 15, 2007

"A gentleman caller! A gentleman caller!"

A trade delegation from The Reconstituted Byzantium approaches Krankenstadt on the Greater Zwischen River! In celebration and welcome, the newly designed orange and blue Grand Ducal standard flies above the royal place over the city as well as associated government buildings and many merchants’ houses and offices/warehouses along the river front. Despite advice to the contrary from his closest advisors, the Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II awaits on the quayside, wearing his well-known lobster costume minus the left claw, which was misplaced some weeks ago!

This evening, in honor of the establishment of formal trade relations with Reconstituted Byzantium, The Grand Duke will host a state dinner and ball at the palace for his guests. The guest list includes a virtual who’s who of Stollenian personalities as well as visiting dignitaries, diplomats, and members of polite society from other countries.

Of course, the stalwart Oberfeldwebel Klatschen will command a detachment of Leib Grenadiers, who will guard the palace and keep an eye out for enemy agents from neighboring Zichenau, still rumored to be operating in the city.

Indeed, it has been said that the dastardly French mercenary General Philip de Latté will attend the ball incognito. The nerve! The brazened audacity! The Gallic bravado! Why, it's a direct affront to our more reserved Teutonic souls!

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Richard said...

after the ships long boat is tied to the pier the Ambassador steps forward and greets his Highness Grand Duke Irwin Amadeus II "My dear Grand Duke you look Maa'valous in your suit. My I introduce myself? I am Ambassador Maurice Kommena, Commadore Peerless of the royal fleet, Captain Skylites of the Blue Varangian Guard and Trade Ambassador Letsmaka Deel. We are very happy to be here."