Sunday, June 24, 2007

Who's Who (Europa, 1st Edition)

A compendium of the States of Europa by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf has been published, you may obtain your copy from

Brother James hopes you enjoy his work.

Herr Hermann Schickler
(editor, publishers - Marschalk and Lufft of Wittenberg)

[I did it as a pdf for ease of reading, size is ~650k, if you want other formats then let me know and I see what the publishers can do - Brother James]


tradgardmastare said...

Brother James,
Karl Frederick extends his grateful thanks for your service to the Duchy.His scribes are ,as we speak, preparing an even greater entry. By what date are these updates required?

Gallia said...

Merci pour votre nouvelles Brother John! (Thank you for your news...) Good show and information.
Votre Serviteur,
Bill Protz

Fitz-Badger said...

Our compliments to Brother James! A most worthy document.

your humble servant*,
Zurik Fitz-Badger

*"your humble servant" is one of Fitz-Badger's titles as chair of the council

tradgardmastare said...

Brother James
Here is our entry of the next edition of your great work.
fraternal greetings
Abbot Dagmar of Fiskby Abbey

Duchy of Tradgardland
Capital: Tradgardstadt
Main towns/villages:Althavn,Nyhavn,Barbaraby,Silvermedby and Fiskby
Ruler Karl Frederick Xth Duke
Duchess Liv
Children: Georg –heir and corlonal proprietor of Mid Sommer regt.
Alisona – seeking dynastic marriage
Max – Prince Bishop of Roskilde and ambassador to Holy See

Ducal symbols- Golden Herring (see Ingmar’s Legend of…)
Ducal Colours- Rose and Sky Blue
Main industries- fishing,agriculture,silversmithing, fabrication of tennis balls and raquets,Karlsberg Ale and fireworks.
Navy: galley fleet supplemented by small gunboats
Army: infantry regiments including marines and jaeger. Cavalry :light and heavy.
Artillery : a wide variety of diverse calibre and age.
(For further details see annual publication “Tradgardian forces –Land and See” now in its 23rd year of publication)
Duchy Guilds: Watchmen,Fishing,Metal workers,Brewing,Landesguild,Merchants and Fireworkers.
Grand Tour Highlights
Dragon Tower of the Ducal Palace
Churches replete with external stairs and balconies
Formal topiary gardens of Drottigen Manor
Smegby (known as petit ecosse ) village entirely inhabited by Jacobite exiles and their kin
Fiskby Cathedral astronomical Clock- built in the Middle Ages and acclaimed the 13th Wonder of the Known World
Willow maze and clockwork water-gardens of Althavn
Royal Tennis Courts at Smaaaland Manor
Barbaraby powdermill and firework fabricants
Highlights of the Year:
Jul Celebrations , Midsommer rifleshoot, Corpus Christi Fair, “Weapon-Meeting” – muster of Tradgardlans Forces, Advent Yul markets , Alefest in October, Golden Herring Day – Ducal Day, Harvest Home and Conrad the reluctant’s Festday
Geography- A costal Duchy built around the River Bronbst. Several costal islands form part of the Duchy too. Mainly flat,some heathland and small but dense forests of Oak mainly.
Tradgardland,by virtue of history,tradition and mild conquest lays claim to the Isles of Yell,Unst and Fetlar off the coast of Brittania. Settlement and fraternity is currently being offered upon these islands.