Sunday, June 24, 2007

Arrival of the Burgraf von Waffenschmidt in the court of Duke Karl Frederick

(follow-up to Dispatch to Hesse-Engelburg and its comments)

Narrator: A coach draws up outside the residence of Duke Karl Frederick, bearing the coat of arms of Hesse-Engelburg upon its side and escorted by a small party of dragoons clad in azure blue coats. A keen-eyed man with powdered hair and formal attire of matching but civilian azure blue cloth emerges, and makes his way into the residence, following a servant to be led to his meeting with the Grand Duke. A single dragoon accompanies him, carrying a leather satchel bearing the same coat of arms, serving as an aide.


tradgardmastare said...

Narrator: The visitor is welcomed into the Ducal quarters where Karl Frederick awaits to greet him....
"Welcome Brother to Tradgardland. I trust you had a pleasent journey?
Here sit by me ,take some mulled Karlberg ale and let us talk.Let us plan and make the future of the greater north all we would wish! Ah the ale is here -your very good health brother!"

Snickering Corpses said...

The Burgraf's eyes travel to the Duke first, and he offers a formal bow before continuing inward at the invitation. A nod is given to the servant who waits with the ale, and the Burgraf raises his glass at the Duke's toast. "And your own good health, Your Grace. The journey was quite pleasant...we had a minor delay involving a large flock blocking the road, but fortunately no further troubles." He sips his ale, then speaks again, "Their Graces were most pleased at your overtures...with the civil war in Ober-Schweinsberg to our south and the breakaway of Hesse-Fedora from Hesse-Homburg to our southwest, it was quite relieving to hear such good words and see such evidence of stability in our neighbor to the north."

A pause to savor more of the ale, and then he inquires, "Has Your Grace had any useful contact with other principalities? For ourselves, we have most cordial relations with the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein and the Grand Duchy of Stollen."

tradgardmastare said...

Karl Frederick-
" All in good time brother! another ale and then some boar and herring sausages! Our contacts are gallia,hesse engleberg and sundry nations. The isles off the very north of britannia are ours too. So let us eat and retire.Do you play tennis ?We in Tradgarland produce the best of raquets and balls- you are assured of good sport! I must retire . I bid you good night and good eating!