Friday, June 15, 2007

New New Map?

Or lets try this again.


Poruchik said...

Gallia should be lettered in white, my apologies, I missed that. Please note that there is no significance to size, the circles were made as large as was required to fit the name. Blocks are historical or the long standing feud large states! Red states are historical, green states are erhum-made up. If I missed anyone my apologies please let me know and I'll modify the drawing. I didn't create any connections as they started to seriously clutter the drawing, plus many of our states actually sit on top of each other.

tradgardmastare said...

Thanks for your hard work it looks fantastic!I am sure we will all benefit from such a clear rendering of Europe.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Looks good and allows the imaginary countries to exist nicely along side their historical counterparts. Thanks for your time and effort. This will make things much easier.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Snickering Corpses said...

Also, a minor correction of Debmark to Denmark. Looks very nice....makes a lot of sense.

How much more clutter would it be to put in the minor states created outside our bloggers' "main states"? Such as Ober-Schweinsberg, Stagonia, and the various little neighbors of Stollen? Perhaps they could be in a third color? It would be nice to have the reminders that they're there as some of us must march across secondary fictional states to reach primary ones.

tidders said...

Nice and simple to understand. It would be nice to show the principal agressor states of the fictional countries if they could be fitted in.

Allan (Wittenberg)

Allen M. said...

My dear Major,
Ausgesietznet! This map really helps to figure out who's exactly where. Seems like we're neighbors there, Poruchik old fellow. You must come over to my side of the Donau for some beer and pretzels. Let me know of a convenient time, and I'll sent the "Herzogen Lynnette" over to pick you up.

Gallia said...

Greatly improved map.
Thank you.
In the long-going conflict between Gallia and Hesse-Seewald, please note, if you please,
1. To Der Alte and I, England is Britannia.
2. Saxony is Saxe-Raschstein, a staunch ally of Gallia led by Prinz Wilhelm the brother-in-law of Gallia's King Louis XV.
Sincere Regards,