Monday, June 18, 2007

Despatches for Frederick and Alte Fritz

A courier arrives in Berlin with a message for Frederick, while one arrives in Hesse Seewald with a similar note for Alte Fritz.

Emperor Frederick of Germania
Friendly Greetings !
I have crossed your borders sailing down the Oder River from Alzheim with a small fleet of rivercraft containing my retinue. Since I was not welcome in Alzheim.
I am looking for marriagable partners for my eligible children.
I look forward to a friendly discussion with you and your ministers, and anyothers you might deem interested parties about Europa diplomatic matters. I have sent a rider to Hesse- Seewald with a similar message.
Yr Ob't servant
Bob XXII, Emperor
Re-Constituted Byzantium


Bloggerator said...

Yes you were - check again the Comments for the post "Greetings for the Duke of Alzheim".

Upon these misunderstandings to the fate of nations rest! :^)


Greg Horne

Richard said...

My Dear Duke of Alzheim,
Our sincerest apologies your courier only just arrived and we send immediately my Grand Vizer Ali Oli Oxenfrei to confer with you. He shall arrive within a day or so of your receiving this message.
Yr Most Humble Servent
Emperor of Re-constituted Byzantium

Bloggerator said...

We shall be pleased to receive him.