Sunday, June 17, 2007

Invitation to All Rulers

An invitation to all Peace loving Rulers in Europa:

In view of this recent Mania for the fields of Mars, Alzheim declares that all is Madness and opts for Armed Neutrality.

Any armed Parties found upon Alzheimer soil shall not be afforded free passage. They shall rather be ejected with all force. We remind any Parties intent on testing us that Alzheimer strength grows daily.

Any parties desirous of Peace will be most welcome in these lands.

Augustus II invites all Princes to join with him in the creation of a League of Armed Neutrality to present a united Front against all who would dare to disturb the Peace of this Continent.

Declare for neither Elector nor King! Declare instead for Peace and for Plenty!

Perfidious Albion,
Sec'y to HM Augustus II Rex
King in Alzheim


Fitz-Badger said...

Armed neutrality is of course the stance of the Soweiter League and indeed is one of our founding principles. We desire nothing more than open and amicable trade with all nations.

tidders said...

We wholeheartedly support the proposal for a league of armed neutrality.

Leopold IV
King of Wittenberg, Count of Gerundia, etc

Frankfurter said...

Since you're for plenty, at least, don't risk your finances and territory by fighting intrusions ... just charge them passage tolls!
As done by Fred the grape during AWI, you could get a few peffnig for each head transiting ...