Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dastardly deed afoot

Having concluded his imperical business in Berlin and Brandenburg, Bob XXII and retinue take to the river system of Europa again making their way down the Havel to the Elbe and into Hamberg. While in Hamberg Bob will hire a schooner to send for his small fleet both lurking off the coast of Tradgardland and recalling Admiral Sailfast from Tradgardstadt. When assembled the retinue will pack themselves on the ships and make for the Dutch ship yards in Leeuwarden then to Aberdeen ship yards to pick up his commissioned fleet from the Dutch and Scotish yards for his new home fleet. Bob will sail back to Constantinople leaving his trade delegations in Alzheim and Stollen.
Bob consults with Admiral Sailfast and Admiral John Opsokion Admiral of the Blue (Home) Fleet for one last attempt at sowing mayhem among the dastardly Franks who burn his capital in the 12th century. "Admirals I want you to pick a crew for a secret mission taking a fishing boat up the Seine to as close to Paris as possible. Then into Paris to burn the city to the ground. So the men you pick must have some working knowledge of pyrotechniques. Please inform me when the men have set sail. Now on the the details....."

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