Friday, June 15, 2007

Midsommer draws nearer

" The people of Tradgardlard are beginning to prepare for the great celebration of Midsommer.In kitchens great and small thoughts run to the festivities less than 10 days away. Awaited too is the annual shooting contest to recruit the finest riflemen into the Gamekeepers regiment. Those who are confident enough will shoot at wooden targets depicting the great tadgargian boar propelled across the land by the korps of engineers with rope and pulley!
The Duke himself will attend and will use this great annual conceit to celebrate his kingdom and announce promotions in the army.This year he will break with tradition and speak of the storm clouds which are gathering across the kingdoms great and small.Sources close to the Duke reveal he will commit the Army and maritime forces to a course of action prior to the annual manouvres."
Does this read well your Majesty? No adjustments then-good,I shall take these scribbles of mine to the court printer that broadsheets may be prepared and sent to the five corners of the kingdom and beyond.................
Exit lackey with inkstained fingers,befuddled brain and a desire for Karlsberg in the "Boar and Bullet."


Bluebear Jeff said...

"Five corners"? What is this? Is Tradgardlard essentially the PENTAGON?

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

I fear the lackey may be making some reference to the shape of the Duchy. On the other hand he may be just daft!