Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Murky Mists of Miscellaneous Malfeasance ...

Murky Mists of Miscellaneous Malfeasance ...

A couple of folks have said that they’ve lost track of the various alliances and plots and counter plots in Frankszonia ... but the situation has to be spicy so that the sausage keeps well and doesn’t get too greasy!

Anyway, the first and foremost consideration is the position of the Hurtshog Fahrtz and his court. Bluntly, they’re pro-Frankszonia. Since we’re occupied by the Gallians at the moment ... whose occupation force ranges from five to ten times the number of troops we can raise, we’re perforce Pro-Gallian. Just as in historical Frankfurt, the loyalty of Frankszonia to the Empress depends upon whom is speaking and the situation ....

However, since Frankszonia was originally established as a mini-Prussia copy cat, the story line factored in all those Old Germanian Connections once Bill and der Alte generously decided to admit my humorous side show long ago ... in the pre EvE blog days! So, after some hare raising coup attempts pestered the Gen. Chevert and later the poor Intendant. In addition to the aristocracy based anti-Gallian “resistance” (who are now trying to connect with other anti-Gallian forces such as Hesse-Seewald), one must also consider the republican tendencies of the Merchants Guilds. Even more than the poor Hurtshog, they’re interested in the main chance and the highest bidder.

Now in addition to these factions inside Frankszonia, my gaming had already created the “Cheezers” ... including Limburger, Muenster, etc. Their activities were co-ordinated by the rascally Marquis de Roquefort who seems to have access to some great treasury. At the moment, the Cheezers are definitely on the side of Hesse-Seewald. The original Frankfurter alliance, however, had included the Britischerwurst and Hungover forces. These left our alliance at the outbreak of the Gallian / Seewald war, though we retain friendly correspondence.

Similarly, Frankszonia in the purely small country world had held long friendships with Hesse-Fedora and some other groups which are very pro-Germanian, and equally deep antagonisms with Vile Stagonia and other pro-Gallian local potentates. (Hence the Offenbach and TippleBruder affairs).

So on the outside chance I ever can get to the big games (which this latest hospital episode has thrown into doubt), there’s a Frankszonian Ducal army which would fight stoutly (and has fought stoutly) on behalf of Gallia ... (unless it’s right beside some Vile Stagonian unit, in which case we’d probably concentrate on very cautious maintenance of our position).
There is also a very strong force of infantry and cavalry following several of the emigre officers in the Resistance who would cheerfully fight fanatically against the Gallian gall.... (including those lick spittle petty puppets of the Hurtshog’s court) ....

So, as you can see, it’s all really quite simple. Not at all like the religious currents flowing up and down the Main ....


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gallian Reinforcements Depart Frankfurt Am Main

25 September 1758/2008. Atop the highest section of the city wall of Frankfurt Am Main, we see Gallian l'Intendant Bastille consulting his ordre de bataille. We know he is uneasy observing another brigade departing for the Main Army but the reality is, he still commands ten thousand infantry within the garrison. Perhaps the cloudy day reflects his demeanor or is it a metaphor for his thoughts instead? Off to the left and in temporary residence, we see Maréchal l'Duc de Broglie waiving his baton saluting and honoring the soldiers as they pass by. Alongside is Lt. Gen. Armentieres, their commander. In the extreme distance the Bercheney Hussars screen 2/La Sarre followed by two battalions of Régiment Auvergne with supporting battalion artillery. Where are they going? Their route points to Bergen but beyond that we can only make a poor guess. However, that is no concern of l'Intendant. He will soon turn his attention to greater security measures within the magazine and the confounding nature of Frankzonian politics. Quietly he wonders if the new jail should have been built to a greater capacity.

Battalion artillery. What do the storm clouds portend? Photo taken by son Tyler.


The head of the column. Frankfurt Am Main is in the distance.

Click on each photo to enlarge.
Votre Serviteur,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another princeling declares his allegiance

As the Prince-Bishop regarded Feldzeugmeister von Dithmarschen, wondering what to do next, he became aware of the presence of another officer. Clothed in white with a striking red waistcoat, the general had approached but was waiting politely out of earshot.

“Yes, Graf von Fürstentahl? May I help you?” the Prince-Bishop asked of the newcomer.

“Your Eminence, I am aware of your distress. Since the need for troops loyal to yourself appears to be acute, I would like to make an offer: I pledge to raise a regiment for your Eminence’s service, to be ready for action in six weeks. I make no stipulation as to how you use the unit, but offer it as my pledge to you, the Kreis, and the Imperium.”

“That is very gracious of you, Graf. Your generous offer is most graciously accepted.”

Monday, September 22, 2008

1758/2008 Campaign Map

Plot the movements of Hesse-Seewald and Gallian forces here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kleine Krieg At Gruningen

Horvath Hussars in Gallian service retire honorably from the field of battle after ambushing the forward squadrons of Colonel Bauer's Germanian task force. Old Glory Austrian figures painted as a Russian hussar squadron (but acting as French hussars today).

Today the Gallian light cavalry patrols set up an ambush of the advance guard of the Germanian army near the town of Gruningen (northeast of Frankfurt Am Main and west of the Vogelsberg). The Germanian cavalry screen commanded by Colonel Bauer of the Black Hussars, had one squadron of hussars badly mauled by the Gallian ambush, but the weight of numbers prevailed and the Gallians were forced to retire back towards Frankfurt.

For more details and pictures, visit Der Alte Fritz's Journal by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page.

Seeking Uniform ideas

New post on the Ober-Schweinsberg blog soliciting uniform ideas.

New Additions to the Army

I've added some pictures of the newly commissioned units in the Markgraf of Carpania's army.

ColCampbell's Barracks


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gallian Lanciers de Saxe Find An Enemy Column

Capitaine Gardier (center left) and Supernumerary Monsieur Briege (center right) of the Lanciers de Saxe observe a column of Hesse-Seewald infantry upon their march within Germania approaching territory held by Marshall Broglie's Gallian Army.


Let's take a closer look shall we - before we ride back to the next line of trees? In the foreground we see a detachment of "Doubleblues" thrown out in front of what apparently is IR#1 followed by the Protzdam Garde Grenadiers. Well, time to ride off and send a courier back to the Marshall. Something is afoot!

Votre Serviteur,

More "EvE" Format Changes

My Fellow Rulers,

I have made a few more changes to our group blog format. The new format for listing our blogs has been so well received that I've eliminated the duplicate (i.e., original) listing.

Furthermore I have added a list of what I hope are useful links to websites (as opposed to blogs). If you have more to suggest (for I'm sure to have missed many), feel free to do so . . . although I won't guarantee to post all of them . . . I will have to assess their usefulness to all (or at least to me).

One thing that I've hoped for has already occurred . . . some who had not updated their personal blogs for some time have now done so . . . unfortunately that includes those vile Stagonians . . . but we must take some of the bad with the good.

I look forward to reading your posts, so please keep them coming.

-- Jeff the Blog Inhaber

Monday, September 15, 2008

Attention Ye Leaders of Europa

I have this day (with a tip of the tricorn to Steve-the-Wargamer who let me know how to do it) made changes in our list of Imagi-National blogs. You may now note that they are arranged in order of the most recent post . . . hopefully to aid you in learning the latest news.

I did not attempt to re-title any of our blogs . . . nor am I positive that I successfully transferred all of them. For that reason the old list is still on our EvE blog . . . you will find it in darker blue if you scroll down.

You should also find some links to other interesting blogs just below the listing of our Imagi-Nations.

By the way, if I overlooked anyone . . . or if you want me to re-title your blog . . . leave me a comment to that effect . . . or email me at bluebear@uniserve.com and I'll get to it as soon as I can.

In the meantime, may your little lead soldiers follow your orders with elan; and may your dice roll better than your foe's.

-- Jeff the Inhaber of Emperor vs Elector

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Empress accepts Board of Inquiry Findings

The Imperial Sea Lord delivered the Board of Inquiry Findings in the case of Admiral Graf Rupert von Hopstadt to Empress Maria Theresa at Schonbrunn Palace. The Empress was greatly relieved to learn her Admiral was exonerated on all charges, but very distressed to hear Admiral Hopstadt had resigned his commission and retired to his estate in the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. The Empress instructed the Imperial Sea Lord to make a personal appeal to Admiral Hopstadt to return to court to receive his justly deserved Order of Maria Theresa. She also reminded the Imperial Sea Lord that no General Officer had ever suffered the indignity of a Board of Inquiry after being successful, and warned him of the long term affect on the navy’s morale because of this action.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Admiral Hopstadt Stands Alone

Admiral Hopstadt needed no counsel; he would face these jackals alone armed only with the truth. Imperial Sea Lord and Admirals I present myself to answer these slanderous charges; Count One: Hazarding Imperial Ships on the high seas, Count Two: Dereliction of Duty in regards to the dreaded Driss Khal-al-Waw Dey: Count Three: Failure to destroy the pirate’s sanctuary.

As Admiral, I alone decide which storms to sail into! Thirty two years of sea service qualifies me, not you, to ponder on the efficacy of such circumstances. As for the dreaded Driss Khal-al-Waw Dey, the man I hanged certainly looked like the portrait presented to me in the mission briefing. None of you landlocked geniuses even hinted there may be a twin brother. Furthermore, the scoundrel never denied his identity even as the noose lifted him from the deck of my flagship. As to Count Three a description of the battle should resolve that matter.

Two of the three 42-pounder emplacements in the Presidio were knocked out by our initial volley. The Presidio guns returned fire, but without the heavy batteries their efforts were futile. After 20 minutes, four of their six 32-pounder batteries were also out of action. A mishap or lucky hit from the bombardment resulted in a fire outside the main magazine which resulted secondary explosion that sealed the magazine and silenced all of their guns.Ordering the squadron to weigh anchor, we sailed close up to the chain blocking entry into the harbor and began firing on the city. The nearly two dozen shallow-drafting xebecs in harbor, passed over the chain and attempted to close and board our ships, but were driven off. Over half of these vessels were smashed into splinters by our heavy guns.The harbor gunboats and bomb ketches attempted to return fire, but were unable to do any damage, and were destroyed over the next hour. Our squadron bombarded the city proper for another two hours. Fires were seen along the waterfront which shrouded the entire city in a haze of gun smoke. As night fell, the glow of the fires in the Kasbah guided our fire on the towering minarets of the Ketchooup Mosque. A series of salvoes from all three ships brought down the minarets, and I ordered cease fire! All this was achieved without the loss of one man.

Instead of receiving the Order of Maria Theresa, I am brought here to defend my honor. Gentlemen, your deliberations are of no further interest to me. I refuse to serve such ingrates. The Admiral removed the medals and decorations from his uniform and placed them on the table along with his sacred sword, a gift from the Empress herself. The Admiralty Chamber was deadly quiet as Admiral Graf Rupert von Hopstadt departed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Admiral Hopstadt faces Board of Inquiry

After his triumphant return to Trieste, Admiral Hopstadt looked forward to the relative tranquility of his carriage ride to the Admiralty. It would allow him time to review his logs and prepare his presentation. Certainly no one else could have achieved such an audacious breakout, arduous voyage, and achieve complete victory without as much as the loss of one man. Yes, Admiral Hopstadt was a man of destiny!

As Admiral Hopstadt entered the massive Admiralty building, he was greeted by a very nervous captain who escorted him to the Imperial Sea Lord’s personal office. The cool reception was in sharp contrast to the roaring crowds he has experienced on the grand wharf in Trieste. What was going on here?

When Admiral Hopstadt entered the ornate office, the Imperial Sea Lord seemed distracted by a document on his desk. The awkward moment was extended as the Imperial Sea Lord completely ignore his presence. However, before he could react, he was waved forward. My dear Hopstadt there seems to be some inconsistencies in your official report. First there is the matter of hazarding your squadron in a tempest, but far more disturbing is your failure to resolve the matter of the dreaded Driss Khal-al-Waw Dey. There will be a Board of Inquiry tomorrow at 0800 in the Admiralty Chambers; I suggest you bring legal counsel. THAT IS ALL, YOU ARE DISMISSED!

Admiral Hopstadt was livid. His first instinct was to resign is commission and seek employment with a sovereign who would value his skill, courage, and tenacity. However, this affront to his honor had to be addressed. Who among these faceless bureaucrats could have led a squadron at sea? How dare they now, from the safety of their offices, question his decisions?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


A courier arrives in Frankfurter for Intendant Bastille from Gen. Broglie:

Among other trivia about supply trains, depredations from desperadoes, and the piccadillos of German subordinate allies, a copy of an intercepted letter found on a Britischerwurst dragoon officer:

"To: My Lord, the Duke of Hesse-Seewald;
From: Shtille Fhartz
Re: Proposed cooperation


"We are eager to accede to your suggestion that we engage the forces along the Main from their rear while you operate on their front.
"Indeed, such an opportunity would be an answer to our constant petitions to the Divine to liberate our beloved Frankszonia from the odious occupation by the degenerate Gallians and their effete puppet, the Hurtshog v. Frankfurter.

"Unfortunately, even though we were able to divert the Empress's largess to Hesse Homburg to bring Prince Pepperoni's battalions and squadrons up to strength, the Cheezers are reluctant to engage the Gallian engorged forces of the Hurtshog. Especially because their usual provocateur and supporter, the Marquis de Roquefort is hesitant to come too close to the attention of M,sr. Le Charade at the moment.

"However, should you be able to dispatch a cadre of good officers and sergeants to the encampments between Limburger and Russelville, we expect that we will be able to raise sufficient battalions to make at least a credible diversion in cooperation with your actions.
The inclusion of good artillerists and their guns would be especially appreciated due to our losses at Bischof.

"Failing the dispatch of such a cadre, could your beneficence at least provide us with sufficient resources to sustain our forces and to recruit qualified mercenaries?

". Fhartz, Landgraf zu Beerfranks "

The Baron Bastille rings for his secretary as he considers the fact that Shtille Fhartz is rumored to employ silent but deadly assassins ....

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Cousin, My Brother and I Against the World

The fires raged throughout the night all along the waterfront of Bizercca, and into the adjacent warehouses and bazaars. The slave casernes were emptied, and the city's thousands of Christian and Guinean slaves laboured shoulder-to-shoulder with the Dey's own bodyguard ocak to haul and pump water from the harbour to the various blazes sparked by the Imperial bombardment.

The Dey, who had been taking his siesta in his seraglio at the commencement of the bombardment, armed himself rapidly when awoken by his agha--commander of militia--with the news of the attack.

"Banatiano, what news?"

"The Franj, effendi. It seems the Empress has launched a fleet and announced the news with an unprovoked and infamous attack! Thanks to God they came without gunships or mortar ketches; the roundshot alone cannot endanger the entire city." The agha, an intense-eyed renegado, seemed to the Dey to spit out the word "Empress" with a particular venom which the Dey resolved to himself to examine more closely at a more opportune time.

"Miserable wretches! Allah will rebuke them surely. Summon the Taifat-al-rais immediately! We will efface the shipping of the Empress from the seas."

"The captains' council is already assembling by the customs house, but there is already more unfortunate news from there. As you know, your twin brother Amazigh put out to sea in his xebec earlier today, bearing, as you instructed, your personal seals and gifts for the beleaguered Khalifa of Mooerisco and his divan to conclude the alliance between the Khalifa and yourself. Xebec captains of the Taifa alerted by the fires and now returning to harbour report that his vessel was spotted being stalked by Franj men-of-war. Your lordship must prepare himself for whatever savage treatment Amazigh may have suffered at the hands of these treacherous and barbaric Franj."

"By the sword of the Prophet, if they have harmed one hair upon his head I shall visit my vengeance on the guilty unto the sons, brothers and nephews of those responsible!"

Mission Complete

For eight days Admiral Hopstadt's squadron has sailed back and forth along the coast in search of pirate corsairs. The admiral had sent the agile GRENZER close inshore while the larger ships remained just over the horizon. At first light, the admiral’s patience was rewarded. A corsair was sighted by a sharp eyed lookout in the crows nest. At first the corsair seemed awed by the sight of such magnificent ships, and drew near for a closer inspection. The sight of an Austrian flag did not seem to register as a serious threat. When the EMPRESS fired a shot across the bow of the corsair and ordered her to surrender; the chase was on. The nimble corsair turned to port and headed for the safety of shallow water. The pursuit continued for nearly four hours with the corsair constantly gaining on the larger warships. Just when the pirates thought they would elude their pursuers, the GRENZER came into view blocking their escape route. The GRENZER opened fire with a broadside that dis-masted the corsair and killed almost everyone on deck. The boarding party found the corsair’s captain cowering in the companionway and took him into captivity. The corsair was damaged beyond repair and was set ablaze. The boarding party returned to the GRENZER with nine prisoners. By the time the action had concluded, the EMPRESS and REICH DUKE had arrived on the scene. Admiral Hopstadt ordered all the prisoners transferred to the flag ship. It was then that Admiral Hopstadt realized his mission was completed after only one encounter with the pirates. Providence had delivered Driss Khal-al-Waw Day, scourge of the infidels, into his hands. This Islamic scum would learn that jihad was a two way street. Without the dignity of a Courts-martial or any other judicial proceeding accorded to civilized people, Admiral Hopstadt ordered Driss Khal-al-Waw Dey to be hanged from the yardarm along with his fellow pirates. Before leaving the area of operations, Admiral Hopstadt ordered his squadron close inshore to fire on the pirate's capital of Bizercca. For nearly four hours every gun of the massive warships rained hell upon their enemy. With Bizercca in flames, Admiral Hopstadt ordered his squadron north toward Trieste.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Al-Jihad as-Sayf

To the faithful and long-suffering Khalifa of Mooerisco, from the divan of Emir Driss Khal-al-Waw Dey, scourge of the Infidel and Lord of the Southern Isles, greetings.

The Dey swears by the sword of the Prophet to do the utmost in his power to free the faithful of Mooerisco, insha'Allah, from the exactions of the kufr.

It is written: "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

The effrontery of the infidel Franj Joern Carlos, who blasphemously styles himself malik of al-Scandalus, knowing full well of the glorious unification of that land with the Dar al-Islam under our illustrious father, Khalif 'Abd ar-Rahman, may Allah be pleased with him, permits no alternative but jihad to the utmost. He and his infidel hosts shall be smitten until there is no more disbelief amongst them, and their worship will all be for Allah alone or they abase themselves, pay tribute and accept the protection of the armies of the Faithful.

The faithful are weak because they have in timidity abandoned the Jihad. Allah set the infidels on the faithful, these infidels are guided by ignorance and unbelief and in the Dar al-Islam they have tried to do everything to make the faithful forget their Religion. Enemies are taking the riches of the faithful, they are persecuting the faithful and thus confirming the warning from Allah:

«They will not cease to fight with ye until they avert ye from your Religion, if they will be able to do it»....

Everyone who cooperates with the Franj and helps them in the war against the faithful with weapons or with other craft thus becomes one of them. Requirement of Shar'ia applies to such mushrikūn. These will be punished by death, because fighting shoulder to shoulder with infidels or helping the infidels in the war against the faithful banishes them from Islam. For Allah said that those who make friends among infidels become one of them. And Allah will not be guiding the wicked.

The faithful must be convinced that the only salvation and the only way to obtain honor and dignity is the Religion of Islam. The kufr know it and this is why they are trying to do all they can to lead the faithful to shirk. They cultivate as their lackeys muftis, imams of mosques, who in turn pervert the truth and lead the faithful away from submission to the truth; they spread ignorance and heresy; they split the faithful into groups and sects; they spread polytheism and they call to obey the enemies.

Jihad on the Way of Allah is the truth that restores justice.

Allah is our Master and there is no help other than from Him.

Allahu Akbar!!!

Another letter...

To his illustrious magnificence, Brightest Star of the midnight firmament, Darling of the Righteous, Bearer of the Lightning Sword, Discomfiter of the Infidel, so called Lord of the southern isles -Emir Driss Dey of Bizercca, Greetings from the Khalifa of the Mooerish Dominions to his brother in the True Faith!

The day draws near, o Mighty of the Earth, when the true believers shall cast off the yoke of the fish-eating usurpers from across the northern sea! (Lutefisk, I ask you! Truly we have sinned, to have been laid so low as to be made a "protectorate" of such a barbarous rabble! But I digress, cousin.)

What the Almighty hath willed may not be turned aside by the hand of Man, yet the hand of man may serve the cause of righteousness. What aid to our cause may be forthcoming from Bizercca, that the Driss Dey might rightly claim a just share in the spoils of victory? May the answer be swift and positive, if it be the will of the Incomparable.

Monday, September 1, 2008


F.M Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein is proud to approve the recommendations of the College of Honors to invest the following worthy individuals into our sacred orders:

Elector Ulrich von Luftberg - Commander of the Army; victor at Vogelhof and Althirschburg

Albrecht Duke of Lagersburg
Duc Alfonso of the Duchy of San Bruno
Elector Ulrich von Luftberg of the Rheinstadt der Luftberg

Duc d'Au Countraire Ambassador of the Rheinstadt der Luftberg
Hauptman von Links Ambassador of Frankszonia
Gen. Graf Henrich von Maltzmann Ambassador to the Duchy of San Bruno

A new Unit for Courland

The Mavromichalis Dragoons have joined the army of the Duchy of Courland. You can see them at: ColCampbell's Barracks .

I've also painted a figure for "Frivolous" Fiona McGillicuddy (see July 22 post here on EvE for more information about her "back story").