Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Greetings from Scotland..

It is Hogmany 1758 in Edinburgh Town. Von Bergmann and the Duc de Padirac are dining together in the company of their troops and other volunteers from Europa. The giant piper has entertained all for some time and now sits down and stares into his beer in a melancholy manner. The Clock chimes midnight and the merry company toast each other,their loved ones back home and their Masters near and far! They wonder what lies before them in the Europa of 1759. Loud cheering echos around the Grassmarket and all lose themselves in the next course of Mrs Miggins sumptuous banquet...

Just taking this chance ( amidst coughs and colds... ) to wish all of you and your nearest and dearest a Happy Hogmany! May it be a great one for you all- be it 2009 or 1759!

Best Wishes


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Hesse Seewald Uniforms

Minden Miniatures SYW Prussians painted in Hesse Seewald colors.
(left to right): Charlottenburg officer, Glasenapp musketeer in straw facings, and two Charlottenburg figures on the far right in red facings. The second row includes a Holstein and a Charlottenburg musketeer.

His Grace, the Herzog Georg Ludwig I of Hesse Seewald is pleased to announce that the royal tailors are busy cutting fabric and sewing together the new uniforms of his army. The new uniform colors will be green coats with assorted facing colors, a few samples of which are depicted in the wood-cut lithograph shown above.

His Grace invites everyone to take a brief journey to his blog, by clicking on the Der Alte Fritz Journal button on the right hand side of this page. Do remember to click on the pictures to enlarge the view.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A letter to Hesse - Seewald

Greetings to the Ruler of Hesse Seewald!
May God protect you and give you strength in your tasks as His Steward under heaven.
I seek to extent to you my best wishes to one who has gallantly carried on the struggle against the Duchy of Tradgardland and her minor ally Gallia . I wish it to be known that you have our humble support and prayers. In return we ask for your prayers and diplomatic and moral support as we oppose Tradgardland and Gallia without and that Woman within!
Yours Fraternally
Duke of Saschen -Vindow, Master of the Seven Counties and hereditary Oberjaegermeister to the Emperor...

Friday, December 26, 2008

On the Feast of Stephen...

A happy Feast of St Stephen/Boxing Day to you and yours. Hope yesterday was all you had wished for...
"Announced by all the trumpets of the sky,
Arrives the snow, and, driving o'er the fields,
Seems nowhere to alight: the whited air
Hides hills and woods, the river and the heaven,
And veils the farm-house at the garden's end.
The sled and traveller stopped, the courier's feet
Delayed, all friends shut out, the housemates sit
Around the radiant fireplace, enclosed
In a tumultuous privacy of Storm."
Emerson,The Snow Storm

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hesse Seewald Exchanges Ambassadors

Baron von Doppelganger (left) and Graf von Trapp (left). Foundry figures from the Prussian (left) and Russian (right) figure ranges. The Russian officer is painted as an Austrian, while the Prussian officer is painted as an officer of the Hesse Seewald Royal Foresters Regiment. (click pix to enlarge)

The Herzog Georg Ludwig von Hesse Seewald hearby announces that he is desireous of establishing diplomatic relations with Cavendaria. The Court of the Herzog will be sending Baron Hans Christian von Doppelganger to the Court of Cavendaria as its ambassador, after the Holiday Season is completed. A portrait of Baron von Doppelganger will be appended to this message within 24 hours.

Message From The Königreich der Bleiherzen and The Duchy of Grolstein

Fröhliche Weihnachten! – Merry Christmas to all Europe's ImagiNations!

In a rare joint message the nations of The Königreich der Bleiherzen and The Duchy of Grolstein we wish you all a Pleasant and Peaceful holiday.... and as H.G. Wells our great great grandfather of this wonderful hobby might say...let's hope for all our wars to be settled with miniatures!

Dave (littlejohn)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A Very Merry Christmas to all at E v E ! I have enjoyed your good company,felt inspired by your ideas and gained so much - thanks to everyone!

Have a great time with your family and friends and I look forward to reading of your endeavours if you have a chance to post...

best wishes


Monday, December 22, 2008

Dispatching Dashing Diplomats

"Allow me to present to his lordship, his grace's newly commissioned diplomats, hand-picked by your humble servant", Detlev said with an evident tone of pride. "Please procede", said the Prinz. "First, is Herr Colonel Hermann Godfrey, as able with words as he is a blade, to be dispatched to the Principality of Hesse-Engleburg." I stout man in Cavenderian blue strode forward, "a commanding presence indeed" thought Geoffrey. "Our father spoke well of you, Herr Colonel." "Thank you my Prinz, I had the honor of serving with IR-Wilhelm and am proud to continue in Cavenderia's service in my new capacity."

"May I present Signories Vittorio Moretti, Umberto Basso and Paolo Cipriani, whose families have served this land since the Venetian Republic. "Bon Giorno, Prinz" the three spoke in unison.

"Signori Moretti will be sent to the court of our cousin in Beerstein, yes?" asked the Prinz. "Correct my lord, Signori Moretti will be dispatched to Beerstein, Signori Basso is going to Freistadt Tipplebruder to request tutalage from Herr Leinenblatt and Signori Cipriani will visit our ally the Duchy of Mieczyslaw." "Excellent", said the Prinz.

"Finally allow me to present Monseur Dashiell Jeansonne, our most elequent speaker to travel to the court of the seed of international diplomacy, Saxe-Bearstein."

"An excellent start! Continue the good work Detlev and please inform us when other diplomats will be dispatched" said the Prinz.

Visit for photos and additional information on the Cavenderian Diplomatic Corp. (CDC).

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frohes Channukah!

Hoffaktor Abraham Weißenheimer, safely returned from his journey to Vienna and points south, along with his family (especially little Judit!) and all the residents of the Hunsrucker Judengasse, wish a Frohes Channukah to all yehuddim and goyim of all the Imaginations of Urope!

Enjoy the fried latkes and pastries, everyone!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Monte-Cristo welcomes the Königreich der Bleiherzen and the Duchy of Grolstein, hoping they will soon join our League of United (if warring) Nations.

According to our tradition, to all of you a merry Winter Solstice and happy New Year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

one of the "official" Frankszonian epigrams on Stagonian Succession

Oh Ludwig the Luddite has ascended to his throne.
A DeVile he is, Flesh and corruption and bone.
His Accession was quiet,
Perhaps due to diet
OF Which Maurice was so fond, he’s gone beyond alone.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cher Alisona de Tradgardland,

A letter to Her Royal Highness, Alisona of Tradgardland

Cher Alisona de Tradgardland,

In the year now passing, fate intervened preventing our liason. It is said and I believe it, that God smiles kindly at the plans of His children for we cannot predict the future. Oh, we may know the next moment almost surely and we may possibly safely predict a little deeper into the future. But to say that a certain moment, months into our future will find us in each other's company is a kind of arrogance about the plans of the Almighty. Therefore, I beg to hope this letter will suffice to convey my genuine enchantment with you, about you, for you and thereby add to your certainty about my heart that I hope was not broken to pieces by our inability to meet in 1758/2008.

Are you as saddened as me by the merest of hours that separated us in The Shetlands? Upon our Gallian amphibious landing I discovered you had taken a fishing boat for home to avoid the dreaded insurgency. Though it collapsed with a whimper, you were right to protect Your Royal Highness and your parent's hearts by your departure.

Be not sad, if I may suggest it, if you are sad because I am constant in my mind but moreover within my heart about you. My Uncle Louis, who is also my King, has not granted permission to me to withdraw from my duties at Frankfurt Am Main to seek you in your homeland. I beg to hope you will understand my duties here in this turbulent area of Mars can not and must not be abandoned.

However, may I beg the forbearance of your parents to suggest that you come to Versailles in the first months of the new year? It is perhaps too extraordinary to ask you to come here. However, I am assured of leave early in the new year. The Court will naturally welcome you with delight.

Meanwhile I humbly await your reply as I ardently remain,
Votre très humble et obéissant serviteur,
Pierre l'Duc de Galantier
Lieutenant General
Frankfurt Am Main

A fragment of a letter found torn into a hundred pieces on the body of a courier on the borders of Saschen -Vindow

Dearest Ludwig,
I send yet another letter urging that you acknowledge my devotion. You and I are like acendent stars,like soul mates ever meant to be together...

Your ever loving Duchess...

write soon vile one!

Saschen -Vindow

Duke Peter gazes at his favourite painting - one of the myriad depicting Karl xii to be found around the Palace . The Duke of Saschen-Vindow idolises the Swedish monarch. They ,he feels, have so much in common- both fought a bear at an early age, both devout men of God, both men of exceptional courage and more...

Duke Peter waits for the day when he can lead his army to great things....

He worries about the ugly rumours regarding the Duchess -his estranged wife. The whispering and roumors concerning the recent attempts upon his own life. Duke Peter has heard too of a new occupant upon the Stagonian throne. The Duchy is full stories concerning the coming and goings ( in letter form ) betwixt the Duchess of Saschen -Vindow and the new Stagonian King Ludwig the Vile...

Desperately Duke Peter tries to distract his trouble mind by laying out, upon the study floor, his beautiful miniature soldiers fabricated in silver and gold by the court jeweller . Ten minutes later and the row of upon row of little men help Duke Peter to become absorbed happily once more...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emissaries soon to arrive from the Great Southern Land!

Emissaries from the The Holy Mormoan Kingdom Of New Wales are rumored to be arriving shortly. The news is that they bring offers of friendship and trade. It is rumored that the King's eldest daughter, Princess Amanda Of New Wales herself will lead the delegation. A portrait of her has been sent ahead to all King's and other Heads of State. They also bring artwork and sketches of some of the strange creatures that inhabit the mysterious continent.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The King is Dead"

The death of Koenig Maurice du Vile of the Kingdom of Stagonia has been confirmed.

He has been succeeded on the throne by his cousin, Koenig Ludwig du Vile (pictured at left).

For more news, readers are urged to visit the official news of the Kingdom of Stagonia, which has many more details.

What this will mean for other Uropean imagi-nations is not known. Koenig Maurice was very meddlesome until a few months ago . . . will Koenig Ludwig continue this policy? Or will he take a more moderate path?

Only time will tell

Reich Duchy of Beerstein receives it's new map

Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein offers Chancellor Fitz-Badger of the Soweiter League his deep appreciation for presenting our realm this magnificent map. The map maker should be identified so he can be invested into the Order of the Goblet!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Duchess...

The Duchess of Saschen-Vindow has spent the day touring the outer counties of the Duchy. She has heard the grievances of the people,listened to their woes and vowed to do something to aid them. She has encouraged them to vent their spleens upon her estranged husband, Duke Peter.
Now, as the coach turns for home ,she dictates a letter to Alisona of Tradgardland ...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lettres de Cachet

Herr Stechung, after transacting his activities at the Bains-Thermes and the Presipapal Bank, proceeded that afternoon by caleche to the bureaux of Louis-Ferdinand Celine de Saint-Gobain, Counsellor to the Relations with Resident Foreigners, to obtain an audience to present his credentials as Consul-General for the Pfalzgraftum of Waldreck.

Obtaining entrance after a mere two hour's intermission in the lobby of the bureaux, Herr Stechung was then escorted into the office of M. de Saint-Gobain, and, navigating the formalised exchange of documents with a bourgeois punctilio, received his credentials from M. de Saint-Gobain and, as his first offical act, presented de Saint-Gobain with a lettre de cachet sealed with the Black Lion of Waldreck.

Opening the document in Stechung's presence, M. de Saint-Gobain read the following:

From Baron Maximilian-Joseph de Montglace, Chancellor to his durchlaucht eminence, the Pfalzgraf von Waldreck,

to his eminence Louis-Ferdinand Celine de Saint-Gobain, Counsellor to the Relations with Resident Foreigners:

In view of the phenomenal reception accorded the President-elected Prince of Monte-Cristo's exposition of his laudable patronage of the Oriental Arts, the Pfalzgraf von Waldreck is pleased to offer his excellency an addition to his most admirable collection of rare illuminations from the fabled collection of Ulrich Fugger, recently brought to light in the course of cateloguing the estates of the Herrenschaft von Dolmen recently returned to the rightful possession of his durchlaucht eminence.

In addition to the fabulous collection Herr Fugger donated to the Bibliotheka Palatina, he also maintained a private reserve collection of volumes of especial significance. Among this occult collection was found to be a first edition of Arentino and Raimondi's I Modi, in pristine condition. The Pfalzgraf, certain that his excellency of Monte Cristo would best appreciate and contextualise this find, would like to offer the volume in gift to his excellency, in token of the esteem in which he holds his excellency, and also in appreciation of the amity and profit of the relationship which has grown between their two peoples.

His durchlaucht eminence would be pleased very much to present the volume to his excellency in the course of his imminent Grand Tour of the Cote d'Azur with his new bride to be undertaken as soon as possible after the octave of Twelfth Night. His durchlaucht eminence also eagerly anticipates the opening of the Carnevale Season in Monte Cristo about that time, and invites the counsel of his excellency as to the rites and ceremonies of that festive occasion best suited to introduce his new bride to the particular satisfactions of the Monte Cristan observances.

Veuillez agréer, mon tres puissant monsieur, l'assurance de mes sentiments le plus distingués,

Votre serviteur,

Maximilian-Joseph, Baron de Montglace

Friday, December 12, 2008

New unit flags for the Reich Duchy of Beerstein

Sir David of Not by Appointment, purveyor of Flags, Standards, and Ensigns for the Reich Duchy of Beerstein has agreed to provide each regiment of our army a new regimental flag to accompany our existing flags on the field of glory! For his unparalleled skill, talent, and willingness to assist all ImagiNation rulers, Sir David is elevated to Grand Master of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein's Order of the Goblet. Special recognition is bestowed upon Jean-Louis for his suggestion of using the scrolls to identify each regiment. Bravo!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

By Courier to Versailles

From Baron Maximilian-Joseph de Montglace, Chancellor to his durchlaucht eminence, the Pfalzgraf von Waldreck,

to his eminence the Cardinal de Richelieu, Ministre d'Etat to His Catholic Majesty Louis:

In view of the happy news lately communicated to the courts of Christendom of the intent of the Pfalzgraf von Waldreck to wed, preparations are now afoot for his durchlaucht eminence to journey with his bride on a Grand Tour of the Mediterranean whilst renovations are made to the Schloß Bruttig in preparation for the arrival of the new Pfalzgrafin.

I am therefore instructed to request from the Gallian royal court an officer of His Catholic Majesty's army to serve as liaison with the Pfalzgraf's own guard to consult on matters pertaining to the security of the happy couple on their sojourn through Gallia in the course of this nuptial journey.

Further, I would personally request that such an officer be one with some familiarity particularly with the southern provinces of Gallia, preferably of the cavalry. A young officer of particular distinction in these areas has been recommended to our ministers, the young Comte de Mazan; I would be personally obliged if he could be detailed for this purpose.

With all good wishes for the furtherance of amity and cooperation between our courts, I remain your humble and obedient servant,

Baron Maximilian-Joseph de Montglace

Aux Bains-Thermes

The morning after his arrival, congratulating himself on his easy triumph over the virtue of his coquettish chambermaid, Herr Stechung took a late cafe au lait and pain au chocalat on the veranda of La Pensione Thelemitissima, savouring the breathtaking vista of the blazing cerulean sky over the Baie des Singes before calling for his caleche to the Pump Rooms of the Bains-Thermes.

Announced to the Master of Ceremonies, Stechung deployed his most effusive bonhommie negotiating the social inquisition which ensued, making ready reference to his mercantile intimacy with the best families of the Rheinland, his previous stays at the spas of Aachen and Bad Skt. Nikolaus, and the quality of his own breeding. Rewarded with an indulgent smile by the Master of Ceremonies and a conspiratorial aside on the superiourity of the virtues of honest toil over self-indulgent aristocracy, Herr Stechung was directed to his attendants for his first session of thalassotherapy.

Brought to the Romanesque bathing hall, Herr Stechung's attendant, while preparing Stechung for the baths with preliminary treatments of salt and grapeskin, rehearsed the history of the spa, and indeed of the city of Monte Cristo itself. From its legendary founding by the child-god Harpocrates during his quest for the missing parts of his slaughtered father, through its classical history as an entrepot of Carthaginian and Corinthian trade and down to its tenuous existence during the Wars of the Henris and its revival since.

Entering the baths proper, Stechung followed the prescribed course of alternating hot and cold soakings for the balance of the morning, before finishing with the novel Turkish treatments with birch rods and a final cold soak.

Redressing and regaining his personal effects, Stechung returned to the Pump Room, and as instructed by Chancellor de Montglace, fixed the Master of Ceremonies with a deliberate stare and carefully enquired if "there was not a closet to which a man of affairs might retire for consideration of his accounts." With a gesture to one of the Pump Room attendants, the Master of Ceremonies directed Stechung to the corridor leading back to the baths, down which the attendant led him to a nondescript service door and thence to a descending staircase which connected in turn to a lengthy, but well-lit series of subterranean passages through which the attendant led him on a serpentine course.

By now quite disoriented, Stechung was now led to an ascending staircase which led to a single, unlocked door which opened into a small, but well-furnished bureau appointed with a desk, leather chaise longue, and a glass cabinet well appointed with local vintages and imported distilled spirits. From the door on the opposite wall, the only other point of access into the room other than the small windows lining the wall to the left along the ceiling, a bespectacled man shortly entered the room carrying a leather binder thick with documents.

"Welcome, M. Stechung, to the Presipapal Bank for Sustainable Development and Constantly Increasing Profit. We are pleased to offer you a full portfolio of instruments to meet all of your financial needs. How may we be of service?"

"I bear a letter of credit drawn on the banking house of Tellson et Cie. in Paris in the amount of 25,000 livres with which to open an account and to engage your brokerage services in the consummation of an international transaction of great delicacy, in which, I have been led to understand, your firm has some expertise."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dutch Army conducts exercises near Barony of Brewswick

Dutch Army arrive near the Barony of Brewswick and conduct exercises before joining the British and Hanoverian forces already deployed in the area.

The Ballet Comes to Town

For the past several weeks, I've been painting ballerinas! Come see the results at ColCampbell's Barracks .

Three ballerinas goof around after a performance last spring.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


General MacKay, in command of of the Ducal Artillery,engineers and train- not to mention celebratory pyrotechnics, presents his compliments to one and all. He asks for help with:
1 drill books showing 18th century grenadiers using grenades and the drill employed
2 accounts of modern experiments recreating 18th century grenades and their use ( if any exist)
3 photos of re-enactors using them .
many thanks
Aneas MacKay

A Sunny Land for Shady People

Debarking from his chartered felucca at the nearest open berth along the quay, a middle-aged, somewhat portly man dressed in a conspicuously heavy Rhenish fashion made his way along the docks to the customs house of the Presipality of Monte Cristo. Consulting his pearl-encrusted pocket-watch with some irritation, the man studiously avoided eye-contact with the other merchants, ship masters and teamsters milling about the building, keeping his eyes instead moving about the room, studiously considering the poor glazing of the windows on the arcade level above which, along with the oil lamps at the clerks' benches, provided the illumination into the somewhat grey chamber of commerce below.

At length, he reached the head of the line, and exhaling the tension accumulated during his unwonted indulgence of delay, greeted the clerk in a fractured, Franconian-accented Monagesque. "Buongiorno, I am called M. Stechung, Directeur-General of Krantz Stahlwerke of Bruttig."

The spectacularly bored clerk barely glanced up from his paperwork. "Business in Monte Cristo?"

"Ah, purely touristic, for the water cure, to tell the truth," the Franconian replied after a moment's hesitation in a vaguely guilty tone which verged on the confessional.

"Any goods to declare?"

"No; only my personal effects."


"Mit the required visas, here," M. Stechung responded, passing over the documents bound in a red leather portfolio embossed with the seal of the Pfalzgraftum of Waldreck. The clerk's eyes flickered only for a moment over the seals and signatures, the last of which was that of Baron de Montglace, Chancellor of Waldreck, himself.

"You are staying where and for how long?" inquired the clerk in disinterested monotone.

"Two weeks, at La Pensione Thelemitissima, on the Baie des Singes."

"Very good; enjoy your stay."



BYOB to 26th Annual 2009 SYWA Show

The 26th Annual Seven Years War Convention
March 20th and 21st 2009
At the Holiday Inn Downtown, South Bend Indiana
It is time to consider setting aside time/resources to attend as a:
1. Participant
2. Game Judge
3. Vendor
4. Imagi-Nation Leader for a BYOB, bring your own brigade, game.
Earmark this site for updates please:
Organizers: Randy Frye and Mike Taber (good guys!)
Games: Friday/Saturday.
Lots of Old/Middle/New School
SYW stuff to buy
Attendees from across the USA and once in a while from the UK.
Guest Speaker: Christopher Duffy
Please mark your calendars soon, get the time off from work and plan
to be there.

Feast and Foolishness

“What a magnificent day”, Geoffrey thought as he received the messenger from Beerstein. The courier from Beerstein presented a gravity defying bow and quipped, “my lord Duke Wilhelm bade me deliver this to your royal person.” The Prinz flashed his cherubic smile and accepted the leather satchel ornamented with the twin-griffon crest of Beerstein visible in gold leaf. “We gladly accept this most promising message”, said the Prinz. “Give this man a stout drink and food”, the Prinz ordered. Turning his back the Prinz said, “I will read this correspondence in private, await here so that I may give you return correspondence”. Geoffrey eagerly cut the wax seal from the envelope and held the letter up to the light.

Dear Cousin,

Having received word of the barbarous threat of the Dey and possessing knowledge of Cavenderia’s difficulties in maintaining a proper fleet, from our familial correspondence, I have used my considerable influence to persuade her majesty to dispatch the Imperial Sea Lord’s squadron to your coast. We also are pleased to inform our cousin of the mobilization of our military and formation of the Corp of Observation to provide assistance to Cavenderia should she need our assistance against the dreaded Dey. I believe you are familiar with the commander of said unit, Baron von Blatzberg of Saxe Bearstein. We provide this assistance as a show of our loyalty to civilized society and knowing that our dear cousin would surely rise to the occasion if indeed Beerstein would call.

Wilhelm von Beerstein

“What glorious news”, Geoffrey thought. The combined might of Cavenderia, Beerstein, Mieczyslaw and the Imperial squadron would surely prove to significant an impediment for the Dey. Geoffrey’s smile turned genuine as he thought, “as we recall, since the saber rattling incident near Spilt the Dey’s fleet has managed only a few remote raids along our coast, perhaps this threat was not as great as we had thought.” The Prinz’s valet tapped gently on the door, “Lord a Hussar from Twinj has arrived”, he said in hushed reverence. Geoffrey recalled his uncle’s country estate and his childhood holidays in Twinj, old images of peasants celebrating the Feast of the Conception of Saint Anne, and the courageous riders with their spectacular horses filled his mind The Hussar entered, “I bring an invitation from your most humble subjects in Twinj, it is their wish that his lordship Prinz Geoffrey be the guest of honor at this year’s feast”. The Prinz’s words dripped like honey, “We thank our good people of Twinj for this invitation and we shall certainly consider attending.” Geoffrey thought, “Perhaps a holiday is in order.”

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Oophs I had meant this for my Tradgardland Blog- sorry for posting in the wrong place!!!

The Mini Charge Project and Music...

Today after church ,and after shopping, I continued to sort out my mini Charge Project. I have decided to re-organise my RSM/Minifig/HE figures to use for some small solo Charge games. This has meant rebasing singly as well as some painting and flag work.I will send the armies of Tradgardland against Saschen- Vindow. I am excited about this small ,yet fun attempt to have some accessible rules and scenarios on the table top. I will post militia photos soon. I have organised them with a combination of Charge organisation and my own ideas to best utilise the figures I already posses.Whilst doing this and the Family ironing I put on some old tapes- Foxtrot by Genesis which is the first tape I ever owned. It still stands up well especially Supper's Ready ! I also looked out my copy of Praetorious's music for Christmas Day - recorded in Roskilde Cathedral. Haunting and Jolly music for the Season - go on give it a go...

Friday, December 5, 2008

On The Way To Dresden

Narrator: The war between Gallia, Freyberg, The Imperium, Russi and other noble Allies versus the combination of Hesse-Seewald and Britannia has dwindled to the small war, the kleine krieg. We are now in a moment of outposts and screens covering magazines and the armies about to enter winter quarters. For some reason unbeknownst to this narrator, two such screens appear to desire a final coup - near Bettendorf near the Harz Mountains, Germania. Be that as it may we also find Lady Diana Pettygree on her cheerful way to Dresden to attend a winter concert and other festivities there. For now - just December - Dresden is declared an open city and the Prussian occupation forces have stood down. Meanwhile the antithesis of Lady Diana is near and....
Lady Cherish Masquerade: "Oh Diana, this is very merry here in the Harz. Do you see the snow on the pines, on the fields, the frosty Harz River and the Apfel Stream are all such delights. Happiness and contentment. Do you see the newly forming ice there beside the bridge --- there in the mist? [Cherish points]

Lady Diana Pettygree: [She turns astride her strong mare Lightning to look. Pulling her hat down over long coal black luxurious hair, wearing her Carabinier riding habit accented in light pink she does indeed see the mist. She blinks, leans forward, cranes her neck graced with the "blue diamond" and sees....

Lady Cherish Masquerade: " mist... It is the apparition or...."

Lady Diana Pettygree: "I see her. She beckons. Let us ride to hear her words. The Old Woman calls me again. She is my fate - my destiny - my protectress from I know not where."

Narrator: They ride to hear her words.

St Nicholas Day

With this charming 19th Century picture may I take this chance to wish you all a happy Feast of St Nicholas for the 6th December. Remember to check your shoes prior to putting them on...

from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland

p.s Is there a winter wargame taking place involving Gallia and Hesse Seewald tomorrow or does my memory not serve me well?

Soldiering in Ruritania...

Syldavia and Gerolstein is the fate of many Monte-Cristan mercenaries.
The biography of one of them has been just commented upon.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

101 Dalmatians

The carriage of Hoffaktor Abraham Weißenheimer once more clatters forth from the courtyard of his towering townhouse in the Hunsruck Judengasse, commissioned yet again by His Grace to pursue negotiations abroad, this time with the court of Albrecht Mordicus, Herzog von Lagerburg-Slobbovia, for the possible exchange of recruits for the mutual benefit of both courts.

The successes of recruiting officers in the Mosel valley in finding candidates for the newly expanded grenadier companies of the Herzogerheer, with the assistance of the Archbishop-Elector, have greatly exceeded expectations, and, for that matter, the resources of the straitened Obersaynische Exchequer. The news of Saracen depredations along the Dalmatian coast, brought lately to the attention of Msgr. de Chiaroscuro's sources in Vienna, have presented the opportunity both to escape financial embarassment and to boost further Herzog Ignaz's prestige in Vienna by further contributing to the defence of the Reich.

Hoffaktor Weißenheimer's mercantile contacts in Vienna and Italy will be taxed to the utmost to conclude the transaction, but the potential rewards, both to Herzog Ignaz and to Weißenheimer, working as always on commission, make the effort, and the pains of the journey, worth the hazard.

Alisona of Tradgardland

In the woods surrounding the Palace, Duke Frederick's daughter Alisona walks by moonlight. Her guards keep a discreet yet protective presence. She walks observing the moon, the passing of the seasons and thinks of the gallant young Gallian she met of recent months. She remembers him fondly and hopes their paths will cross in the weeks and months to come...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A New Neighbor to the North

Greetings from the Margraviate of Ost-Pommern and the Court of Ludwig V. Ludwig IV "the rotund," having recently been gathered unto the Lord, has passed his mantle on to his 7 year old heir. Daily administration of the realm has devolved upon the regent Baroness Liesel von Schroeder, mistress to the late Ludwig IV. The Baroness it would seem has scant regard for young Ludwig V and intends to hold onto power even after he attains his majority. The Baroness's daughter Katerina has ambitions of her own and is the object of dozens of suitors and a number of scandalous rumors.

The Margraviate of Ost-Pommern is situated on the Baltic coast between Pomerania and East Prussia. The Ost-Pommern army is small but well administered, consisting of four regiments of foot and two of horse. A number of foreign officers serve in the army and the recent intrigues in the court seem to attract even more. Notable among the foreign officers is the noted French architect, rake and adventurer, the Marquis d'Façade. The civil administration has also fallen under the sway of the Baroness's foreigners especially the new Finance Minister, le Comte de Monet. Fops and scoundrels of every stripe have ingratiated themselves with the Baroness and infested the court to the detriment of young Ludwig's fortunes.

Retired General-Leutnant Albert von Krause, loyal servant to the old Landgrave has taken the Ludwig V under his tutelage. The native officers of the Army, at least those not trying to bed the Baroness's daughter Katerina, zealously guard the lad. They are constantly on guard against any plot hatched by the Marquis d'Façade and the other foreigners loyal to the Baroness. Young Ludwig is safe for now, but as the heroes who carried his father's standards to victory in the last war pass on, the clique of officers in the Baroness's camp grows stronger.

Monday, December 1, 2008


At the Ducal Court Duke Karl Frederick is consumed with grief and guilt. He cannot come to terms with what happened to his plan pertaining to espionage work in the neighbouring Duchy of Saschen-Vindow. A young , almost innocent, well young man , has died and the Duke sees himself as responsible ...

Karl Frederick had resorted to this in the face of concern about moves afoot across the Border . Now he broods about what the future holds for this poor unfortunate's family not to mention the whole of Tradgardland. As the Antiphons ring clear in the Ducal Chapel next door Karl Frederick must plan his next move...