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Hesse-Engelburg Troop Dispositions

I've added some basic info to a post on the Hesse-Engelburg blog, in the spirit of Tradgarland's recent disposition post.

Abbot's Field , I

For an hour, while Baron Bastille and his staff converse volubly in French dialect not understood by their Frankszonian attendants, drums beat and horns blare. The streets resound with quick marching feet and trotting horses ... then all falls silent ...
except for a distant popping sound from the north.
Gallian units rushing to their alarm stations encounter frequent barriers and checkpoints manned by Frankszonian militia but are invariably passed swiftly through.

A Frankszonian courier gallops up to the highly disgruntled Gallian headquarters. He bears a brief dispatch from Gen. Meyer:
"Rebels still holding Bischhof and have deployed about regimental strength in the Abbot's Field just beyond the Brook Line. (expletive deleted) we must deploy before advancing and I expect they will be dodgers."

As the staff grumbles over the scrawled note, an early morning vendor begins to hawk his sausages and another, fresh beer ....

Further to Tradgardland Dispositions...

The Nicobar Islands ( bought from the Danish East Indies Company in 1754)
4oo infantry and an unknown number of local militia.


Army of Tradgardland 30th May 1758:

On Shetland :
700 men from 5th infantry and marine battalions.

In Ny Tradgardland:
400 men of the local Militia and 100 local tribemen

In the Duchy of Tradgardland;

1000 men of the 1st and 2nd Infantry battalions

1000 men of the 3rd and 4th Infantry battalions

2 squadrons of heavy cavalry and 2 squadrons of dragoons

1 squadron of hussars

Legione Tradgard - mtd jaeger,foot jaeger and fusiliers

Corps of Artillerie and pyrotechnia - assorted guns

Monday, April 28, 2008

A letter to Tradgardland

In her study ,Duchess Liv of Tradgardland opened a letter which arrived with a galley today. She read as follows:
Your Graces
Greetings from the Capital of Scotland !
We are soon to engage the enemy - any day now if the intelligence is to be believed. We are confident of the right of our cause and confident we will meet the challenge set before us.
I write to express my gratitude for being allowed to serve the Duchy in ways diverse and discreet for many years now. I pledge my continued loyalty to you both , the Duchy and to the true King of Scotland. I look forward to many years of service continuing.
In the event of my death I have lodged (with a bookseller in the Royal Mile) my manuscript of my Natural History of Tradgardland, along with my memoirs of the campaign and my history of the Apostolic Succession in Tradgardland. I would be obliged if the said manuscripts could be published and any profits be lodged to help provide a library for the Orphans in Nyhavn. Please pray for me as I shall pray for you that in Heaven we may merrily meet.
your servant always
Vonn Bergmann

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Rising: A Review

The following summarizes affairs in Scotland germane to The Rising described on EvsE.
Kind Regards,
November 25, 1757
Gallian Diplomat l'Chevalier du Nord arrives in Scotland and is housed at Dunkettle Castle. Scots Royalists demand to know if Gallia will support them. They boast of 600Highland Clansmen encamped on the grounds. Du Nord silently thinks this is insufficient but is a good start.
November 30, 1757
The Chevalier du Nord answers, yes, Gallia will support a restoration. To prove it, he presents l'Comte de Albany to them just arrived offshore. Albany is the incognito name for Charles Edward Stuart. Battalion Royal Ecossais is rowed ashore to boost numbers of combatants.
January 17, 1758
In his first military venture Charles Edward Stuart's forces storm Edinburgh and captures it with minimal loss. Lowlanders numbering 4,000 men flock to his Standard in the coming weeks. (Per a die throw made by Jeff.)
January 20, 1758
The Tradgardlander von Bergmann arrives as a friend of the Restoration and to pledge the support of Duke Karl Frederick of Tradgardland.
March 20, 1758
Gallian Admiral Suthren orders reinforcements ashore at Tantallon Castle. This is battalion Albany minus its piquet and grenadier companies. The battalion marches on the coast road along the south shore of The Firth of Forth arriving a day or two later in Edinburgh.
April 1, 1758
Battalion Albany's piquet and grenadier companies arrive offshore of Tantallon Castle and are rowed ashore. These men arrive in Edinburgh a day ot two later.

Gallian warships, etc. have been at sea, wherabouts unknown. They were not involved in the affair off Le Havre.
April 15, 1758

Available for the Prince to garrison Edinburgh, other important points and to also form a Field Army are:

600 Highland Clansmen (numbers fluctuating)
4,000 Lowlanders (numbers fluctuating)
600 from battalion Royal Eccossais
600 from battalion Albany
Several light cannons
A small body of horsemen
April 24, 1758
An English Army was observed in Durham and Northumberland Counties to the south of the English-Scottish border. It is upon its march to engage the Scotish Royalist Army.
May 3, 1758
A miniatures battle is planned for this date.
Der Alte is hosting, is busy painting Highlanders and is going to figure out the scenario, actual units and numbers per side which will differ from the above.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In Edinburgh

Von Bergmann spent time in the Royal Mile today. He wandered from stall to shop and eventually entered an extremely small shop stocking antiquarian books. Having greeted his customer ,the shopkeeper left the Tradgardlander to his own devices.
There, at the back of the shop, Von Bergmann found a medieval tome with the dust of centuries upon it. His eyes alighted upon the illustration opposite - swords being sharpened prior to battle. He recalled all those, who like him, prepared to battle for the true King of Scotland. Their blades would undergo such a ritual soon.
He closed the book and left the shop, burdened with the thought of the battle ahead...

Monday, April 21, 2008

A face to remember....

A portrait of Duke Otto of Skogsmork painted by the Ducal Painter in 1756 . An iron will lies beneath the genial exterior.....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Battle in The English Channel

HMS Invincible levels the Gallian flagship l'Occidentale with a broadside at close quarters.

London - His Majesty's Admiralty reports today of a decisive victory by our Channel Fleet over the Gallian counterpart off of Le Havre. Admiral Jervis' fleet of 6 ships of the line and 8 frigates reportedly sank four Gallian 1st rates ship (l'Occidentale, le Tigre, Camembert and l'Argent) and captured 3 frigates during the day's battle.

Admiral Jervis lured the Gallian fleet out of their blockade in Le Havre by apparently lifting the blockade, only to return as soon as the Gallian fleet ventured out of the harbor. The Gallians were expecting a traditional naval battle, forming up a single line of battle with 18 ships. Jervis, however, had other ideas, as he formed his ships into two columns: all of the 1st rate ships in one column and all of the frigates in the other. The frigates sailed toward the Gallian fleet and formed a line of battle, while at the same time, Admiral Jervis led the second column straight through the Gallian battle line, aboard his flagship Invincible. The other ships of the line in Jervis' column (Zealous, Zeus, Royal Sovereign, Cantankerous, and Bellicose) followed and split the Gallian line in half.

This put half of the Gallian fleet out of the fight temporarily as they would have to wheel about and return to the fight. Instead, they broke for Le Havre, leaving the remainder of the Gallian fleet sandwiched between of cross fire of the Britannian fleet. A number of transport ships were seen turning about and returning to Le Havre as well. The Admiralty speculates that the transports were carrying Gallian regulars for a potential landing in Caledonia, in support of the Pretender's rebellion near Edinburgh.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gallia At Sea And On The March


The Gallian shore party reboarded its transport at Lerwick and headed out to sea. Lt. Gen. Gallantier is aboard the accompanying Sloop of War Alerte (20). Destination unknown. Gallantier bid a fond farewell to Tradgardland Duke Karl Frederick who easily restored order to the Main Island.

Admiral Suthren landed The Pretender's second reinforcement, Battalion Albany on March 20th, 1758 at Tantallon Castle. It will march to Edinburgh to join forces assembling there for the Stuart Restoration. Admiral Suthren departed to the eastward into the North Sea afterwards. Destination unknown.

Lieutenant General Chevert marched southeastwards via Würzburg, Kitzingen and Neustadt. Advanced elements are approaching Bayreuth. This quiet portion of Germania is now in a state of alarm. Chevert sent a courier (Kapitan von Bock of the Chevauleger Regiment Rutowski) to an official of the Circles to advise of this peaceful march. Some say the Gallian Army is heading for the Bohemian Fortress of Eger to position itself to assist The Imperium once the Armistice with The Marquis of Brandenburg ends.

The Marquis = Frederick II.
Der Alte hosts an Austrian versus Prussian game at Historicon in July.
Chevert marches per roads on the "Friedrich" board game map.

Maréchal de Broglie ordered his Advance Guard to Frankfurt Am Main. They are expected any hour. The Main Body and Rear Guard will follow in due course. All will take up residence before the end of April. This will be the largest concentration of Gallian soldiers anywhere since it is the Main Gallian Army. Thereafter we believe de Broglie may strike north into Hesse-Seewaldt. However, he may head eastwards too? Or might he stay there as a strategic countermeasure?

Gallian Intendant Bastille upon learning of the approach of de Broglie is now sleeping better than ever. He is said to be the most peaceful anyone has ever seen him.

No news. Still icebound.


It wasn’t hard to find the inn. Except for the stables, the inn was easily the largest building in the small town. And since the stables were full of wounded men whose moans and occasional screams could be easily heard, Norris had an easy choice of where to go.

As he approached the place where he had been told he could find his Landgraf, Norris noted two men wearing unusual uniforms who were holding three horses not far from the entrance to the inn. The first soldier wore white with light blue swallow’s nests; obviously a trumpeter. The other wore a coat of light blue with white distinctives.

Something about the uniforms looked familiar, and a glance at the horse furniture confirmed Norris’ suspicions. Emblazoned on the saddle blankets, holsters, and the trumpeter’s banner was the monogram of the Prince-Bishop of Zwischen-Andere. There was another item on one of the horses: a large flag of truce.

Entering the inn, Norris expected to find it crowded with officers from the army. Instead he found just a few of them clustered near the door. Across the room at a table, Landgraf Bogey von Hesse-Fedora was in quiet conversation with an officer dressed in the same pale blue as the one outside, but of a far finer material and richly embroidered with lace. On another day the demeanor of the two could have indicated old friends having a chance meeting, discussing the weather or the wine. But not this day.

Norris moved away from the door, avoiding the handful of officers. The junior ones were too rank-conscious to invite the newly arrived major general to join them, and the senior ones were too rank-conscious to invite the newly promoted major general who didn’t have the gentlemanly prefix of “von” before his name to join them either. But his entrance had not gone unnoticed.

Landgraf Bogey raised his voice and called, “Herr General Norris, a word with you please.”

Norris ignored the disapproving stares from the other officers. He marched across the room and came to attention between the two men at the table. They rose as the Landgraf said, “Feldzeugmeister von Dithmarschen, may I introduce Major General Norris of my service. General Norris is the commander—”

Von Dithmarschen broke in. “Of your vanguard. Or rather, your rearguard. Actually, what is left of your rearguard.”

Norris’ face did not betray his surprise, neither at the rude interruption of the Landgraf, nor of the obvious knowledge of the current military situation.

“It is an honor to meet an officer of your esteem, Herr Feldzeugmeister.”

Bogey motioned them to sit, but Norris remained standing. “Feldzeugmeister von Dithmarschen has brought a request from the Prince-Bishop for us to send a representative to a Konferenz at the Prince-Bishop’s palace. I was just telling him that circumstances preclude me from participating, but that I was nominating you to represent Hesse-Fedora.”

Again von Dithmarschen interrupted. “Your Excellency, it is not a request. It is an order from the Prince-Bishop in his role of Kreis Executive Secretary. We have ‘arranged’ a cease-fire between your forces and those of Hesse-Homburg, so your army can lick its wounds in peace.”

Norris asked, “And the purpose of the Konferenz?”

Von Dithmarschen slowly turned to face Norris. “Will be revealed by the Prince-Bishop at his convenience.” The two generals’ eyes met. Neither of them looked away.

Bogey rose in dismissal. “Thank you, Herr Feldzeugmeister. Please convey our respects to the Prince-Bishop.”

Von Dithmarschen also stood. “The Konferenz is next Friday to allow all of the members of the Kreis to attend. Good day, Your Excellency. Herr General.” He turned and walked to the door, which was held open by a Fedoran lieutenant. A moment later the hooves of the general and his escort could be heard pounding down the road and faded into the distance.

Bogey turned to Norris.


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Reich Duke Wilhelm sends envoy to Frankszonia

Major Debauchery briefs Reich Duke Wilhelm on this planned trip to Frankszonia. The Reich Duke was very concerned that the recent arrival of spirits from Frankszonia was ineptly handled by the bureaucrats in the Commerce Directorate. He has ordered Major Debauchery to escort a wagon train of our finest pilsner to Frankszonia and to personally present "The Frankfurter" with his investment into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard!

Arthur's Seat , Scotland

A lone figure sits upon the summit of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. He stands out from the grey rock in his resplendent coat of rose coloured material with red cuffs and waistcoat.
Von Bergmann has come up to this place -the highest point in the ancient city of Edinburgh, to think and prepare for his role in the Rising.
With him he has maps of the surrounding land and an eyeglass. Carefully he surveys the land looking at it with the experienced eyes of a tactician .
Breaking his fast he opens the bottle of wine he has with him and enjoys it along with a strong local cheese.
He surveys the beauty of the country spread before him and sees God's hand in Creation. He thinks that apart from the Duchy this is one of the most beautiful places upon earth. His eyes wander to a small figure climbing up the hill . The figure gets nearer and nearer and it becomes obvious that he carries a letter for Von Bergmann........

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is that Bonnie Prince Charlie sporting the Reich Duchy of Beerstein's Order of the Goblet?

The Prince-Bishop

Prince-Bishop Adalbert Heinrich pushed himself away from the desk with both hands, stood, and walked to the prie-dieu near the window. Kneeling down, he pinched the bridge of his nose before assuming a more solemn pose. After a moment, with his thoughts cleared, he began his prayers.

The Prince-Bishop had many things to clear from a troubled mind, and probably even more things to pray about. He had just received news from several of his sources, and they all pointed to renewed war: war that would assuredly draw in his own Bishopric of Zwischen-Andere.

Adalbert Heinrich was not a young man, nor was he new to his position. In fact, he had carefully and successfully steered Zwischen-Andere through several regional conflicts, to include the upheavals of the War of the Austrian Succession. This time was going to be different.

Zwischen-Andere was not a large country, even compared to the tiny states of the Holy Roman Empire. But the bishopric’s location, normally such a boon for commerce and travel, placed it squarely in the middle of the coming campaign. In fact, according to one report an Imperial regiment, the Savoy Dragoons, had already marched through a corner of the country on its way to the battlefield near Balcones.

Furthermore, Adalbert Heinrich had another title: Executive Secretary of the Imperial Circle of Mittel-Nirgendwo. As such he was nominally responsible to the Empress for the organization and training of the Circle’s contingent to the Reichsarmee. The Prince-Bishop had two options to field the contingent: negotiate with the member states of the Circle to provide troops, or tax the states and raise the units himself. Considering the reluctance of the Circle’s rulers to willingly provide either men or funds, Adalbert Heinrich sought for another alternative.

Fortunately, he found a way. Adalbert Heinrich convinced the members of the Circle to either pay the Army Tax, or he would impose strict religious and commercial tax burdens upon them. Grudgingly, they had complied.

The funds went to expand his military into a small but effective combat force. Dressed in a tasteful cornflower blue derived from his family’s distant Wittelsbach heritage, the Circle’s army boasted three infantry battalions complete with battalion artillery guns, a converged grenadier battalion, a single large Reiter regiment of four squadrons, and an efficient staff under the direction of Kreis-Feldzeugmeister Gerhard von Dithmarschen.

The brigade had marched out several weeks ago to join the Reichsarmee in Franconia, but was now returning to Zwischen-Andere. Adalbert Heinrich hoped to use the force to protect the city and as a counter-weight to any of the other member states. But one of the troubling thoughts, brought by one of the many letters on his desk, dealt with that very “counter-weight.”

Addressed from Feldmarschallieutenant von Blei-Sammeln, it reminded the Prince-Bishop that the returning troops were pledged to serve the Empress in the Reichsarmee, and should therefore be put at Blei-Sammeln’s disposal for use against Hesse-Fedora. A veiled threat that the march of the Savoy Dragoons had been neither accidental nor particularly destructive showed that the perfumed glove covered a mailed fist.

As he finished his prayers, a soft knock at the door reminded the Prince-Bishop of his worldly affairs. Answering the command to enter, a servant opened the door and announced, “Ambassador von Lorre of Hesse-Fedora requests an audience, Your Eminence.”

Adalbert Heinrich pinched his nose again, and pushed away from the kneeler.

“Show him in.”

Monday, April 14, 2008

Frankfurt Am Main

Narrator: Tonight we find the Gallian Intendant l'Comte de Bastille in conference with the Frankzonian Herr General Meyer to wit:
Bastille: "Your Sovereign, l'Houertzhaog, ah, do I pronounce it correctly?"

Meyer: "We Monsewer."

Bastille: "Danke. Well, to the point of my request to see you. I've considered your master's inquiry for me to release several 24 pounder siege cannons and engineers, etc. to presumptively resolve a conflict with one of your neighbors. This has weighed heavily on my mind. After due consideration I am of the opinion I should release the cannon but to my sincere regret, duty prevails upon me to pause in my decision. I am after all in charge of this magazine and therefore the safety of the city and the Gallian supplies within. As such I do not have the authority to release our combatants and equipment to a mission outside these walls and the immediate territory."

Meyer: "But..."

Bastille: "I know. I know. Believe me I know. Situations here about are in turbulence and of course should I do anything to weaken the magazine upon which the campaign about to begin so ardently depends, well, my superiors would find me in need of a holiday on a yellow fever ridden isle in the West Indies, I am sure."

Meyer: "I thought you might say that. Please, I beg you, do not fault us for asking. Your Gallians hereabouts are as you well know are honourable with us but the occupation is shall I say out of the natural order of things --- for us --- for us of Frankzonia."

Bastille: "Yes. So in friendship and as a courtesy to your Sovereign and Frankzonia, I will pass along the request to my immediate superior, Marshall Broglie who is now returned to Koblenz with the Main Army. Better still, you may want to consider sending a delegation to the Marshall yourselves. But for now I am unable to release what you want. I can't."

Meyer: "I will advise my Sovereign l'Comte de Bastille and thank you for your consideration. We do understand as men of honour. Gute nacht Herr Intendant."

Bastille: "Adieu."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In gaol 2

They came around midnight. Von Bergmann had just blown out his candle having just completed writing the next chapter of his Natural History of the Duchy of Tradgardland. This chapter had been devoted to the Tradgarlandian boar and it had proved difficult to write in the dank cell within the goal .

Noise penetrated the cell door- shouting , gunfire and the sound of steel upon steel. Bergmann calmly packed his valise, carefully wrapping the manuscript of his work in oilskin. He donned his cloak and stood up and listened. They had come - his not too awful goal experience would soon be over. The screams and shouting came to an end . Keys rattled in the lock and two burly highlanders stood grinning in at him. Von Bergmann spoke- Good evening gentlemen! Thank you for coming . How may I be of Service?

The highlanders addressed Von Bergmann quickly , yet respectfully , in Gaelic and informed him that that his services were urgently required by the True King and that exciting times were ahead. One of them produced a large bag and offered it to Von Bergmann. Within it he found his Tradgardland uniform which he donned with speed . With the briefest of glances backwards into the cell Von Bergmann strode forth - free at last !

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Proxy fight, anyone?

My move towards Ginnheim is an already scripted at home scenario to annex the strip of unincorporated land which likes between Frankfurt's fields and their holdings along the Nidda river to their north.
While this is fine, hysterically, historically, these areas were part of the Duchy of Hannau and Hesse=Darmstadt. In our game, this also may infringe upon the claims and interests of Hesse Homburg ....
Now, even though Frankszonia is occupied by Gallia right now, it's army is built on the Prussian model and Hesse-Homburg along the Austrian ... something tells me that many of our players could field small forces of both mixes, no?
Perhaps a vunderful time bei alles could be halfed at Ficksnort?
Any victi ... uh, make that, volunteers?
PS .... All this depending upon the agreeability of Hesse Homburg, of course ... after all, we do have treaties of non-intervention in force ...

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Standard Is Raised

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The Young Pretender, Charles Edward Stuart, has landed in Scotland and has raised his royal standard at Glenfinnan in order to rally the Highland clans to his cause. You may recall that the Pretender advanced to Edinburgh and captured the town without firing a shot.

There are rumors that a small contingent of Gallian and Hibernian allies have landed a small force of infantry (the Hibernian Piquets and the Royal Ecossais Regiment), a squadron of cavalry (Fitzjames Horse) and two Swedish 4-pound cannon and artillery crew in Scotland to assist the Young Pretender.

Now comes the news that His Britannic Majesty George II has authorized General John Cope to embark on a mission to bring the Young Pretender to battle. The two armies are expected to engage in battle within the next three weeks, around May the 3rd.

General Cope is expected to offer battle to the Young Pretender under the formal articles of war better known as Batailles de l'Ancien Regime (or BAR). The Pretender's army is expected to comprise nearly 2,400 infantry and 240 cavalry (240 figures of infantry and 24 of cavalry) plus the afore-mentioned artillery. A similar force of Government soldiers will defend the lands and honor of King George II.

God Save the King!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Frankszonia on th e move again?

Battle of Ginnheim ... opening moves ....

Since I fully agree with Otto that the fun in the 18th century comes from the interplay of dances, balls, affairs, and intrigue, I’d planned a lovely scene in which L’ Intendant, while attending a low key dinner = dance honoring Granny Loomis, is whisked off by Madame Rosenschnauz “to be measured by Mistress Ewarp again for a fancy dress outfit (the Madame is VERY dedicated to her husbands career),” courtesy of Granny Loomis, of course.

Unfortunately, a minor health setback has resulted in me dumping two attempts at writing a nice baroque flirtation ... and one attempt at believable dialogue between officers. So, here’s to just the setting and plan .... fill in your own imaginary giggles, winks, sashaying, chamber music, and illicit cuddles ....

Once in the side chamber, however, Bastille is secretly met by the Hurtshog and some key advisors to request the loan of a few siege guns and engineers to compel Russleheim to behave. As Russelheim is but a small town that happens to be strongly posted, they doubt that Gallia will want to undertake a real siege .... but it has proven to be an irritating entre pot for Cheezers, Germanians, and opposition Frankfurters. So a few guns to smash a few warehouses and to start some other fires ought to be enough to get Russelheim to promise to be more circumspect in the future.

Bastille hears this, and promises to consider it, but he is also aware (thanks to Master Philippe) of some other factors:
A: the immediate threat from Stagonia is eliminated, and there has been a steady movement of Frankszonia forces to good semi-permanent barracks north of Frankfurt ... near the roads leading to the Gallian depot.
B: Frankszonian troops have been engaged in extensive drill work, in spite of the inclement weather (okay, cold, wind, sleet .... not the tornadoes, hail, and floods I’ve been dealing with lately!).
C: General Meyer has twice conducted “assembly drills” to train the natives to muster quickly (like most German states, Frankszonian native troops get extensive furloughs in winter and in peacetime to practice civilian crafts and business).
D: Discontented former Frankszonian officers have collected units in Hesse Homburg, in spite of their alleged opposition to Gallia .... but that these units have not been fielded during the recent Homburg / Fedora clash.
E: Thanks to his New Year’s clemency, the Frankfurter countryside is seething with intrigue again.

Now does he grant the Hurtshog’s polite request?
After all, a couple of 24 pounders and a few mortars with their crews and engineering officers would provide him with a good lodgement within the Frankszonian ranks to obtain more detailed intelligence and influence.
On the other hand, there’s rumors that the conflict in the north is heating up, and these units may be requested anytime by Broglie or Chevert ....
And ...
does Bastille really want to move heavy armaments out of their protected position into the Frankszonian forces???

If he refuses, what might the Frankszonian reaction be??

* Francios l'Marquise de Hottatrot:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The Reichstag of Beerstein appoints six new ambassadors as follows: General Count Lugwig von Boozewick Ambassador to the Court of the Elector of Hunnunter and King of Britannia, General Count Gunter von Biergarten Ambassador to the Court of Saxe-Bearstein, General Count Heinrich von Hops Ambassador to the Court of Court of the Duchy of Mieczyslaw, Count General Karl von Barley Ambassador to the Court of the Principality of Hesse-Engleburg, Count General Wilhelm von Ales Ambassador to the Court the Margravite of Nord Westfalen, and General Baron Rupert von Pilsner to the Court of the Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg. Reich Duke Wilhelm applauds the Reichstag in recognizing these officers who have have devoted their lives to the defense of Beerstein and wishes them well in their new posts. Each ambassador is to present the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard to Sovereign of the Court to which they were appointed along with their documents of recognition of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. The Archbishop of Beerstein has been appointed as first Chancellor of the University of Pabst and will invest each visiting professor into the Order of the Goblet. Reich Duke Wilhelm will promote six new General Officers after reviewing the records of eligible unit commanders.

Poll at OSW

If you have an idle moment please go to OSW, click on Polls and consider voting about Charles Edward Stuart. I am surprised at the votes so far.



Monday, April 7, 2008

Minuet At Sea: March 3-9, 1758

For naval activities that happened 4 March 1758 go to correspondece dated 27 March 2008. I am writing from the future. The following entry takes us to 9 March 1758 though I write this on 7 April 2008.

Narrator: By noon on the morning of 4 March 1758, the naval minuet south of The Shetland Group concluded as follows with the wind from the westward.

1. The Gallian Fleet under Admiral Suthren as previously described had borne to the eastward with the wind astern to join forces with the squadron of Tradgardland’s Duke Karl Frederick then heading southwestward.

2. At eleven of the clock in the forenoon the Duke signaled Admiral Suthren and the two spoke to each other via speaking trumpets about their next dance card.

3. The squadron of neutral Hesse-Engelburgers also on an easterly heading paralleled the Gallians slightly to the north. Their idea was to avoid direct confrontations with the hopeful idea their numbers might add to the dismay of the Britannian Fleet. A clever ruse.

4. Indeed, the combined strength of all three forces was such that the Britannian Fleet turned to the northwestward close hauled into the wind to gain maneuver room and time to consider the situation.

5. The situation? The Shetlands were taken by Tradgardland last year. It was time to recover this lost possession. However, upon arrival, the Britannian Fleet discovered a more numerous body of enemy warships thereby thwarting the mission to retake the island.

6. At noon by pre-arrangement, the combined Gallian and Tradgardland Fleet bore to the southwest to cut off the Britannians from home. At this point the Britannian Fleet tacked through the wind to also run on a southwesterly heading to pass the northern tip of Scotland into the Irish Sea.

7. The chase lasted two days. Both fleets threw bow spray high into the air as the winds freshened out of the west. On this slowest of all speeds, the ships pounded into the waves sometimes heeling shockingly. The Britannians in front continued their southwesterly heading followed by the Combined Fleet a few hours behind but a little to the south. On the evening of the second day the tip of Scotland was clearly visible. The Britannians would easily weather the point. The Combined Fleet would not. So the order was given to tack to the northeast, gain sea room and when safely beyond the point to then tack to the southwest again to resume the chase.

However, it was not to be. The Britannians sailed out of sight behind some islands. Just prior to sunset the Combined Fleet hove to (stopped in the wind) whereupon the Duke and Admiral Suthren exchanged words via speaking trumpet one last time….

Admiral Suthren: “Your Grace. Tis time to part. We wish you a good voyage back to the Main Island in The Shetlands. God speed to you and your mission there to restore order.”

The Duke: “Merci mon ami. We thank you for your assistance. Bon chance with l’Comte de Albany. We will take good care of your shore party and their commander, your King’s nephew.”

Narrator: Thus came to an end the naval dance off The Shetland Group. No shots were fired as one might sometimes expect in the Age of Reason. Maneuver and numbers instead won the day. Afterwards Suthren proceeded down the eastern coast of Scotland presumably for home. Karl Frederick returned to the Main Island in the Shetland Group with the Gallian en-flute ship, Charlemagne, to collect Gallian Lt. General Gallantier and his shore party left behind on the 3rd. Little sloop of war Alerte
(20) accompanied as a dispatch vessel.

On March 9th. Suthren was off the coast of Scotland near Edinburgh then in control of Bonnie Prince Charlie. The Duke arrived in Bressay Sound to go ashore to restore order at Lerwick. Alerte remained to the southward of Bressay Sound sniffing the waters there and looking outward for any mischief. There was none. Meanwhile the Hesse-Engelburg Squadron and Admiral Suthren in different parts of the sea….


While all Uropean Courts are feverishly discussing the outrageous messages from the Sublime Porte, it is –oddly– in the Hetzenberger Grand Ducal Counsel that a Monte-Cristan comment just surfaced. The Presipapal (*) Palace being renowned both for the accuracy of its informations and the devious nature of its diplomacy, not only the content, but the ‘why’, are to be cautiously analyzed. So much the more as the Presipality cared to air similar rumours in Monte-Cristo itself, would Hetzenberg choose to keep the matter confidential: *someone* is behind this ‘leak’, and other Powers may be involved.

For short, an ascending ‘New Man’ would be behind the new attitude of Vizier Evidya. One Al’An Dhjargarmasthr or something, but his background, as commented upon yesterday in Monte-Cristo, seems more important than his name. Somehow the Kingdom of the Lys may not be totally innocent…
The possible implication of Neo-Byzantium is also the object of wild speculations.
- - - - - - -
(*) A linguist from Princess Trixie's Saxe-Burlap und Schleswig-Beerstein underlined recently that «Presipacy» would have been a far better translation of French ‘Presipaute’ than the now sanctioned by usage ‘Presipality’. The author of the inadequate rendition will have to pay a drink or three to the whole Bureau du Commerce Exterieur.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Appointment of Ambassador

His Grace the Elector of Hannunter and King of Britannia returns the fraternal greetings of the Herzog von Tradgardland, and agrees to an exchange of Ambassadors. His Grace feels that since hostilities are on the verge of cessation, that the sooner the said Ambassadors are in office, then the the greatest benefit will devolve upon the said Realms. Accordingly we appoint Oberst Freiherr Matthias Welf von Lunestadt OWH, as Our Ambassador to the Court of Tradrardland. We await the Herzog's agreement to this appointment .

I have the honour to remain, Sir, Your Obedient Servant,

Given under our hand and seal at Hannunter, this 16th day of January in the Year of Our Lord 1748,

Konrad Wulfwissel von und zu Harzland,
Chancellor and Bursar.
Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein has ordered the establishment of a new university in the town of Pabst. In order to provide the best education possible, Wilhelm is seeking professors, artists, and educators from all realms. Sovereigns willing to participate in this cultural exchange will be recognized by investiture into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard, diplomatic recognition, and an exchange of ambassadors. All professors will be invested into the order of the Goblet. Noble students from every realm will be accepted, those from belligerent counties will be under the personal protection of the Duke. Our motto shall be "Peace through Education."

Wilhelm von Beerstein

An important proclamation

A major proclamation has been made across the Duchy of Tradgardland this Saturday concerning future military developments in Tradgardland . Interested Readers can view in at the Duchy of Tradgardland Blog...

Exchange of Ambassadors

'To Reichsherzog Wilhelm von Beerstein, His Grace the Elector of Hannunter and King of Britannia returns the Reichsherzog's fraternal greetings, and agrees to an exchange of Ambassadors.

His Grace feels that since hostilities are on the verge of cessation, that the sooner the said Ambassadors are in office, then the situation will receive the greatest benefit.

Accordingly we appoint Graf Wilhelm Munchhalle von Zelle as Our Ambassador to the Court of Beerstein. We await the Reichsherzog's agreement to this appointment .

I have the honour to remain, Your Grace, your obedient servant.

Given under our hand and seal at Hannunter, this 16th day of January in the Year of Our Lord 1748,
Konrad Wulfwissel von und zu Harzland
Chancellor and Bursar

Friday, April 4, 2008


This is to illustrate the point I'm trying to make over the problems in creating a map for us based on "real" maps. Some of the comments imply that folks are bothered because our territories inevitably overlap ... and some folks even claim the same towns for their "capitals."
While the last is a little extreme, frankly (a true Frankszonian is always frank!), it'd be believable!
These maps are of just Southern Hesse and supposedly after the simplification of things post Napoleon .... see how many overlaps and variegated independent places you can count?


There's a discussion on the EvE blog about how to generate a map of our imagi-nations.
I've argued that we use a "real" map and just plug in the country names without worrying about borders.
The picture above is just southern Hesse, and AFTER the post Napoleonic reduction of autonomous states. (Historical Frankfurt, btw, is the tiny red blob about middle / right.
A century earlier, the wild juxtaposition of land claims and heritages would make any deeper precision on a "real" map impossible anyway.
So, some dozen different princes claim the same spot ... your point is?
And it would make a handy excuse for a wargame, and could just as handily ignored!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Electorate of Hannunter

2 April 1748

The Court of the Elector of Hannunter is pleased to announce that the former stringent laws governing access to the realm are hereby relaxed. Access is now free to all, and may be gained through:

Visitors, will we trust, be patient with us, as years of secrecy are not easily overcome in the search for a more open era.

Konrad Wulfwissel von und zu Harzland
Chancellor and Bursar to the Elector

A letter from the fortress at Banja Luka , Bosnia

To the Vizier, Istanbul
Greetings of the Prophet be upon you and yours for ever!
Multifarious thanks for your recent letter and enclosed thoughts regarding the situation in Europa. I am gathering unto myself our men in the area, the Spahis arrived yesterday and 6 Orta of Janissaries arrived footsore and hungry shortly after noon today. Our Bosnian infantry are gathering in villages up and down the land. I will gather unto myself around 21000 souls within days . We await merely your word and that of the Sultan!
Ali Pasha
Vizier of Bosnia

Its just a thought... Maps

In the words of Dido -" Its just a thought ,only a thought..." whilst preferring a realistic/accurate /traditional map I am now coming round to seeing the great merits of the bubble map.
Personally speaking, I see no fun in "fighting" with other imaginations who occupy the same geographical area as my country ( the winner gets the area I suppose?) - it makes no sense to me at all! Fighting with other nations occupying adjacent or other areas does make sense to me - and much fun has been had by many on EvE so far in this kind of campaign.
Therefore I propose we go with the beautifully crafted bubble map option with room for all ! Gentlemen I await your comments with interest and enthusiasm.
for the Duke of Tradgardland

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The wife of the Master of the Aviary is ambitious - both for herself and for her husband. She is convinced that the occupants of the Aviary Tower are overlooked by others at the palace. Especially the Duke and Duchess ! They do not acknowledge the work of vital importance undertaken by her husband. The hours of scrawling in dusty tomes and watching ,ever watching!

A Society beauty with a penchant for travelling - a Grand Tour took in Istanbul amongst other places, she has devoted the past ten years to the Aviary Tower and its mission. Now she languishes forgotten by Society and loved only ( she wrongly feels) by her birds. The birds great and small, alive or mounted fill her room giving it an acrid smell all of its own.

She has a plan- she will send a message by carrier bird to her former lover the Sultan. He will advise her, he will not have forgotten her - in him her earthly salvation will lie....