Friday, November 30, 2007

Narrator: I beg you to read this through to the end and now....

Contemplate, if you will, the imponderables of fate and random chance with the duet of time and circumstance. Do these mix randomly or with the logic of a knowing hand? Tis not for us to know with pure empirical scientific certainty in this life. Yet there is sufficient reason enough to have faith for those who think deeply and weigh evidence about such matters that there are really no coincidences or inexplicable human collisions.

Are the story lines of life complex? Surely yes. Do they often seem part of a plan? What about free will? Well, all depends on our contemplations, doesn't it? The temporary answer may be no. I say the final answer is mostly yes but about this do not be troubled. Simply carry on as you must like a branch thrown into a torrent. It, like all of us, must race ever onward in the river of life without always knowing every hazard and turn or what these may mean until the end of our journey. Let not your hearts be troubled.

Upon the stage before you, the confusing mixtures of virtual lives are no different. Recent discombobulations and confusions tell us this. However, dear reader, please sit back and let me unravel the meaning and destiny of some of it. I speak naturally of the seemingly imponderable collision of events and people of Tradgardland, Gallia and a new entity hurled into our electronic arena. Now....enter into your imaginations as the curtain rises on Scene #1 offshore of Scotland aboard the Royal Gallian ship Alerte.


Premier Officer Henri: "Monsieur, the little vessel has heaved to. All seems well and she is outgunned. She has no longboat and...."

l'Capitaine: "Pass my compliments to Enseigne Nicolai and ask him to take the cutter over to ask the commander to come here to speak. Maintain vigilance mon trés cher ami. Keep the guns run out."

Narrator: A half hour later the commander of the other vessel boarded Alerte and stood before l'Capitaine. They exchanged pleasantries and descended the companion ladder. Seated in the little cabin we learn our guest is a....

Scotsman: "I thank ye Sur, for the honour to speak to ye. We have an interest in the affairs of Gallia and certain ideas that may be valuable for us mutually. I apologize fer stopping ye, but may I ask ye, what is your business off our shores?"

l'Capitaine: "Propitious perhaps ... but we shall see. I am looking for a fellow countryman known to have been recently taken away to your shores Sir. I am bound to find him."

Scotsman: "His name?"

l'Capitaine: "Chevalier du Nord."

Scotsman: "Propitious indeed yer honour. Fate has been kind to ye and if I may hazard it, perhaps for the cause."

l'Capitaine: "The cause?"

Scotsman: "Let me explain it this way yer honour by means known beyond us mortal men. Here Sur, a letter from your Chevalier du Nord!"

Narrator: [l'Capitaine raises an eyebrow, takes the message and reads]

"My dear Capitaine,
This morning as I arose within Castle Dunkettle my destiny seemed fraught with uncertainties complicated by surprising ways and means of gaining my attention. I write of my sudden and unexpected transportation to this place from Shetland. I settled into acceptance of my fate awaiting the revelation of my purpose here when I noticed your unexpected sail on the horizon. Knowing it to be Alerte, my dispatch vessel, gave me new hope as you drew ever closer though you did not know I was here. I became certain destiny had brought you offshore to somehow find me. Surely there would be no other reason."

"I have been brought here to explain the position of our King relative to 'the cause.' Depending upon your discretion and orders, I should be honored to learn if l'Comte de Albany has followed through with his hopeful plan to come here. If you would be so kind as to raise and lower your ensign three times, I will know he is coming and that I can reveal something of it to my hosts."

Should I not see the signal, I shall know the plan has met with a change of some kind and will explain things as best I can. In any event, I should be obliged to board Alerte when you think practicable as I remain."

Votre Serviteur,

l'Chevalier du Nord



Narrator: We are now outside Castle Dunkettle. The Chevalier du Nord as you may recall was asked to address the multitude encamped there. He commences....

du Nord: "SCOTSMEN! I have been brought here by the guiding hand of destiny to speak to you of news. Good news gentlemen. News ... you have longed for. The dreams you speak of quietly beside your hearths and campfires will no longer dwell only in the realm of thought, hope and desire.

Just this morning my dispatch vessel, Alerte, not by fate, but by unseen guidance delivered the news you have longed for into my hand. She signalled me 'the cause' moves forward. I have in my pocket a note written by the captain of Alerte confirming this as well. It was brought by the commander of the vessel that carried me to you and who spoke to Alerte out to sea. You watched the drama offshore as Alerte and your vessel drew near, stopped and then parted.

Alerte sailed without a moment to lose to bring none other than l'Comte de Albany to you. He is near. Let us wait upon our joint destiny my new companions and then listen to his words, the words you seek. Until he arrives I am at your service.

Gentlemen, three cheers for l'Comte de Albany!"

Narrator: Indeed three cheers were loudly proclaimed. The next morning a powerful Gallian squadron appeared offshore. Alerte worked her way inshore, lowered her cutter and brought a man known as l'Comte de Albany back to his countrymen. The cutter flew his flag from astern. The flag of the previously incognito ... Charles Edward Stuart.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Note from the Hurtshog Fahrtz to l'Intendant Bastille

We apologize for recent impressment of several of your Gallian laborers into the forces of Frankszonia. After interviewing your straw bosses, however, it seems that the number so encumbered is only about a hundred or so, barely 20% of your work force. Since we have a sufficient number of skilled personnel in our debtor's prison, we would gladly permit them to be dragooned into your service for your projects in this area.

Please understand that this was not an intentional intervention, the press gangs were looking for mechanics and laborers, and in the low class inns at night, such distinctions are quite easy to ignore. Our own native labor pool has suffered much higher stress from the current crisis also. So the employment of these artisans by your foremen would ease a number of local political stresses.

Surely you are pleased with the quiet redeployment of Frankszonian main forces to the south. While we've retained some key units for our personal and urban security, we feeel that the Gallian muster in the area is sufficient to sustain order on the right bank of the Main.
\Our scouts have gathered information that implies that the Vile Stagonian force which recently struck us at Offenbach has redeployed to the south east, apparently planning to join in the Stagonian violation of peaceful Tipple=Bruder. In spite of the treacherous acquiesence of the Offenbach leaders in the Vile Stagonian duplicity, we feel that to support the Soweiter League and its associates is the best policy for an Imperial Frei Stadt. Therefore, our forces will again advance on Offenbach to see if this might draw back the Stagonian Brigade from their depredations in the Odin Wald.

Meanwhile, the battalions which so bravely held the Hesse-Sewald assault are being rebuilt at our outpost across the Main from Offenbach. While there, they are constructing earthworks sufficient for a battery of heavy artillery sufficient to reach across the river to the Offenbach docks.

While our officers are dismayed over the recent turn of international diplomacy, as an Imperial Frei Stadt not holding a distinct and explicit treaty of alliance with Gallia, we are compelled for the time being to withhold further direct assistance of your brave heroes. By the Imperial agreement, Frankszonia is no longer an enemy of Hesse Seewald. It is our sincere hope, however, that the Gallian Foreign Minister will soon rectify this rather embarrassing encumbrance with a sufficient instrument of friendship which acknowledges us as an autonomous entity.

Meanwhile, an anti-Stagonian alliance has arisen all over the continent. Indeed, we expect to hear of a major clash in the region of Tipple-Bruder as soon as the weather clears enough to permit movement.

Meanwhile, let us toast the honor and vigour of our cousin, your Gallian Monarch!

Herr Stanken, Hurtshog Fahrtz von Frankfurter
by the hand of le Comte de Beauphaup ...

The hills are alive ( not to mention the mountinous seas)

Part 1
Du Nord , after a tolerably good night's sleep, finishes his breakfast of porridge with cream. Not what he is used to but reasonable fare. He is asked to leave the table and the fascinating "Proceedings of the Inverness Society Vol 6 " he was reading.
After a stiff climb to the battlements he exits a door out to the frosty,white covered roof. There before him he sees myriad campfires and men huddled in plaids upon the ground. His trained military eye estimates around five or six hundred souls.
Well Sir, what say you to this - they have answered the Fiery Cross, they have come at your beckoning Du Nord. When the sun is fully up you must go out and speak to them ,they await your word..
Du Nord begins to think about what to do or say - there is much to prepare ....
Part 2 The recent naval activity off Scotland and Shetland remains confused and intriguing - it is hoped our gallant Gallian correspondent will enlighten us further

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Union Real de Scandalusia

"Majesty, I beg leave to point out that sooner or later circumstances will force your hand," said Don Diego Halfdane de la Chevrolet-Vega.

"Oh, what the devil are you on about now, Chevrolet-Vega?" said High King Joern Carlos XI in a peevish tone, glancing up from the paper-strewn desk.

"Majesty," replied the Foreign Minister with the patience born of long service and a finely honed sense of self-preservation, "there are at this moment a dozen armies campaigning hither and yon across the lands. Sooner or later la Union Real must take official notice."

The High King glowered a moment, then sighed. "What would you have me do, Don Diego, my old companero? Apart from the handful of regiments with His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, the army has already gone into winter quarters and is spread from one end of la Union Real to the other. I know my son would like nothing better than to bring us into the war, but I intend to restrain him while I can. Major Havelocke is with the Crown Prince's corps in the Plain of the Plain Thanes. The major is aware of my wishes in this regard, and has been able to speak reason to my son where others have failed--so far, at any rate.

"No, mi amigo, I appreciate your concern, but so long as neither hither nor yon are within the borders of Scandalusia, I propose to let well enough alone a while longer. Our own house is not yet in order, after all."

"Do you trust Havelocke, sire?"

"Like most Henrovians, Desmond Havelocke is as honest as a summer day is long. I trust him not to lie outright, Don Diego Halfdane. But I do not know all his purposes...." He paused, then smiled wryly. "In any case, what choice have we?"

Don Diego Halfdane bowed, silent. What choice, indeed?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ubergang Battle Ends in Draw

Currently reports are beginning to trickle in as to the recent fighting between Burtzenia and the Duchy of the North.

Reports indicate that they met near the village of Ubergang in a bloody but indecisive battle.

While accounts of the fight are skimpy at present, two may be found here and here.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

The Entente Concordiana

A response to the vile slanderings of that barbarous fop Hapnich, so-called Markgraf of Carpania;

We, the peaceful citizens of the Principality of Concordia, thoroughly abhor violence and conquest, as the name of our state implies. But knowing the villanious Baron von Stuppe is the mastermind behind this new League of Potzdorf, we have formed a defensive alliance of our own, the Entente Concordiana, entered into with our cousins, Prince Iago of Campostella, Graf Siegfried of Saxon-Wachsenstein, and Graf Yakov of Courland, to counter the barbarious knaves of Carpania. We will exchange ambassadors with any peace-loving ruler. Content with peace, the citizens of Concordia and our allies must ensure our prosperity by increasing our military forces. Neighboring states would be well advised to steer clear of any entanglements with this so-called League of Potzdorf.

Signed by Prince Piotr Ustinov of Concordia, Prince Iago of Campostella, Graf Siegfried of Saxon-Wachsenstein, and Graf Yakov Alexandrovitch Pavlov of Courland

[Note bene: For more information about the Entente, initially see my Col Campbell's Barracks blog - ColCampbell's Barracks .]

The League of Potzdorf

A circular letter to the crowned heads of Imagi-Europa;

Greetings and salutations from Markgraf Hapnich of the Margraviate of Carpania. In keeping with our beneficent rule of this fair land, we have entered into a self-defense pact with our neighbors, the Duchy of Friesland and the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, to protect ourselves from the rapacious banditti of the mis-named Principality of Concordia. For our fair-minded neighboring states, the League of Potzdorf (named after our beautiful capital city) is entirely defensive in nature, seeking only to preserve the territorial integrity of of our respective states. All like minded rules are requested to dispatch ambassadors to Carpania, Friesland, and Grand Fenwick and we will do likewise.

Signed by and for the members of the League of Potzdorf
/s/ Friedrich Hapnich, Markgraf of Carpania

[Note bene: For more details of the League, initially see my Col Campbell's Barracks blog - ColCampbell's Barracks .]

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Later at the Vatican

So let me be clear - there are no maps of Schwartz Wald See ANYWHERE in the Vatican Library and Brother James is unable to furnish us with any information at all?
Yes your Eminence ,that is a fair summary of the cartograhical situation as we find ourselves in !
So what am I to do - am I to be Prince of Nowhere,No Maps,No revenue and No nothing?
Yes,yes - I mean no ,no rather! There is one solution we had not thought of - Brother Benedict...
Brother Benedict ?
A member of St Wolfgang's Abbey in Schwartz Wald See and working here in the Vatican Library.
An excellent idea . Go find this Brother Benedict and bring him to me . Perhaps he can shed light upon my new Domain.......

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Seven Years' War Assn. Convention Website

Check it out, save as a Favorite and return from time to time to see the list of games, etc. early in 2008. I hope to see you there.
Sincere Regards,

Has Koenig Maurice Gone Mad?

Reports of strange activities by the Stagonian monarch are circulating. According to palace insiders, Koenig Maurice's recent actions make wearing a lobster costume look normal.

The servants whisper that the rumors are true. His Majesty is indeed playing with some strange toys.

He had glass blowers make a bunch of glass "soldier" figures, then had them painted in Tipplebruder colors.

He lined them up at one end of the great table and he crouches at the other end and, using a spoon as a catapult, he launches lead shot toward the figures . . . and chortles every time one of the glass figures is shattered.

Surely the man has lost his wits . . . surely.

On Shetland

Shortly after dawn du Nord is carried bound hand and foot to a small boat. The highlanders lift him gently in and set sail. Du Nord keeps his composure ( as one would indeed expect ) but he wonders where he is going and what will happen to him next. So far his treatment has been civil and his needs provided for . After a foul crossing through heavy seas the boat makes landfall on what du Nord assumes is the mainland of Scotland. They haul the boat upon the beach and then out of the mist see a welcoming party clad in tartan and armed to the teeth. Their leader beckons for the others to untie du Nord. Du nords shakes his numb limbs and listens to the following in heavily accented French -

Greeting and welcome we have been expecting you . Come with me to Castle DunKettle and we will talk....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vergoldeten - Arnold vs Asgar

The first part of the Vergoldeten battle report has been posted on the Landgraviate of Ober-Schweinsberg blog.

In the Vatican -late at night

Max ( son of Karl Frederick ,Duke of Tradgardland, and Prince Bishop of Roskilde is looking rather pleased with himself. Due to his faithful service as Ambassador to the Holy See he has gained advancement. He is now the Prince Archbishop of Swartz- Waldsee and Primate of North by North East Europa. He has many subjects, more income and grave responsibilities , not to mention some fine fellows in uniform.

First things first however - the design of his coat of arms . He muses upon the appropriateness of a Golden herring or perhaps the two towers of Roskilde Cathedral. Still all that can wait until tomorrow . Perhaps a visit is in order soon,muses Max , as he slips into a contented sleep.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bound for Norroway

Von Bergmann and his companions ( Lts Olsen, Gruber, Schmidt and Walsh ) share a well earned breakfast of piping hot coffee. The morning is clear but cold - Norroway is not too far hence. The men think of the mission ahead - diplomatic and military. Von Bergmann watches the passing shoals with the eye of one familiar and fascinated with all manifestations of Creation. Olsen and Gruber think of their families back home. Schmidt and Walsh play cards and laugh at the sheer joy of sailing under Heaven....

Shetland - indoors out of the rain and wind

L'Chevalier du Nord enters and sees an old man sitting by the fire. He beckons du Nord to sit with him by the fire. The two gentlemen talk and it transpires that their paths once crossed at the Jacobite court in exile in Paris.Du Nord has no memory of this but so many Scots came and went it became hard to keep up with them all. Du Nord accepts the whiskey offered to him and they toast each other's health.
Du Nord :And now Monsiuer what can I do for you?
The Old Jacobite :I am here to represent my friends in Scotland-loyal Jacobites all , who wonder what you are doing for the Cause?Have you plans to invade the mainland ,are you sending troops to aid the Northerners who have landed?Why are you with them -are you the first of regiments to come?The Clans are waiting but they need support-say the word and I can have hundreds at your command . Come now Sir what say you.......

Friday, November 16, 2007

More from the Allied Camp

. . . (as previously reported) . . . .Meanwhile, in the Saxe-Bearstein encampment, a hussar in the pink and purple of the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude trots his horse up to the sentry, identifying himself as a dispatch rider and requesting audience with the Saxe-Bearstein commander.

When informed by the sentry that the dispatch rider was requesting an audience, Brigadier Ernst von Bruin replied, "I wonder what he wants? Well, no matter, show him in."

. . . meanwhile (again as previously reported) . . . . Further out, moving through the woods, a pair of men in orange-faced green discuss in low voices as they keep watch for deserters. "Ja, my Ilsa, she makes the best stollen you ever tasted. Moist as a clear mountain stream. And so beautiful...I still can't believe her father chose me over all the other suitors. Every young man in the village was in love with her, I think."

While most of this conversation went unheard, the words "stollen" and "mountain stream" managed to carry. Soon a rumor was flying about the encampment that a contingent of troops from the Grand Duchy of Stollen were even now making their way along a stream in the mountains in an attempt to flank the Stagonians.

What other events were taking place in this camp outside Tippelbruder as the Allies worried about what the future battle might bring? . . . . Let us read what comments follow to find out.

On Shetland..

L'Chevalier du Nord is in a pensive mood. Earlier today he has watched as Von Bergmann and a small number of Tradgarland officers set sail for Norroway. Now he is left with the Tradgardland troops upon Shetland. He faces a long winter of uncertainty here in the North. He cannot wait for the next Gallian vessel to come - a chance to send and receive dispatches, perhaps some half decent wine and a reasonable cheese.

Du Nord decides to take a stroll from the camp towards the village that lies a few leagues hence. The Shetlanders have so far prove friendly and he does not fear for his safety. After some time has passed du Nord finds himself outside a rough dwelling . He hesitates ,watches and is surprised to hear a voice speaking in perfect French behind him. He turns and sees a figure looking little different from the other Shetlanders. The figure speaks;

I had hoped our paths would have crossed sooner Sir. Never mind , pray enter and join me directly....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gallian News: 15 November 1757/2007

Narrator: We have been too long without reporting back to you about the war in Germania. Therefore, if you have a moment we begin at the Ministry of the Marine in Versailles, Gallia where the verdict in the Court Martial of the senior officers of Rhapsodie 36 is being read.


Narrator: The courtroom is silent. Everyone notices three swords placed upon the table of justice with points fatefully aimed at those on trail. The chief judge begins…

“In the matter of the loss of His Most Christian Majesty’s frigate Rhapsodie of 36 guns in the main harbor of Tradgardland, the Court finds l’Capitaine Briege, premier officer Drucour and officer en second Martine guilty of dereliction of duty. In that an enemy agent or agents worked their way aboard the vessel in your care, set fire to it, easily escaped and that the crew was insufficiently trained and/or roused to save her we have no recourse but to strip you of your rank and dismiss you from the Gallian naval service. Messieurs, I regret you will never command aboard a King’s ship again.”

Narrator: Dear reader, you will and must understand no other verdict was possible. The ship was riding peacefully at anchor in a friendly harbor and is now rotting at the bottom. The Chief judge continues.

“However, in view of the fact that the war in Germania has taken many unforeseen turns and that losses of many kinds are unpredictably inevitable, the Court as directed by the mercy of the King, does not demand you be housed in the Bastille for more than twelve months commencing now.”


Intendant Bastille is speaking to himself, again. “What am I to make of these Frankzonians? Confusion, quietude’s, friendly gestures, misdirection’s, little battles here and there with minor princelings, rebels routed from forests and bastilled in my new jail. A pun joke for me! Oh what fun. Well, we are still here, two years now and I have excellent news from de Poyanne. Still, I think I’ll call in some extra battalions into the city tonight and lock the gates to keep miscreants guessing. And I must confess again my confidence to the Sovereign here. He really is a good fellow and must be at his wits end as am I with his subjects.”


Narrator: Charged with assisting l’Intendant Bastille maintain the Gallian magazine at Frankfurt Am Main, l’Duc commands an army of 25,000 men camped on the plain north of the city. We enter his tent observing him write a dispatch to Bastille.

Monsieur et Excellency Bastille,
I have the honor to follow up on my brief dispatch of a week ago. I have obtained more information for the glory of the King’s interests.

Following the retreat of the Hesse Seewaldt Army from Preisserstadt, the battle fought there on the 13th of last month, I became aware of a prodigious store of food, munitions and other supplies in the village of Dithersdorf some distance to the north of you. As you know I detached 10,000 of my 25,000 men to seize these goods for our use. On the 3rd instant a battle was fought at Dithersdorf resulting in the regrettable loss of 2,000 Gallian soldiers but more happily with the capture of said supplies. I have the honor to tell you these are now arriving for storage in Frankfurt. No doubt the winter will be more pleasant. Of particular note, I am sending on ahead to you a wagonload of wine I beg to hope you will enjoy with my compliments.

Finally I am glad to say the Army guarding you though reduced to 23,000 men is now mostly reencamped on the plain outside the city. Thank you too for the care exercised by the physicians in the Army hospital for the casualties of both armies as I remain, etc, etc. etc.

Votre Obeissant Serviteur,
Duc de Poyanne
Camp at Frankfurt Am Main


Narrator: The Duc de Broglie continues to observe the defensive camp of the Marquis of Granby’s Britannians at Minden. He remains thankful the relief expedition of Der Erbprinz of Hesse-Seewaldt was turned round. However, winter is on his mind. He may need to retire to the magazine at Koblenz or Wesel any day soon. For now he is content to remain watching the Marquis.


Narrator: Lt. General Chevert is some distance to the eastward of Frankfurt Am Main thinking similarly to de Broglie. Winter is close and he is considering options. Will it be one final sortie to the north to discomfort Der Erbprinz in early December? Will he retire to Frankfurt Am Main and take winter quarters there? Will he stay and winter at Gemünden? I personally think with his restored army, he may want to march north one more time before the year ends.


Narrator: Some think she is at the Channel Isle Pettygree caring for her sick Jacobite father, taken there by l’Vengeance. Others believe she was seen with her escort Lt. Col Enigma at the Battle of Preisserstadt where she is said to have observed a black and red coach and four she admired very much.


Alerte: The dispatch vessel Alerte is riding at anchor at Le Havre having just returned from delivering orders to Gallian diplomat l’Chevalier du Nord in support of the Tradgardland invasion of the Shetlands.

Frigate l’Vengeance 40: Whereabouts unknown.


Narrator: Dear reader do not confuse this jail with another of the same name built by l’Comte et Intendant Bastille at Frankfurt Am Main to house Frankzonian troublemakers.

We enter into the apartment of former l’Capitaine Briege, recently court martialled and ingloriously discharged from the Gallian navy for the loss of the ship under his command, Rhapsodie 36. The Gallian diplomat l’Comte de Rapprochement enters, exchanges pleasantries and offers a note from someone in authority. It reads…

Monsieur Briege,
You are hereby given the opportunity by this letter to redeem your honour and lay claim to a captaincy within the metropolitan army should you think it right to depart with the bearer of this letter within the hour of reading it. By the authority vested in me, service is available to you of a discreet nature within the Lanciers de Saxe for operations of a special nature to commence in the year 2008. The mission is the capture of an apparent enemy agent believed to be responsible for the destruction of Rhapsodie, 36. Your answer may be conveniently given to the gentleman before you. Your answer Monsieur is?

Votre Serviteur,
A Friend of the King

No plan survives encounter with the enemy ...

As the Stagonian staff begin to mount up, a messenger dashes up from the artillery park.
"My Lords!" he gasps, "there's some sort of disease among the artillery horses! Some are down, and others do not have the strength to pull their pieces!"
Alarmed, they rush towards the guns until a medical officer halts them. "Don't bring those animals any closer," he commands, "until we know what's wrong!"

(Out of character: Edie developed pneumonia symptoms last night. I could play the game without her --- which would be a great gain for Stagonia ... but she might not be able to take pictures, so there may be an unavoidable delay ... I'll use the time to paint up 48 more Austrian fusiliers for Stagonia -- white coats after all -- update tonight, the game is half packed to go right now,
apologies for another delay, Arthur).

Table Talk

Ensconced in a tent ,out of the howling wind, Von Bergmann sits with the French Liason Officer and a representative from the joint Kingdom of Danmark Norroway. The representative ,after pleasantries and wine, remarks how well the arrangement with Gallia is going - a financial subsidy in exchange for a Dansk/Norroway army alert upon the Dansk border.The Gallian smiles quietly and listens . Von Bergmann talks of his esteem for both nations represented here and toasts their future cooperation. He asks if he may have passage to Norroway to continue discussions face to face with authorities there. With much toasting and pickled Herring it is agreed . The two men turn to the Gallian and wait for him to speak.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tipplebruder Allied Headquarters

The Manor House chosen by Count Hans Trunkenbold von Misthaufen, was empty of command officers now, save for the mud-splattered Hit Man Kasper Ksawerić, his red lapels now a damp brown and green tunic covered by his riding cloak had fared better.

After the decision to move out was made, he lingered, knowing full well that his horses were very nearly blown in the rush to arrive. Now that battle was not imminent, and that the Stagonians were most certainly going to have a series of skirmishes along the mountain roads, the Hit Man had decided to tell the Count that his horse needed rest, more than the forces moving in the woods needed battle cavalry.

First he lounged in a sofa while the other military leaders conferred about the movements of the enemy. It mattered little that he was not further in the conversations since they took forever to get about to the point as they were constantly having to re-translate things again and again. Kasper Ksawerić was from a military family in The Duchy of Mieczyslaw, where he was exposed to the Germanic languages of Burtzenia and Altmorania, with his uncles he had travelled to Bavarian holdings where he was exposed to French and Italian. Combined with is own family's slavic holdings he was reasonably comfortable in most languages of the center of the continent. The stumblings of the other commanders trying to make on in each others' tounges was of some amusement to Kasper while he rested, gathering his courage to present his situation to the Count in a glass of reasonably good wine.

Now the room was cleared, Kasper stood at the map and made notes of the distances and took some measure of the limited immediate defences as well as the restricted routes that the Stagonians would have to use to approach Tipplebruder proper.

The Count was finishing with another written dispatch and seemed to be ending his conversations with his secretaries near the great huge desk that was very ornately carved, now pressed into service for the Count's command table.

Kasper Ksawerić addressed the Count in German, having seen him appear most comfortable in that language earlier;

"My respects Count Trunkenbold von Misthaufen."
Hit Man Ksawerić made a customary curt bow, then took that moment to set down his wine glass. He tapped the map,

"I have noted that the Stagonians will have only a limited number of approaches, and as my Dragon are still not recovered from the rush to arrive, may I respectfully suggest that for this day we would be best employed to cover all the remaining approaches which the Stagonians may use to learn of your dispositions or make an appearance otherwise unannounced?"

Hit Man Ksawerić raised his eyebrows and awaited the Count's response...

The dragon reaches for a tipple

In the cold, dripping fog of pre dawn, Major General Karl von Drednoz considers his army’s route. The objective is only a day’s march away in normal conditions. The locals, however, tell him that a large, allied force has been assembling and drilling near Tipple-Bruder to oppose his troops. Furthermore, the open lands which would normally favor his reputed superiority in mounted troops are boggy slush.

The general muses over these reports, other recent intelligence, and the content of his private interview with King Maurice. Furthermore, rumors that his rival has defeated the Frankszonians put pressure on him to also have a great success to report. Thankfully, he thinks of the pretty ... ah, make that skilled ... poet in his entourage who may be able to make anything sound like a great victory. The lad is gifted with words. In spite of the rumors that he’d like to bugger (as in lead to destruction) half the recruits in his force, v. Drednoz is quite aware of the expense in equipping and drilling soldiers ... which expense the Stagonian king, with typical vileness, would probably redeem from v. Drednoz’s resources.

It is time to act. The general nods to an aide and the various Brigadiers are assembled into the staff tent.

“Gentlemen,” the general begins, “today we will probably fight against a fairly uncoordinated force. Unfortunately, however, they will probably still have the advantage. Indeed, I expect that we will be ambushed.”
A dismayed muttering and gasps run through the assembled officers, but the general continues. “We cannot advance in the open terrain. Neither our guns nor our horses could advance the few miles to Tipple-Bruder in the low land muck. Thus we are forced to use the thankfully good road that runs on the foot hills of these mountains. Not only is the area densely wooded, but we will have steep drop offs to our left and equally steep ramparts on our right. The road must cross several deep creek beds as the mountain streams drop to the river .... But the shelf on which the road itself lies is fairly broad.
“So my plan is that we will move in bounds from clearing to clearing with the Icelauf Jagers leading, supported by the Moliere Dragoons. The Brigade Von Kroll will be our first line. Heinrich, when contact is made, be sure to lead your forces to incline uphill. Let the Grenadiers skirmish against any ambuscade on those wooded cliffs. The Brigade Openkopf should stay behind the Brigade Von Kroll until ordered to engage.
“I suspect that this will lead to the battle swinging uphill a little. If this happens, Openkopf will advance behind v. Kroll, but incline to the left and push back any forces hiding below the crest of the shelf.
“Brigadier Yves d'Amours will command at the point. Your task is to keep the column advancing towards Tipple-Bruder. I will keep the cuirassiers, however, under my personal command.”
D’Amours asks, “Which flank do you want the Blut Jaegers and the Pfeiffer Dragoons to take?”
“I’m sending detachments of them with special tasks,” v. Drednoz responds. “So the rest will be brigaded with the Icelauf Jaegers and the Moliere Dragoons under your command.”
General v. Drednoz pauses a moment. “Gentlemen, we’ve had a long, soggy slog to get here. There was no rain yesterday, but even though the road will be good; there will be a tendency to straggle. I’d rather we move slowly and keep together. If we don’t get to Tipple Bruder today, but are still a compact and coordinated force, we should have a significant advantage when we do encounter the foe.”
He picks up his glass, and the assemble officers struggle their feet. “Gentlemen! The King!”
They drink and smash (or rather throw into the muck at their feet) their glasses. One junior staff officer shouts, “Stagger them, Stagonia!” At which some of the older officers can be seen wincing as the force jumbles out into the mist.

Shetland - after vespers and prior to Midday

As the man of war comes closer it's Colours come into focus. The spyglass tells of a red background with a white cross upon it. The vessel anchors and a ship's boat make for the Shetland shore. The five passengers wade through the waves and are met by a welcoming committee including the Admiral and Von Bergman.

The small party walk into the camp and are taken to a tent. Soon the sound of eating drinking and conviviality can be heard....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prelude to Tipple Bruder

On a day with no rain for a change, messengers come pounding into Count Trunkenbold headquarters.

Great news!
The Wstrasowo Dragoons have arrived! After a grueling forced march, their forces intact thanks to the heroic efforts of the farriers, the tired, mud-spattered column pours into the cantonments at Tipple-Bruder. Their colonel believes that their infantry contingent could be only two days march behind him.

Then, the Count learns important intelligence. The Dragoons were able to arrive so quickly because they had not encountered any Stagonian troops! On the other hand, when the passed through Oberschnorrhof, they learned that a major column of at least three brigades of Stagonian troops had turned south towards Hundsrueck about two days before. This must mean that the Stagonian general has decided to swing south of the great massif east of Tipple-Bruder in order to avoid the easily defended defiles between Dammbach and Hobbach.

Count Trunkenbold quickly orders a detachment of hussars to probe the routes from the south and sends his jaeger units into the hills to look for any evidence of a surprise march over the mountains.
Shortly after dark, the hussars return. The Stagonians are encamped at Eschau, only a few miles away beyond Unteraulenbach! tomorrow, they could be in Tipple-Bruder by noon!

Recalling the jaegers, Trunkenbold delivers the necessary command. Assemble and march! A position must be found on the southern road before dawn!

Soon a great clamor arises as red faced feldwebels luridly muster their raw troops for a night march. At least, they reflect, it won’t be across country but down a well defined road with cavalry guides! The infantry battalions are ordered to follow the Austrian custom of carrying along their chevaux au frise ... there may be no time to improvise any stronger barriers.

With mules braying, caissons creaking, and feldwebels cursing, the motley horde assembles into their units which are led across the bridge and sent lumbering south into the foggy darkness.

Shetland - after vespers....

The Tradgardland troops have made camp and are settling in for a long period of occupation this winter.The Tradgardland Fleet has returned to the Duchy the day before. A French Liaison officer ,whilst talking to his Tradgardland ally, spots a Man of War half a mile off shore. The alarm is sounded ,the guard stand to. As yet the Colours flying from the mast cannot be made out. Who is off the Shetland coast?

Battle of Vergoldeten Uniforms

I'll be posting a series of uniform templates on the Landgraviate of Ober-Schweinsberg blog with the uniforms of the forces engaged at Vergoldeten.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tides on the Main ....

Frankszonian forces continue to assemble in the Saxenhausen area south of Frankfurt. At Offenbach, however, the citizens notice that across and slightly down river from their town, large gun emplacements are under construction.
These do not appear, at the moment, to be Frankszonian units, but rather small units of local Stadtholders ....

In Frankszonia itself, rumors abound that the recent catastrophe at Offenbach was the result of secret collusion between Stagonia and Gallia. Folks around the Hurtshog's court, however, insist that such a conspiracy is "too Cheezy". Somehow this does not reassure the mechanics, who resent the presence of Gallian laborers in their area.

Nonetheless, a force of some four to six thousand men is definitely gathering south of the Main along with its normal gaggle of camp followers.

Tipple Bruder .... last call

If I can get the 72 Austrian figures roughly finished tomorrow, the Stagonian army will have more white coats! Otherwise, there will be some formations with obviously mud stained clothes (sigh).

Whatever, last call for any notifications or Order of Battle or secret instructions is now in progress. If I haven't seen it by 9 P.M. Central Standard (USA) time on Wednesday, I will not be able to factor it into the game. I will post an improvised orbat in the comments here Thursday, if I get time! At the moment, it does seem that I will be able to use the 24 men = 1 figure scale, but this will require a bit of fudging ... especially for the Stagonian professionals, sorry about that ...

Bad news for Stagonia, I'm afraid that my wife will be rolling for Tipple Bruder as the planned opponent general will be involved in family affairs (his grandfather severely and probably fatally ill ... prayers appreciated for Ed ?Finly? and family).

By the way, I hope that the Intendant Bastille doesn't get too excited when all the Frankszonian units begin to file through town and assemble across the river ....


Vergoldeten Convergence

As feared, the 11th of November saw the clash of arms upon the fields surrounding the once peaceful town of Vergoldeten. And indeed, the battle was more than the residents expected. Those who had not yet chosen to depart in the face of the approaching storm found themselves with no safe direction to make their escape, as four armies converged upon the town from separate directions.

To the south, the quarreling Princes Asgar and Arnold proved to have fielded roughly equal forces. Fighting for Prince Arnold were the men of the Black Brigade, led by Brigadier Max Färberböck, long considered one of the finest officers produced by Ober-Schweinsberg, perhaps even one of the finest on the continent. The veteran Schwarze Eber Fusiliers anchor the brigade alongside the crisply trained but little bloodied battalions of the Emmerich Musketeers and the Potente Musketeers.

Arrayed against these units were Asgar's Third Brigade, anchored on the elite warriors of Shannon's Irish Guard, a unit formerly tasked with guarding the Landgrave's winter palace and maintaining the security of the southern borders of Ober-Schweinsberg. The veteran 7th Line and less experienced 8th Line finished out the brigade, which was commanded by the veteran Brigadier Wim Gronenborn.

Meanwhile, residents of the northernmost part of the city had an even larger spectactle before them as the forces of Hesse-Engelburg and Bad Nachtschwein clashed. The Bad Nachtschwein force was observed to be as large as those committed by both Princes put together, perhaps a preparation for the possible need to fight both formations. Under the experienced hand of Generalmajor Klaus Vilsmaier, Bad Nachtschwein had dispatched their 2nd and 4th brigades, the former composed of troops raised from the League cities, while the latter was made up entirely of mercenary Freikorps troops.

Commanded by Brigadier Jacob Vilsmaier, the 4th Brigade would not find itself handicapped by a mere political appointee, though the Brigadier in question was the younger brother of his commanding officer. Indeed, Jacob is well regarded as the better of the two, and many predict will eclipse his older brother if given the chance. The anchor of the 4th Brigade are the experienced mercenaries of Freikorps O'Toole, Irish expatriates who have served in many wars and localized conflicts. While not regarded as highly as Shannon's Irish Guard, they are still a veteran unit with not only experience but ranks swollen to unusual size by their exceptional pay rate. In sharp contrast to O'Toole is its brigade mate, Freikorps Schütte. A sadly more typical Freikorps, Schütte was formed largely from deserters and former prisoners of war and was not expected to accomplish much more than providing a garrison battalion for the town after the fight.

Meanwhile, the 2nd Brigade under Brigadier Arnold Wenders were raw formations, well trained but saddled with a distinctly lackluster commander whose position was owed largely to his connections amongst the ruling families of the League. The Gebühren Eber Grenadiers were recruited from among the finest families of the League, and equipped with lavish uniforms to match their patron's wealth. No less well equipped was their sister formation, the Fassbinder Musketeers. Unbloodied before the battle, they were expected to perform well.

Perhaps the largest surprise for all concerned, however, was the size of the force committed by Hesse-Engelburg. Generalmajor Count Manfred von Waffenschmidt led three brigades into battle to the north of the town, their course taking them on an intercept approach to meet the Bad Nachtschwein troops well outside the town.

The brigade of Brigadier Werner Heintzen led the line of march, consisting of the newly formed Sumpflöwen Musketeers backed up by the veteran troops of the Lintzer Musketeers, who already bore upon their standard the first battle honor of the Ober-Schweinsberg conflict.

Second in the line was the brigade of Brigadier Rudolf Richter, comprising the Niederwiesen Musketeers and the Grauerhimmel Fusiliers. Both units were well regarded, with a mixture of men of good heritage and no small number of men with prior experience of battle.

Intended primarily as a reserve formation for committment if needed, the brigade of Brigadier Franz Linkmeyer counted an additional two battalions. The first battalion was the well-regarded von Platzen Grenadiers, resplendent in their uniforms of black and red that gave significant contrast to the gray coats of the musketeer and fusilier units. No less colorful were their companion unit, the Schottische Windhunde Musketeers, the "Scottish Greyhounds" of Baron Keith MacArthur in their kilts and bonnets.


In port in Norroway a man of war ,flying the Danneborg , makes ready to sail. Aboard is J.G Carlsberg- assistant to the Secretary of War for Norroway. He will be bound for Shetland soon - God and weather permitting. Aboard are barrel upon barrel of salted herring and a sealed letter from A G Moltke himself. Carlsberg readies himself to brace the crossing , for in truth he possesses no sea legs at all. The tide turns soon...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Uniforms from Tippelbruder reach Monte-Cristo

When it was decided to triple the strength of the company of professional Carabiniers attached to the Palace, the necessary uniforms were ordered to David Linienblatt, the Master Military Tailor. Then the Stagonian threat was a source of anxiety about their delivery, but they were safely received to-day.
The wagons had left the town long before the Stagonian forces came too close (actually they had departed in haste following the agitation aroused there by one 7-feet tall eye-patched white-clad hussar). Thanks to a constantly updated and perfectly accurate intelligence of the various troops locations and movements, with some judicious detours they avoided any unpleasant encounter.

Upon Shetland...

With the wind in his hair Von Bergman looks out to sea. The seabirds circle him and he makes a mental note to bring paper and paint the next time he comes walking here.

As ever Von Bergman is aware of the responsibility which rests upon him. He is to make contact with A G Moltke the Danish Minister of State and press the Duke's concerns upon him. This will happen soon he hopes if a Norwegian vessel can cross the sea to the Tradgardland camp here on Yell.

Von Bergman recalls how his encyclopedic knowledge of Shetland's ancient tongue - Norn has proved vital in these past days in establishing good relations with the local people. A sudden sense of hunger comes upon him and he realises it is time to return to camp to partake of Vespers ,that Tradgardland meal betwixt breakfast and a Midday meal.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

map exercises

Just got back from the hospital again this morning ... and went to the blog to try to catch up (okay, didn't get far, and I'll have to try again tomorrow) ...
My wife and I were enjoying all the by-play that's been generated by the proxy battles, and I mentioned that now a dozen players have armies dashing this way and that over the map.
She said, "better watch out. A fly craps in the wrong place on that map, and you all will be in a lot of trouble!"


Friday, November 9, 2007

On a country road...

A brown traveling cloak served to mostly hide the form of the riding figure, though the speed of his galloping horse created a wind that tugged the cloak aside now and then to reveal a glimpse of red coat or green cuff. A brace of pistols were in easy reach of his hand, and now and then his eyes strayed to them above the collar turned up to his nose.

He slowed the horse's gallop as he neared the rickety wooden bridge, just where he'd been told it would be. A leap took him into the stream with a splash, and he set off down the watercourse before turning out of it at a rocky shelf that jutted into the water's course. Trecherous footing, even for his horse, but a careful path over the stone left a cold trail for any followers before he struck out through the woods again. Soon, the thatched structure appeared in a small clearing, and he slowed again, making a careful approach. As he neared, a young woman came out to meet him, ushering him inside.

"Patrick...I see you had no trouble finding the place. Did you meet any patrols along the road?" The young teen who greeted him as he ducked inside was older in demeanor than his years suggested. Wiser, too. Patrick had been concerned when the boy had stepped into his father's shoes upon the elder's untimely death....he was so young for such a mantle. But it seemed his father had taught him well. He greeted the young man with affection. "None, but I had a chance meeting with one of Asgard's spies in the village. He told me of the silver pig incident. Do we know who was behind it?"

The young teen smiled slightly, a calmly self-satisfied sort of look that stopped well short of smug. "The first thought would be the Stagonian agitator....he's been stirring up sentiment against the Princes amongst the smiths in town. But I have reason to believe that it may have been a Nachtschwein agent. To learn the answer, we must first learn who the pigs were destined for...."

Shetland - at dawn

With the breaking dawn the Tradgardland engineers can see fully their handiwork. The camp is still being fortified with stout banks of earth but the first gun emplacements are ready.
All has gone well- the locals are taciturn but no worse. An officer's gathering is called for ten o'clock where the orders of the day will be given and received. So far things have gone to plan.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Shetland Isles shortly after dawn....

The Fleet has arrived in Northern Waters.They anchor off Shetland and prepare.

With hastily faked uniforms the first wave of the Tradgardland Force sets foot upon Shetland. Their cunning plan succeeding they remove their false colours and proudly wear the uniform of the Duchy. Wave after wave of troops land successfully through the choppy surf.

Scouts ,moving ahead of the main body, come upon a farmstead. They enter the enclosure and suddenly come face to face with two men..........

Brief Encounter

After a furious and unexpected encounter the Tradgardland Ships Flundra and Blackfisk were sunk by the Brittanian Navy. Overwhelmed by odds of two to one they bravely fought until the Flundra magazine exploded. The crew of the Blackfisk struck their colours and successfully attempted to scuttle their ship. Survivors were taken prisoner upon the Brittanian ships and were taken to the port of Leith.

News from the Tradgardmastre

After much thought I decided not to continue with the Banat or Alteberg Blogs- I deleted them as they are no longer part of my wargaming plans. I hope however to continue with the Duchy of Tradgardland soon and hope to bring news of the Shetland Expedition and its ongoing adventures.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Drums Beating in Ober-Schweinsberg

It is often thought that the chillier temperatures fall, the less men's blood will run hot for war. But this is not always the case. Rumors are spreading along the trade routes from traveler to traveler, rumors that the chilled war in Ober-Schweinsberg is about to heat up again. And why not, observe the grumpier amongst the lot. All the rest of Europe is filled with uphevals, great wars, and petty strifes, so why not Ober-Schweinsberg?

The Armies of Prince Asgar and Prince Arnold have abruptly left their winter quarters and are reported to be marching towards the town of Vergoldeten on Ober-Schweinsberg's northern trade routes. Up till now, the town has remained somewhat of a neutral territory, but that all appears ready to change, if the two armies do not divert from their present course.

In the town, rumors fly of a bar-room brawl involving off-duty Irish mercenaries and representatives variously claimed to be from the Bad Nachtschwein League, either of the two Princes, Stagonia, or even the Koronet Korpus or Hesse-Engelburg. Maybe all of the above. As near as can be pieced together from the varrying rumors, the brawl appears to have begun when one person accused another person of having stolen a set of solid silver pig statues from the first someone's luggage. Accusations and blows appear to have flown from there, and the fight is reported to have left at least three people dead, though no one can agree on the identity of the casualties.

Some speculate that the importance of the city for trade and its nearness to the Hesse-Engelburg border may even draw Engleburg forces into the conflict, and local residents have reported various bodies of mercenaries moving along the roads towards the town, perhaps in someone's employ or perhaps simply speculating upon the likelihood that they can pick up employment on arrival. It remains to be seen how many forces will find themselves embroiled and how events will play themselves out, but a number of residents and merchants are reportedly leaving for outlying villages until the matter is settled.

Mieczyslaw rides to the defence of Tipplebruder

In a hushed wooded area a small barn has a great host taking shelter around it.

The forces of The Duchy of Mieczyslaw are resting after another day of march, through progressively wetter and wetter days, thier lines have become somewhat slower in progress, though now that well maintained roads, some metalled, have been reached the speed by day has increased. The hours of light each day grow shorter, thus keeping the speed of march each day near the same.

Some delays were had in bypassing Burtzenia, now that they were revealed as a foe, and without diverting too far north, lest the Norden armies take action again it took some time and patience on the part of the column commander Hit Man Kasper Ksawerić of the veteran Wstrasowo Dragon to negotiate (even with letters of introduction) his way westwards. The column also contained an elite force, Wojskowo Piechota, though only recently fetted the pair of commands had served together before and a good comradeship existed between the countrymen; though at times recently the footsore Piechota had begun to lag behind more than the Hit Man liked.

A bare meal had finished that night and while enjoying some music about the bivouac fires there was a sudden hush over of the outlieing piquets had brought in a strange pair of riders.

They were both heavily cloaked in plain riding clothes, a simple fact of life in the cold rainy weather, but there was something about their bearing and purposeful stride into the barn that said something more was about to happen.

The men of Wojskowo Piechota tried to ignore the obvious agitiation of the Dragons once their Wojskowo Piechota colonel was called into the meeting. Runners were sent to the Dragon formations, prepare the horse for rapid ride on the first light was to be the order of the day; nothing much in surprise save for one item, NO BAGGAGE. All troopers were to bed down immediately and farriers were to have travel kits ready to maintain the horses, there were to be no carts. These orders shifted the focus of the horsemen.

A while later the Wojskowo Piechota got thier own new orders, the column was to take on the supervision of all baggage for themselves and the Dragon, also half of all rations were to be gathered and distributed to the horsemen before dawn, there was to be a rush on ahead for the Dragon, for it appears that Stagonia had begun their advance...some place called Offenbach had been attacked by Stagonia and now the allied forces needed screening or battle cavalry urgently.

Just before dawn the strange becloaked riders at the head of the four Squadrons of the veteran Wstrasowo Dragon, commanded by Hit Man Kasper Ksawerić, broke camp and rode into the morning mists leaving their foot soldiery behind.

Uniform Mix in Tippelbruder

(note -- battle participants are urged to leave comments as well as directions to their own blogs)

The pending Battle of Tippelbruder should be a colorful one. While the good guys (Stagonia, of course) are dressed in white (like the good guys are supposed to be), those defending the timorous tailor will sport a variety of colorful coats.

Pink, blue, red and green are amongst the hues to be worn by the various forces currently assembling around the doomed town. To wit . . .

  • Hesse-Engelburg's infantry uniform coats are pink (yes, putrid pink).
  • Saxe-Bearstein's infantry coats are red
  • Fenwick's coats are also red
  • Mieczyslaw's infantry are dressed in blue
  • the Count's Freikorps are also dressed in blue
  • various jagers wear green coats
  • and the Saxe-Urquhart's coat color is unknown -- but they wear skirts

And remember, Stagonia (the good guys) wear white.

-- Stagonian Jeff

Monday, November 5, 2007

Diplomatic Shock Rocks the Empire

November 5, 1757 - Vienna The citizens of the Empire were shocked today when they heard the news that Germania and The Imperium had reached a peace settlement today. Count von Kaunitz, the foreign minister of The Imperium and Count Doppleganger, his counterpart with the Germanian foreign ministry, issued a joint proclamation of an armistice between their respective countries. By the terms of the armistice, borders will revert to their status quo ante bellum. As a result, all Germanians armed forces will withdraw from Bohemia and return to Germania while Imperium troops attached to the Gallian and Saxon armies will retire to Imperium territory.

The armistace has no bearing on the current conflict between Germania and its allies from Hesse Seewald, Hanover, Hesse Kassel and Britannia versus the Gallian-Saxon league of allies. As a result, Friedrich II's Germanian army will continue to occupy Dresden as a negotiating tool to get the Gallians to reach an agreement to end their occupation of western Germany.

The Courts of Saxe-Raschstein and Versailles were understandably shocked at this sudden turn of events, and they elected to defer making public comment until they had time to assess the impact of this diplomatic revolution. The armistice will free up the Germanian armies to concentrate on the Gallian-Saxon armies that are currently operating in western Germany, although there is strong speculation that King Friedrich II would rather go into winter quarters and refit his army rather than campaign in western Germany against the Gallians.

Insiders to the Court in Vienna believe that the Empress Marie Therese was shocked at the severe losses that her army suffered at the Battle of Preiserstadt on October 13, 1757. The losses, combined with a depleted treasury, has put a severe strain on the Imperium economy and its abilty to bring its army up to a full war footing. The same insiders also indicate, off the record, that the armistice will buy time for the Empress to rebuild her armies and adequately defend her domains from future incursions from beligerent nations. We do not rule out the possibility that hostilities between the two nations could resume in the Spring of 1758, should conditions change.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weaving the Looming Battle

For those of you who are watching the developments around Tipple Bruder, I've thought of a question which, frankly, should be of interest to the entire group.

As you can already see, there's actually quite a bit of fun research, consideration, designations, and debates surrounding any battle.
The "comments" after the current TippleBruder post show quite a bit of the sort of interaction that goes on among the many players involved ... in this case, at least four or five players are contributing troops to the battle which I hope to resolve.
Now, with the Offenbach situation, we posted an awful lot as the diplomatic exchanges were a lot of fun, but the same kind of detail background wasn't posted (too much like battle reports etc.)


I begin to see this as a nice example with which to demonstrate how such proxy battles can be done. In consequence, I'm suggestion that we continue to violate the blog rules and continue to carry on the minutia of the game set up in the comments rather than resort to all the emailing for the Offenbach battle.

Furthermore, there is actually a very fertile source for diplomatic exchange and faux pas in this scenario.
As has been noted, the Tipel-Bruder defense is composed of a number of differing units from widely separated points (btw: all the late arriving forces will arrive ... game dynamics kind of require it ... but like those "reinforcement" troops in the old Avalon Hill games). Now it's obvious that the alliance will have to hold "councils of war" and designate a C - in - C. Whom will they select? How will the other generals respond? Thus I can set up some as "unreliable" and others as quite co-operative ... and there exist several real nice mechanisms to handle this.

Ah yes, the most important point ... who is on the right flank???

Now let the skull duggery begin (while I go count figures, if it weren't for the cavalry and guns, my new plastics could handle what we've got so far ... but Edie likes those nice 24 man battalions on that green cloth ...
btw, most of the trees in my games are scratch builts ... if you've looked at them on my site, how did you like them?

PS: notice another advantage of proxy battles. If your own collection isn't big enough to fight the battle, no problems, you'll still be able to generate officer and unit stats for your imagi-nation and let the volunteer gamer use as appropriate as plausible figures for the fight!
PPS: Just a thought, you all might post pictures on your own blogs or here what each unit is "supposed to look like" as so many of us like quite unique and individual uniform designs!
having fun ....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Battle of Tippelbruder Looms

(well, not really . . . but we are getting it set up and the forces are closed).

NEWSFLASH . . . A Stagonian field army has been sighted in the close vicinity of the town of Tippelbruder. This appears to be in response to certain "insults" that Koenig Maurice perceived to come from the shop of David, Tippelbruder's uniform designer.

While no one else perceived anything that could have been an insult, several nations mustered troops to the defense of the town. They are:

from Hesse-Engelburg -- under the command of Captain Wilhelm Streicker:
-- Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude -- 2 musketeer companies -- 2 x 120 = 240 men
-- Jäger Regiment Von Behler -- 1 company = 120 men
-- Hussars -- 1 Squadron = 120 mounted men
-- Corporal Sontag (to teach marksmanship to Tippelbruder militia)

from Soweiter League -- (no commander mentioned):
-- Saxe-Urquhart 86th Highlanders -- 1 battalion = c.560 men

from Prince Maurice Duke of Fenwick (vice King Leopold IV of Wittenburg):
-- 1 battalion of infantry (under Colonel Von Feldmouse) -- 4 companies = 600 men
-- 1 battery of artillery (under Lt. Colonel Von Schweeky) -- 120 men and 6 light guns

from Saxe-Bearstein -- under command of Brigadier Ernst von Bruin
-- Regiment von Lowenbrau -- 1 battalion = c.750 men
-- Regiment von Carling -- 1 company of grenadiers = 123 men
-- Regiment von Coors -- 1 company of grenadiers = 122 men
-- Karlsberg Jagers -- 1 small company of jagers = 62 men
-- Artillery -- 1 medium (9#) gun and crew
-- Regiment Von Urquell -- 1 battalion -- c.750 men (reserve -- still in Saxe-Bearstein)

from The Freikorps of Count Hans Trunkenbold von Misthaufen:
-- 1 Musketeer Battalion = c.500 men
-- 1 Jäger Corps = c.400 men
-- Croats -- 3 companies = c.300 men
-- Hussars -- 3 squadrons = c.300 mounted men
-- Artillery -- 6 light (3#) guns

from Town of Tipplebruder:
-- Town Militia -- 1 company = 100 c. men
-- Artillery -- 3 light (3#) guns

from Mieczyslaw -- (in Reserve -- still in Mieczyslaw):
-- Wstrasowo Dragoons -- 4 squadrons -- 150 each = 600 mounted men (not yet arrived)
-- elite Wojskowo Piechota -- 5 companies = 460 men (not yet arrived)

As can be seen, these forces are heavy in infantry, with lots of skirmish power. They also have an abundance of light artillery.

The Tippelbruder forces are, however, light in mounted troops; and definitely lacking in command officers. Indeed, it is likely that each of the above commands will remain under their own commanders with no recognized overall commander.

The Stagonian forces are as yet unknown (meaning we have to figure out a reasonably comparable force).

Please clarify any names, etc. for the above troops. Other troops may not be added . . . and a die roll will be needed by the proxy player (probably Arthur) to see if they arrive in time.

-- Jeff

Friday, November 2, 2007

Current Currents

I'm way behind in reposting stuff to my own blog ... following all the action here was too much fun! But I'll be trying to do it next week.

Meanwhile, I've also been thinking about the recent proxy game, and all the fun it generated, and trying to write a nice "how-to" note, as I honestly feel that our Empire-Elector blog is the ideal and best environment to spark these kinds of thing.
A key element is finding another person on the blog whose "country" is close enough to justify a direct confrontation, yet the gamers can't meet face to face.

Why? How? Come on! We're all running hysterical imagi-nations here ... it's like asking why Stagonian girls don't shave their lower lips too ... Or why Tipple-Bruder cavalry all ride like Mongols, squatting cross legged on their mounts ...
Then, when the potential fight is started, we can recruit volunteers to play with their toys for us ... and given the justified pride several of the other folks here (yours truly completely excepted, alas) have in their figures and their natural desire to show them off ...

Now, I was going to suggest some conflicts based on these maps:

Alas, I also noticed that they are very out of date!
I don't have the skills to upgrade them ... does anybody else ... perhaps including the brave folks who started them???

sincerely out of character:
(after all, the Hurtshog is in a very disturbed state right now! *v*)

UK Big Game Web Site?

Could we post a link to the UK Old School Big Battalion Game blog site? I have been trying to find it by searching for links through the various Imaginations sites, but have yet to find anything.


Der Alte Fritz