Monday, August 27, 2007

A 7th Continent discovered?

The Gallian Court is feverishly buzzing with rumours. A Navy Capitain would have ‘secretly’ reported to the King the discovery of an immense new Continent somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Could it be fabled Mu or half-forgotten Lemuria?


abdul666 said...

Actually a brother gamer (of the SOCDAISY?) is currently developping a Lace Wars campaign on the RPG planet Harn. Could not it be, in parallel, more or less integrated in ‘our’ campaign as a 7th, almost antipodean, continent? The laws of physics are relaxed in our universe: space and time are elastic, with e.g. at least 3 known ‘Frances’, and Malburians coexisting with Napoleonics. And the Pacific Ocean is wide enough to contain a whole new continent. Distance would preclude any actual interference with the ‘main’ «Emperor vs Elector» european campaign, but diplomatic missives could be exchanged and wanton threats of military intervention brandished.

MurdocK said...

Why not?

This is after all a collection of 'imagi'-nations!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Agreed. I find the use of Harn a bit strange . . . but then many think what I do is strange.

He'd be on the "other side of the world" (literally), but could send diplomats.

-- Jeff