Friday, June 11, 2021

Joining Emperor vs Elector Blog

To whom would one make an application to join the Emperor vs Elector blog?  There is a new imagi-nation gamer who just posted on The Miniatures Page.  If the moderator of this blog could make a post on that TMP thread, I'm sure not only Johann Margrave von Gluhwein but others might like to know.


Jim (Col Campbell)


Soldadets said...

No idea, honestly.

I've just read the alluded TMP thread - and your answer there has taken me by surprise, because I thought Emperor vs Elector was no longer active.

As a matter of fact, I'm now posting my Defiant Principality threads on FifeandDrum forum.

And yes, Defiant Principality is still running - but not on, but on instead.

So it leads me to another question: who would update here the link toward the Defiant Principality?

All the best,

MurdocK said...

Still active ... just quiet.

The core team lost a key member a few years ago to cancer and since then many others have pursued other interests or just posted to their own blogs and not cross-posted as much.

The Tiberian General. said...

Highly recommend the Fife and Drum forum for imaginations, SYW,WSS and all things 18th century.

Willz Harley.

Archduke Piccolo said...

I've just found out that I can still contribute to this blog, having joined several years ago. I thought, though, that it had closed down a good while back.