Monday, December 26, 2011

Couriers to Wittenberg

October 11th, 1713

...Couriers have already arrived in Kingdom of Wittenberg taking personal messages from both Emperor Charles VI and Princess Elisenda to H.M. King Leopold, letting him know in advance the scheduled journey of that young Galatan/Catalan Lady through his land, as well as some confidential details about her otherwise small retinue. A more detailed file comprising listings and safe-conduct copies have also been delivered to Count Hermann Munster.

[Out of character, please consider Princess Elisenda retinue already on their way and about to enter Wittenberg, so that she can be freely introduced in an ppropriate scene at will, accordingly with your own interests. I'm going to suspend for a while my Defiant Principality narrations on her particular journey, in order not to hamper eventual scenes/adventures inside Wittenberg. If any interest or need to contact me whatever the reason for, my usual gaming e-mail is soldadets [at] wargames [dot] cat --Lluis ]


tradgardmastare said...

I have tried to email you with no success- is there a problem at your end?

tidders2 said...

The courier has arrived and an escort is on route to meet Princess Elidande at the border

-- Allan

Soldadets said...

Alan, I did receive your messages but haven't been able to answer you before today, Tuesday 27th --I was out for Christmas