Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ruffians Attack Lady Pettygree's Entourage

Our annual BAR Light Troop Game may be seen here.

Who IS that unknown calm woman and her masked desperado associate? Shudder! They ruined the party near Frankfurt Am Main at l'Maison Freyegoumont.
Lady Belle Silhouette's Hussars practice loading and firing before the battle.


abdul666 said...

Not totally unexpected for the long time admirers of Lady Pettygree ('My name is Pettygree, Diana Pettygree') -and, in the case of unprejudiced Monte-Cristan, of this Lady with Winter ice in her eyes disguised under the color of Spring). If the scale of the encounter was perhaps unexpected, the marvelously eye-candy illustrations were not!
And now we know why Lady Belle Silhouette sports a martial busby...

Compliments and thanks for sharing,

Soldadets said...

Extraordinary miniatures! My compliments, Sire.

Conrad Kinch said...

It's just a stunningly beautiful game. Words fail me.