Thursday, October 18, 2007

We have not yet begun to fight!

The small force preparing to defend Offenbach from the aggression and depredation of foreign armies is under a bit of a quandary. It appears there are 2 powers marching on Offenbach, the Frankzonians, who have sent demands for submission, and the Stagonians, who have previously threatened members of the Soweiter League. Which is the real threat? Or are both? Can Offenbach hold out against both or either?

The forces of other members of the League that are not ocuppied elsewhere will be mounting a relief expedition, but this will take time. We can only hope the Offenbach forces can hold out long enough.

The Soweiter League asks only that other civilized nations witness these acts of aggression against our sovereignty and do what is right when the time comes.

Never give up! Never surrender!


MurdocK said...

There is a column advancing from the direction of Frankzonia that will reach Offenbach five to seven days before a much larger column coming from Stagonia does.

You do not have the forces to possibly intercept/harras both.

What will the good General Leopold do?

Frankfurter said...

A note to the gamers:
Frankfurt is about 10 to 15 miles downstream from Offenbach ... and has an outpost town across the river ... which made Offenbach's position strategically immense to Frankszonia ...
If things work out well, Murdock gets a fun game, then somebody else gets a fun game playing Stagonia versus the Alliance, the some of you other guys will "go to war" so that a poor hermit like myself gets to play with his toys!