Monday, October 8, 2007

A Proclamation...

The Free Imperial City of Altberg calls upon all free Cities of independent and fraternal mind to consider this proclamation with due gravity-
We this day proclaim the founding of The Altberg Free league. We ask others to join us for mutual benefit in trade upon land and sea as well as aid in times of war.Those interested are asked to write directly to the The Burgomeister c/o The Rathaus Altberg Freie Reichsstadt .

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Frankfurter said...

Frankszonia is always glad to develop new trading partners and hopes to develop excellent commerce with the Freistadt! We are, of course, dispatching a cargo of frankfurters and smoked sausages. If the barrels are empty of beer upon arrival, you have our permission to imprison the teamsters until they're sober enough to notice the whipping you'll adminster!
Marquis l'Beauphaup
for His Highness,
Hurtshog Stanken Fhartz von Frankfurter