Monday, October 15, 2007

dispatch from near Offenbach to Frankfurter

Dispatch from General Bienz:
To: His Highness Stanken, the Hurtshog Fahrtz von Frankfurter


On approaching the town of Offenbach, we found that the local stadt council refused our generous offer of protection against the nefarious plots of Vile Stagonia. Indeed, a crowd of ruffians and mechanics assumed a motley of “uniforms” and have challenged our colors, threatening to attack our camp unless we withdraw.

After a council of war with Brig. Shlidelisht and Oberst Pfennighalter, we have decided to entrench our camp and retain our position on the outskirts of Offenbach. We hear that vile Stagonian agents have influenced the city mob in order to bring about this confrontation.

Perhaps, Your Highness, a high level diplomatic mission may yet defuse this situation, though there has been some random firing along the piquet lines.

Y’r srvnt.
Huagen Bienz

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MurdocK said...

So will the 'fight' be between Stagonia & a Franzonia/Soweiter allied force?


Between a Frankzonian and Soweiter League force?

your proxy table controller is confuzed?