Monday, October 1, 2007


Von Bergman tales a pen from the ornate writing desk and pens as follows:


It is some time since I had the pleasure of your company at dinner. The memory is a pleasure but due to fatigue brought on by recent events I am unable to ascertain if my presence is still welcome at Versailles. I have paced the corridors, albeit in exquisite company, awaiting an audience with the King. Do I wait in vain, am I to return to the Duchy and the Duke with no answer? I have been away from my beloved homeland too long and ache to return at this season of Alefest.

your servant

Von Bergman

Rising from his desk he hails a passing official ,thrusts the letter into his hand and prepares for yet another stroll through the palace .

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Gallia said...

Lettre pour M. von Bergmann:

My very dear M. von Bergmann,
I am very glad to notify you the King has expressed genuine interest in an alliance with Tradgardland per conversations undertaken with with our Foreign Minister l'Prince de Charade since last we met. If I may beg your forbearance he specifically inquires to these points.

#1 He is happy to provide silks for flag production as was mentioned in June to me in our seaside rendezvous. Does this remain a need?

#2. Marriagable suitors he regrets are not of the appropriate age to satisfy the needs of your court as again mentioned in June.

#3. Gallia is willing to enact a mutual alliance to the favor of our two nations.

#4 In exchange for a successful military intervention on the south Baltic shore to discombobulate the Marquis of Brandenburg (Frederick II), Gallia is prepared to:
(a) lend naval assistance for the Baltic crossing and
(b) supply military stores and
(c) to assist the above-mentioned Tradgardland descent with a maneuver direct into Germania and (d) to recognize Tradgardkand hegemony and rights in Pomerania.

Begging to trust the four features above meet with the approval of your instructions, I would be pleased to present you to the King this coming Saturday in an afternoon audience and to introduce you to the court later that evening at a small festive gathering as I remain,

Votre Serviteur,
l'Comte de Rapprochement