Sunday, October 28, 2007


The Banat is back with a new name and focus - click on the link and enjoy....


abdul666 said...

How spectacular and enjoyable they may be, how excellent eye-candy their reports are, how great advertising they may constitute for the hobby in general, Old School battlegaming and the lace Wars era in particular...
I begin to *hate* the Big Battalion games!

Why do they have to drag creative players away from their Imagi-Nations and throw them in the crowd of 'historicals'? With the resources available nowadays, in print form or on the Web, everybody and his brother can paint perfectly accurate historical Prussians, or Austrians, or whatever. [Not as well, and by an abyss, as some 'brothers' thus 'redirected', but that's not the point!]
But, among the 6 billions+ of human beings on Earth, only *one* can design and paint the uniforms of Togaras, or Leder-Hosen, or Hesse-Fedora, or Uber Gruntshuffen, or...

OK, I was not there at Mt. Sinaï at the appropriate time, but I read nowhere engraved in stone that Big Battle games are restricted to historical armies ... So much the more as with so many participants most individual'armies' will be 'minor contingents' belonging to a large coalition. One player currently toys with the idea of painting a Reichsarmee battalion with 40 or 60 different contingents, i.e. with each mini in a different uniform: side by side with such an unit, who will by intrigued by the 'real' Tragadlander, Leder-Hosenian, Hesse-Fedorian or Uber Gruntshuffener uniforms? And who will be sure enough of his own knowledge of the 300+ historical components of the Empire, and of their uniforms, to even *notice* them?

This ranted expectorated.. the project is great and stirring!

tradgardmastare said...

Our Big Batt game will include imaginations so Tradgardland will be there. I have started the blog so my imagi nations can intereact ie netherlands with tradgardland ad altberg - who knows there may be an austrian invasion from ah -time will tell!

abdul666 said...

Thanks for the (reassuring, from my personal point of view) precision8
Anyway, regardless of the country and focus, I enjoy any of your blogs!

Ed Youngstrom said...


Rest assured, the Legions of Hesse-Fedora will be present on several battlefields over the next year, including the Big Game!

Linus von Larrabee
Deputy Minister of War
Quartermaster General
Commander, District of Ober-Fedora

Der Alte Fritz said...

I happen to like painting Prussians, Austrians, British and French, etc. I can call them "PAB&F" or Germania, Imperium, Britannia & Gallia instead, if I so choose. If I ever get tired of the project, then it would be a lot easier to sell them as the real units that they are meant to represent rather than as fictional units. I can be as fictional as anyone else merely by changing the names and the flags. I like that flexibility. That said, I will eventually add some militia units with their own unique threads and duds, but not too many. to each his own. :)

tradgardmastare said...

I like painting Austrians very much too. After all it is fun amidst the research and we are a "broad church " indeed.So to each there own when it comes to units imagi or real. You guys are good company!

Frankfurter said...

Well, I've not found any good rocking horses in 25mm, but that said, my 15mm armies will soon have their rocking horse generals!
I've warned folks that when I finish these "Austrian" grenadiers for my wife, I'm getting back to my 15's!

Somehow, though, I'd think that the Hamburger Pinks and the Limburger Greens ought to be noticeable on the table.