Friday, October 19, 2007

Offenbach town square...

Yet another meeting, just as the rain abated as evening shadows drew on...

This time between the good James Ryan, the Earl of Flynn and Graf von Offenbach.

The meeting ended and Offenbach called for his military commanders, along with a dispatch rider from the volunteer dragoons, all of them withdrew to a small house outside the medaeval fort whose decrepit walls were now manned by Soweiter troops of the Hesse-Offenbach Marching Band. A 'military' councel is convened, at its conclusion the good James Ryan, the Earl of Flynn rides away with a dragoon section of escourt towards the Frankzonian encampment.

An astute artist captures this moment for posterity.

The war clouds are dark and again threaten rain, along the way to the Frankzonian piquet lines the good James Ryan, the Earl of Flynn cannot but help to notice the hundreds of bivouac fires lit to the west as the sun sets on this last 'pleasant' day in Offenbach.

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Fitz-Badger said...

another wondeful, characterful image by the artist :-)