Thursday, October 18, 2007

Offenbach territory fills with armed units

The regions around the town of Offenbach and its works are filling with military units.

Already there has been a military command established at the gasthaus and a 'camp' has sprung up around it, Frankzonian forces are mustering and being 'quartered' in homes and barns in the area as rains continue to fall.
Among the comings and goings at this makeshift headquarters is a carriage, following this carriage was a queer meeting, that forced out all the multifarious officers from the common room and out into the rain. Their grumbles were only lessened by an issue of wine and spirits (coming from the officer's baggage train, could it be that General Bienz's personal stock was tapped to quiet so many senior officers being treated this way?).

Upon the conclusion of the meeting there was another hurried gathering in the street, where a rider was hard dispatched with escort and a pass thru the Frankzonian lines to the town defenders.

Ultimately it is the great Tuba Works that all this fuss is about and they are currently amply defended by two battalions of the Offenbach Militia.

What remains to be seen by these two encamped armies is the size of the immense Stagonian army that approaches...

A rider for Murdock'S MaruaderS appears to have the details.


Bluebear Jeff said...


Wonderful photos that you've created. They look great.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Very promising 'pre-report' with great photos!

But also a great 'premiere', the first 'Battle by proxies' between two 'EvE' contributors far too distant in the Real World ™ to physically meet across a battle table.
Hopefully this example will be widely followed 'planet-wide in the Real World ™'

Compliments to all involved,

Frankfurter said...

I too loved the pictures!
Thank you, and thank you again.
Now, hopefully, other guys will remember that we WANT to play with our toys and more proxy fights require more players ... and, hey? who knows? I myself might find a chance to pull out some lead in my hermitage ...

MurdocK said...


I seem to recall that Tippelbruder was similarly threatened by a force from vile Stagonia...

Whatever happens at the tuba works, perchance the Stagonians will press on their claims to the tailor man?

David said...

Yes, we're still waiting for developments in Tippelbruder; the militia have been drilling so long they now know which way up to hold their muskets. ;-)


Fitz-Badger said...

Love the pictures! :-)

I'm also enjoying the missives flying back and forth and the suspense in seeing how this all plays out (as it were). :-)