Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Off Althavn...

And so Gentlemen , here is the plan.We sail at our
earliest convenience.The Galley Fleet will escort the Convoy until the waters are beyond its capabilities. At this point the Galleys will return to port. The Convoy will then proceed with all haste to the Shetland Isles . A decoy consisting of two warships will attempt to confuse and confound the Brittaninas . God willing we will land on the Shetland Isles very soon . We will establish a base , fortify it for our winter sojourn and supply it from the Duchy by ship. Once we know the willingness or otherwise of the French we shall set sail God save the Duchy!
With that the Duke sat down, took a long draft of mulled Tradgardian Ale ( against the vapours of the season ) and listened to the excited chatter of his commanders. There would be time for questions soon but now let them talk....


Der Alte Fritz said...

This still sounds like a very bad idea. Once you land in the Shetlands, isn't resupply a bit of an issue with the Royal Navy patrolling the area? Surely news of this invasion will get back to the Britannian government and they will act accordingly.

Gallia said...

Von Bergmann" My Lord, perhaps, I should beg to recover to you the letter I brought back aboard poor burned and sunken Rhapsodie. I deeply apologize for this transgression but think....

Duke: Let not your heart be troubled. I shall read it.

The Diplomatic Letter:

Your Excellency,
His Majesty's Government wishes to convey its unbreakable friendship with Tradgardland. In proof of this we offer the following military cooperations to commence as soon as is possible given the practicabilities of resources, weather and circumstance, hopefully no later than May 1758.

1. We welcome your convoys to the New World at Brest to there combine with ours so that our combined naval ships of war will be more numerous as we sail to the colonies.

2. We also welcome the opportunity to participate with naval escorts and ships en-flute to carry soldiers for your governments proposed descent north of Scotland no later than the autumn of 1758. For reasons of secrecy but moreover of planning, I am unable to give a specific number as I write, but these important details can be arranged more closely in the winter.

3. In exchange we desire your military forces to cross the Baltic and land on its [southern] shore at a place of your choosing to discombobulate our joint continental foe. This may be as light as a feint or heavier as a major invasion.

We should be pleased to learn your government's remarks and decisons about the above no later than February as

I remain
Votre Obeissant Serviteur,
l'Duc de Formidable
Ministre de Guerre

von Bergmann: I take it though I may be wrong, Your Excellency, that Gallia is awaiting diplomatic and military exchanges to produce something solid. The letter refers to future dates in the next year, if I may beg to say so. Perhaps some advisors here are taking a risk to commence operations in the North Sea now. I do not think any Gallian vessels are en-route at this time.

Duke: Hmm.

von Bergmann: There may also be some logical, understandible and inevitable Gallian inquiries about poor Rhapsodie destroyed apparently by Tradgardlanders in our harbor. Capitaine Briege, intimated perhaps that though I can not be certain. I apologize for....