Monday, October 1, 2007

Sir William's Alter Ego Revealed!

Kind Sirs,

May I direct your attentions to a new depositore de informacion within which Sir William, in his alter ego of Bill McHenry, will discuss the mundane "wargaming" aspects related to his small but impudent Duchy. It is felt by Sir William that, in order to maintain the character of his ongoing journal, a new location is required for the discussion of such things as painting, rules, terrain, and the other accoutrement that go with our hobby and have little to do with the tedious tasks associated with the maintenance of the Duchy, or the maintenance of Saint Katherine the Patient. Your attention is directed here, at your discretion:

Respectfully, Sir William

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Bluebear Jeff said...


Bill's "behind the scenes" look is worth sampling. I urge you all to visit the link he's provided.

-- Jeff