Monday, October 29, 2007

In Harbour

Flying the Tradgardland Ensign the flagship of the Tradgardland fleet waits in Althavn harbour.Aboard are officers waiting orders and in the other ships the regiments have embarked awaiting the order to set sail. A sense of tension pervades all - what of the Gallians?


Gallia said...

Narrator: Gallian l'Capitaine Briege of the Gallian Frigate Rhapsodie burned and sunk in a Tradgarland harbor recently desires to know when he and his surviving crew will step ashore at LeHavre. He further inquires what he may tell the Gallian Ministry of Marine about the people responsible for the tragedy at his court martial. He will gladly convey messages from Tradgardland back to Gallia. Finally, he begs to convey his sincere compliments and thanks for transportation back to his homeland aboard a Tradgardland ship.

Who burned his ship causing it to sink?

Have the individuals been caught and has justice been served upon them?

Any messages for the Court of Gallia?

When will l'Capitaine and crew arrive in LeHavre?

tradgardmastare said...

My post of Friday 26th Oct was meant to return the crew to Gallia- have a look at it and see what you think.
Tradgardland officals still are working upon the outragous crime but have no leads yet I'm afraid

Der Alte Fritz said...

There are reports that a black coach and a matching team of black horses were seen in the vacinity of the Tradgarland harbor on the night in question. It left the harbor area in quite a hurry, running over a mackeral seller's cart in the process. The mackeral vendor reported this incident to the local authorities.