Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gallian Summaries: October 1757/2007

As Bill, I am near breathless summoning memories, developing story lines and attempting to weave multiple threads which have somehow come to life into one whole cloth. Dear reader, if you press on below, I will do my best to be brief as I commence at ....
Lady Belle Silhouette has not been seen for more than two weeks. She is an occasional companion to Lady Diana Pettygree and Lady Cherish Masquerade. The last anyone knew, she took horse riding to the northwestward with a bodyguard of de Saxe Lanciers commanded by Lt. Gardier.

Channel Isle de Pettygree:
l'Vengeance (40) arrived in the harbor of Charlestuartier remaining there for a day. You will perhaps recall Lady Diana Pettygree was transported thither from the Gallian mainland port of LeHavre to visit her ailing father at his request. A lady presumed to be Lady Pettygree escorted by a de Saxe officer did indeed debark. l'Vengeance left twenty-four hours later said to be bound for Brest. Reaching to the westward on a broad reach, lookouts on the island and no doubt spies as well, did indeed see l'Vengance disappear into the setting sun to the westward.

Port of LeHavre:
The poor crew and disconsolate Capitaine Briege of Rhapsodie debarked from a Tradgardland ship at the port on the 28th instant. The crew was paid off and/or joined other naval vessels in harbor. Meanwhile Capitaine Briege and the surviving officers boarded a river galley to travel up the Seine to Versailles and there report for court martial for the loss of their ship in a Tradgardland port. All the capitaine knows is that somehow the watch was breached, a person or persons unknown set an uncontrollable fire to the frigate and she sunk with some loss of life. The Capitaine's career is going to end with dishonour regardless of facts or inferences we think. He has little to offer in his defense. Tradgardland authorities are stumped reporting only the mad speed of a black and red coach out of town on the night of the disaster.

Ministry of Marine:
News of the loss of Rhapsodie preceded Capitaine Briege. One or two ministers view the incident with cautious neutrality while one is of a darker mind seeing a possibility of treachery from within Tradgarland itself.

l'Duc de Broglie:
The battle at Preisserstadt on the 13th instant has given pause to the Marshall still at or near Minden watching the Britannian Marquis of Granby. Casualties were horrific to the corps de armée de Broglie sent to battle the Hesse Seewald Army though there is some small consolation that Der Erbrprinz retired from the theatre. The battle turned on the breadth of a hair. The Duc has expressed the opinion that not much more may happen in in theatre before returning to winter cantonments is forced upon him. Granby's position at Minden is said to be remarkably strong.

Lt. General Chevert:
Idle, rebuilding and restoring the Army defeated at Salzungen in August. The fient attack launched by Der Erbrpinz to cover the latter's march to engage de Broglie was repulsed by a determined Advance Guard of Frankzonian allies. Chevert remains content to hold his ground east of Frankfurt Am Main.

Frankfurt Am Main:
l'Intendant Bastille's fractured nerves have settled down due to the absence of Frankzonian confusions among the ruling authorities, combustable personalities and the quietude of rebels who roused themselves to a mischief in the heat of the summer. Most are in the new jail. No doubt the completion of the enormous jail and the continued presence of l'Duc de Poyanne's Corps of 25,000 Gallians are a blessed tonic for the Intendant.

l'Duc de Poyanne:
Has received orders to march north in haste to harry the retreat of Der Erbprinz and to possibly capture what is said to be a moderately massive source of supplies at the village of Ditherdorf. Approximately 8,000-10,000 Gallians are hard upon their march northwards while the rest remain at Frankfurt Am Main. Arrival at Dithersdorf is expected on the 2nd-3rd of November. (The BIG battalion game at Rock Con. near Rockford, IL USA is on the 3rd.)

1. Where is Lady Pettygree?
2. Did l'Vengeneance arrive at Brest? If not, where is she?
3. What will be the Ministry of Marine Court Martial's verdict of Capitaine Briege?
4. What will be the public and private face of Gallia over the loss of Rhapsodie?
5. How much longer will de Broglie watch Granby?
6. Why is Granby reticent to attack de Broglie?
7. Has Chevert's Army restord itself sufficiently to resume the offensive?
8. Is Bastille's peacful demeanor justifed at Frankfort Am Main?
9. Will there be a battle at Ditherdorf?
10. Will Tradgardland really invade The Shetlands alone?

And THAT, dear reader, brings you and me up to date if you have come this far. Have you?


MurdocK said...

There were a number of companies, 9 actually, that formed a brigade under a Mercenary commander accepting the pay of Stagonia; which were 'raised' in Gallian towns...strictly for personal profits - of course!

This force took action near the town of Offenbach on the 21st of October. Now whether they continue to march with the rest of the Stagonian Army is not known.

Frankfurter said...

The Comte l'Beauphaup delievers the following official missive to the Intendant.

From the Hurtshog Fahrtz to the Intendant Bastille:

One: given that you have sufficient Gallian force (about 7-8000 effectives) still in position in or near Frankfurt, the defense of the city is still entrusted to your hands.

Two: Given that the recent battle with the Stagonians has driven our forces to a position only 5 kilometers from the southern bridgehead, we are concentrating all available Frankszonian forces again near the city .... Given the proclivity of Vile Stagonia to deceit, we believe that their forces will be reinforced and an offensive continued which will continue to press either towards Frankfurt or attempt to bypass Frankfurt under the cover of this foul weather for a strike directly upon Tipplebruder.

Three: Given the war between Stagonian and Frankszonia, we must expect that Stagonian operatives will renew the anti-Gallian, anti-Ducal campaign among the populace.

Four: it is also quite likely that Stagonia will make some sort of arrangment with the Cheezer faction from Munster, Limburger, etc. to renew the hostilities which the presence of overwhelming Gallian forces originally interrupted.

Five: This combination of circumstances requires certain alterations.
A: the units currently committed to Gen. Chevert must, alas, dash back to Frankfurt during this crisis.
B: While you will obviously desire to retain control of all military within the enciente, the field forces must be entrusted to the Graf von Ballpark again. Given that they will be passing through town in small packets and not quartered within the walls, this should not create too great a problem.
C: It is essential that some sort of proclamation providing for the ransom, parole, or exchange of your captives as is the civilized practice among Christian nations at war be posted.
D: Because of the persistent rumors of an understanding between Stagonia and Gallia, The Generals Peffinghalter, Nathan, and the Burgminster have all demanded that the gates and bridge be garrisoned by Gallian units. We have proposed a compromise that new militia units be raised for this duty to be equipped, trained, and led by a Gallian cadre. It is our sincere hope that this or a similar compromise would suit your purposes.

As ever, your Friend,
Hurtshog Fahrtz von Frankfurter

As the formal note is being delivered, the Comte is able to privately say, "we have secured houses facing the gates from families implicated in last years troubles. Perhaps your officers and suitable "staff" and ceremonial artillery could be quartered in them?"
The Intendant muttered some obviously noncommittal response as he ponders anew the perfidious nature of towns run by bourgeoisie.
"The Hurtshog," Beauphaup explains, "is quite certain that his current position depends entirely on Gallian good will. Ergo, he must trust you, as a gentleman, to not betray his family and city to Vile Stagonia. Such an attitude, of course, is beyond the Burgomeister ..."

abdul666 said...

Lady Belle Silhouette is *not* listed among Monte-Cristan agents.

Louys (intrigued and vaguely worried)

Der Alte Fritz said...

Read the back story to Dithersdorf on Old School Wargaming from last week. Some important information seems to have passed unnoticed.