Thursday, October 18, 2007

Soweiter threat is real!

The rumors swirling around the Stagonian forces massing on the borders of the Soweiter League are now rumored no longer.

A massive force of three Infantry Brigades, a Cavalry Brigade and train of artillery have begun to cross into the Soweiter League!

Their destination is not yet certain, however tavern talk has it that the Works of Offenbach are the target, if not to seize the entire lands of Hesse-Offenbach, then at the very least to capture what ordinance can be obtained from the works.

The leaders of the Soweiter League must now come to grips with this foe or risk losing the entire region. The Frankzonian forces that had halted pending the talks are now going to have a forced march to make it to Offenbach in time to form-up with the Offenbach defenders and formulate a plan...

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Stagonian Jeff said...

(in the Stagonian capitol)

"Baron, send a letter to Frankzonia."

"Of course, Your Majesty. . . . What do you want me to say?"

"We have marshaled the forces you requested in order to join you in your objective to take the city of Offenstadt. We will assist you as requested . . . but be sure to fulfill your part of the bargain or we will turn our eyes upon your lands just as you do on Offenbach."

"Anything further, my liege?"

"No, no need to sign it. After all it is the Franzonian plot we are carrying out."