Monday, October 1, 2007

Say Hello

A new City has joined the family of Europa - Altberg freie Reichsstadt. find out more at :


Bluebear Jeff said...

Hello. Actually I had already chanced upon your site and added it to our links before you posted this.


-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Hello again Tradgardmastare!
Eager to learn more about Altberg Freie Reichsstadt.

I envy 'Bluebear Jeff' who "chanced upon your site": how can one 'discover' a new blog devoted to a Lace Wars Imagi-Nation? How many currently exist on the web we (collectively) are not aware of?

Bluebear Jeff said...


One of the things that I occasionally do is to visit our members' "view my complete profile" pages. That's how I discovered this new blog -- by checking out his other blogs.

I also check out any "links" that look interesting and then surf their links.

But, yes, I'm sure that there are numerous other gamers who would love to find us . . . but the Web is a big place.

You, Jean-Louis, have alerted me to a few new finds -- and I thank you for it.

Just keep looking.

-- Jeff