Friday, October 19, 2007

Von Bergman and matters nautical and musical

With the seagulls circling overhead in the brilliant Autumn sunshine Von Bergman leans on the Galley rail. He muses upon all that has passed. Was it the right decision to ignore the invitation to converse with the beautiful young woman? Should he have at least heard what she had to say?

His reverie is broken by the cry of the lookout informing all that the frigate is in sight. Von Bergman returns to below decks to check all is in order for the transfer. He dearly awaits his first sight of the Duchy and has much to tell.

An hour later ,ensconced within the frigate Von Bergman takes a glass with the Captain.

Give you joy of your return home Monsieur Bergmann!

And you of your Command my Dear Captain!
Now my dear Von Bergman I have my violin tuned and ready,music composed and transcribed lying on the table. My spare oboe awaits you monsieur. Let us play together my new composition- Von Bergman's return to the Duchy.
It will be an honour Sir- I am ready ...

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