Friday, October 12, 2007

Interesting (I Think) Treatise on Painting Plastics

Kind Sirs;
May I please direct your attention towards my alter-ego site, Sir William's World of Wargaming, for a treatise, with photo's, on my observations regarding the prepping and painting of plastics. I do not claim, by any stretch of the imagination, to be an expert or "the final word" on the subject. However, I have had an interesting opportunity to "torture test" some painted plastics and would like to share the conclusions drawn. Many thanks, as always, for your attention and patience. That Blog-spot is found here:
I would especially appreciate feedback and comparisons from Will McNally, Stokes Schwartz, Allen M., and any of the other fine gentlemen out there who are also utilizing plastic for their gaming endeavors.
Respectfully, Sir William


Bluebear Jeff said...

Sir William,

Might I suggest that a link to your "alternate blog" might be a good idea? Here it is:

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

I understand that Jeff, like yourself, wishes to keep his blog in "character", thus (as useful & mutually enlightening they may be) threads dealing with rules, miniatures, painting, modelling.. are better located on individual blogs, even if initiated here. A 'trick' I use once, to present the genesis of Monte-Cristo as a gaming setting, was to post it here *as a comment* to my own href="">july post introducing Monte-Cristo "as a nation". Thus the post themselvees are kept 'clean' and 'in character'.

Best regards,

Fire at Will said...

Hi Sir William (Bill) I'll add som comments on your new blog when I get chance. AS you might have spotted I add hyperlinks between my various blogs so I only have to explain things once, while keeping each blog in character.