Monday, October 8, 2007

The Audience 3

Von Bergman :
Your Majesty , Gentlemen many thanks for your words of wisdom and council . If i may prevail upon your hospitality further until your experts give you their ideas. I await the outcome of deliberations with great interest. That is all I wish and need to say at present.


Gallia said...

The King: Merci Monsieur von Bergmann. I will order the Minister of the Marine to advise me of possible merchant and naval vessels to contemplate for the three plans. Charade, make it so for tomorrow. Meanwhile, I believe our business of today is completed.

The Others: [Nod in assent.]

Charade: Then Your Majesty and Gentlemen, we may close our meeting, repair to our residences and prepare for the evening festivities.

Rapprochement: Oui. Until this evening.

von Bergmann: A pleasure to look forward to indeed.

Narrator: The meeting in the palace is adjourned. Later that evening a banquet and dance are held. All in attendance find it a welcome diversion when....

Charade: Your Majesty, if I may break in upon the festivities for a matter of some importance.

The King: Oui mon ami. What is afoot?

Charade: The Minister of War has been informed that the Army of Hesse-Seewald is upon its march - apparently to engage Marshall de Broglie.

The King: At Minden?

Charade: The same Sire. There is also news of a small battle just to the north of Lt. General Chevert. The Frankzonian Advance Guard has apparently withstood an onslaught by Hesse-Seewald and though battered, is holding on.

The King: Well, wellllll.

Frankfurter said...

1st draft of narrative finished.
Wife will look it over soon
some units took 50% casualties ...
the news that Hesse SeeWald is focusing on Broglie means we've got time to elaborate our little redoubt in Seifreidsburg ...

Gallia said...

Narrator: We return briefly to Lt. Gen. Chevert's headquarters near Gemünden. The reader is asked to recall his defeat at Salzungen in August and subsequent retreat to the south. A Frankzonian Contingent was placed in advance of the Gallian position while Army restoration was underway and to protect the magazine to the westward at Frankfurt Am Main. Chevert is composing a note to l'Intendant Bastille with a copies to Marshall de Broglie at Minden far to the northwest and to the Minister of War at Versailles.
Chevert: Mon tres cher l'Intendant Bastille, I have the great honour to inform you of two particular recent events. Details will be forthcoming from our Allies but for now, I beg you to know.

Item Number 1:
The Frankzonian Advance Guard placed some miles to my front was heavily engaged by the Army of Der Erbprinz von Hesse-Seewald and has apparently acquited itself well. We observe no further distress coming from Der Erbprinz in this region. Indeed, I believe the recent engagement was a strategic feint. If true, there is no threat to the magazine in the very near future which I trust will help you rest more easily there.

Item Number 2:
Lt. Col. Mirage's screens report no further evidence of the Army of Hesse-Seewald in my region. He believes the foe has stolen a march to the northwestwards to shake Marshall de Broglie loose from his position blocking the Marquis of Granby's Britannians at Minden.

My belief is the next battle will be in the theatre of Minden. I would therefore be most obliged if you would send a copy of this message to the Marshall and the Minister of War soonest as I remain,

Votre Serviteur, etc. etc.
Lt. General Chevert

Gallia said...

Dear Arthur,

We regret very much you are unable to attend the BIG game on the 13th instant. So... I thought to say in a lighthearted way, if it helps,

YOU are required and directed to march to RockCon and there present the Army of Frankzonia for review and do battle the first weekend in November! Failure to do so will be at your peril.

Does this help?

With smiles and companionable nudges,

Frankfurter said...

I put my treasure where my heart is, Bill, with my wife's long desired professional photo enlarger etc. units and special art supplies ...
She's waited 15 years, so I can wait next year, God willing ... isn't the 7YW conference in Indiana in the spring?