Friday, October 19, 2007

In like Flynn

General Leopold and his officers conducting their council of war, planning for the impending action at the Offenbach Tuba Works.
General Leopold: "We will set up defenses around the Tuba works outside the town walls. From this position we can fall back on the town walls if need be. The dragoons will be sent out to scout the enemy forces and attempt to discern their disposition."

James Ryan, the Earl of Flynn, rides full-tilt into the town square of the city of Offenstadt in the graftum of Hesse-Offenbach. Quickly alighting from his lathered horse (heck of a time for a shampoo and rinse!) he rushes to find the Graf von Offenbach in his offices in his town residence near the town square.
"Your Grafness, at the request of the League Council I have been in communication with the Frankzonians and have come to ask you to reconsider the Frankzonian offer. It would be sheer madness to try to stand up to both the Frankzonian forces and the Stagonian forces that will soon make their appearance. I have the honor to present this clarification of the Frankzonian offer."

One: Offenbach retains its membership and participation in the Soweiter League.
Two: Offenbach shall appoint two representatives to the Frankfurter Bundt to represent its interests.
These first 2 terms are clarifications of the the relationships involved between the various entities and in no way imply relinquishing of Offenbach sovereignty.
Three: Offenbach welcomes a Frankszonian alliance against vile Stagonian aggression.
Four: Offenbach’s military shall be incorporated as intact allied units into the Frankszonian forces observing Vile Stagonia.

Offenbach reserves the right to defend its own territory and to maintain its primary allegiance to the Soweiter League. While Offenbach has the freedom to enter into temporary agreements with other nations to protect its interests this alliance is provisional pending discussions and ratification by the League Council.

Meanwhile, is that the distant sound of cannon-fire?


Stagonian Jeff said...

An aide to the Graf announces that another courier has arrived. He is from the Stagonians.

If he is admitted, he will give the following dispatch to the Graf:

"Your Excellency,

Having recently received orders from Koenig Maurice of Stagonia, my mission has changed considerably.

Our army is now charged with the destruction of the perfidious Franconians who have been polluting the air with their noxious limericks slandering our king.

Therefor, be it known that our only objection is the Frankzonian field army. As long as your forces do not attack us, we will ignore them. In addition we will not enter your town, nor attack the Tuba works.

We understand that you may have doubts as to our sincerity. By all means, keep your forces on alert . . . but as long as you refrain from attack us, we will return the favour.

-- General in command* of Stagonian Field Army"

* (Murdock hasn't yet told me which general is in command -- it is a random roll)

MurdocK said...

The General in command of the Stagonian forces will be:

-- drum roll --

Gen. Baron Gaspar du Vile