Monday, October 15, 2007

To Arms! The Battle Rages!

Okay, first of all, on the Yahoo group,Old School Wargamers, there's been some lovely information posted about the great battle .... and Alte Fritz has his pictures up ... and more may be forthcoming elsewhere.
Sounds like a grinding crunch of an operational draw ... Thank God, it was a game!
Also sounds like those of us who missed this event will regret it for a long, long time ... and, alas, that includes me, though I expect that next year, when I've finished setting up Edie's studio, I'll have tons of pleasure from that instead!

Bill, I told you I should have shipped my figures up there! Just think, an extra three hundred plus infantry and one more gun for the Gallian Alliance on that right wing ...

Secondarily, the proxy game of Soweiter defending Offenbach against the haughty "protection" force from Frankszonia seems to be getting under way ...
So ... now that the rumble's started. How's about some other guys getting a proxy game going?
I'd volunteer to game it out myself :)

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