Friday, October 5, 2007

A Formal Apology Is In Order

Kind Sirs,
I trust that you are all aware that the templates used for the Uniform Plates of M'Uedail were, in fact, created by that most Gracious of Gentlemen, Sir David of Warwickshire, and borrowed from his excellent site, Not By Appointment. Any allusion to the plates being "created" by Mssr's. Shaw and Knotel referred only to the coloring and minor alterations that were performed, not to the original uniform templates. My sincere apologies are due to Sir David if anyone mistook this work as that of anyone other than Himself. Such was never my intention. My intention was only to remain in "character" within the confines of my own Duchy and its humble site.
Respectfully, and with Apologies, Sir William of M'Uedail


Bluebear Jeff said...

Sir William,

I certainly took your posts to be "in character" and did not even think that you were trying to do anything else.

Of course we are all aware that it is David who has created the templates which you have used so well.

It is, however, probably a good thing to clarify this for those who chance upon our blogs.

I will note that, if you go to your DASHBOARD, you have the option to "Edit" your posts. You can therefor insert the credit for these templates to properly acknowledge the debt we all owe to David for his beautiful templates.

-- Jeff

David said...

Sir William,

I am grateful for the clarification. A link to the templates blog on your blog page would be a nice touch, too. :-)

With thanks and good wishes for your blogging and gaming,

David alias David Linienblatt of Tippelbruder.

abdul666 said...

Sir William,
I'm sure none saw any ambiguity in your posts, we all identified David's templates and understood the text was part of the fiction, the characteristic 'novelization' of the history of M'Uedail.
For me your posts are too well written and "in character" to be edited - you cared to post comments by Bill on a different blog to save the presentation of M'Uedail. So, rather than editing them, I strongly suggest you add the credits to David *AS A COMMENT* to one of the relevant posts.

Keep regaling us with your excellent fiction!

Best regards,