Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Audience 2

Von Bergman sips and speaks:
Your Majesty I convey the greetings of Duke Karl Frederick and of the Duchy to you. He has long admired you and what you have done for France ,ney Europa, and for the Faith. He asked that I convey his earnest desire for Gallia and Tradgardland to come closer in all ways both here and in the new World. With Gallia as our guide the Duchy will prosper ever more.
The Duke asks for aid in mounting an expedition to the Shetland isles that we might be together a thorn in the flesh of Brittania. The isles are Tradgargian by right and history and we wish to hold them in joint sovereignty with yourselves. We seek ships and men to help mount the invasion. Your Majesty knows of the tragedy this Summer with the loss of many good men.
We also wish to Help upon the mainland of Europa and in the New World the cause of Gallia. With aid and support may we work together to be the Family of Europa with you as the Father and the Duke as your eldest and favoured son. Instruct, inform and supply us , Majesty , and you will find us willing and able!
Von Bergman sits down flushed with emotion and awaits the wise words of the King....


Gallia said...

The King: Your Sovereign flatters us extremely Monsieur. Moreover he offers sound ideas to discomfort our join foe. Charade?

Charade: Yes Your Majesty. I think there is merit in a combination of efforts. Might I recommend in the immediate future consultation with the Ministers of the Marine to:

Item #1: Establish joint convoys to The New World, the advantage being additional naval escorts acting together from the two nations.

Item #2: Consultation with the naval staffs of both nations regarding plans and efficacy of the Shetland proposal. What land and naval forces would be needed and so forth.

Item#3: Another similar consultation regarding a descent upon the southern shore of the Baltic.

The King: It may be that we must choose betwen Item #2 and #3 rather than both especially if Item #1 is adopted soonest. The New World is going to be under attack from Britannia. Our joint interests there must take precedence - in the very immediate future I should think.

Rapprochement: Oui Your Majesty. But all plans could divert resources of the foe before he knows where the hammer will fall. It may be best to plan for all three to discombobulate the foe and only finally decide upon the exact plan at the last moment to preserve advantages.

Narrator: The three Gallians turn their eyes to Diplomat von Bergmann intuitively inquiring if the proposals are on target or what else might be said.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Is "discombobulate" a word used in the 18th Century? 8^)