Monday, October 15, 2007

Response to Frankzonia

Having received the Count L’Beauphaup's message Hesse-Offenbach must refuse the offered terms.

Hesse-Offenbach, as a sovereign member of the Soweiter League, cannot and will not agree to submit to having terms dictated by a foreign power. Further, Hesse-Offenbach will not be coerced into being placed under "protection" nor to having it's forces submit to the command of a foreign officer.

Taking the terms in order:
One: Offenbach retains its membership and participation in the Soweiter League.
This is a matter for the League and not something to be ruled on by foreign nations.
Two: Offenbach shall appoint two representatives to the Frankfurter Bundt to represent its interests.
The League is more than willing to send an ambassadorial contingent to Frankfurter to represent the interests of the League and its members.
Three: Offenbach shall accept Frankszonian protection.
While Hesse-Offenbach and the Soweiter League is quite capable of defending itself we would graciously accept, as equals, an alliance against Vile Stagonia or other enemies of the League.
Four: Offenbach’s military shall be incorporated as intact units into the Frankszonian forces observing Vile Stagonia.
Hesse-Offenbach as a member of the Soweiter League cannot and will not place its forces under the command of foreign officers.

While we deeply regret the possibility of enmity between our 2 great nations Hesse-Offenbach, backed up by the other members of the Soweiter League will defend itself from foreign invasion.

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