Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Uniforms of M'Uedail Are Unveiled

Kind Sirs,
I hope that you will take a brief moment to visit my place de residence and review the exciting uniform plates that young Mr. Shaw and my bride have had prepared for me. Even though the uniforms themselves have not yet arrived, I am now able to envision the slendour of my new Command and hope you share in my excitement and anticipation.
Respectfully, Sir William


abdul666 said...

Wow! A really great set of flags & uniforms.
(but, there is also a Park & Train of Ducal artillery?)

Bill McHenry said...

All has not yet been revealed mon ami Jean-Louis. These are new "arms" to my Command that Mr. Shaw shall command and that he and Colonel Guderian are yet working upon.

Sir William

abdul666 said...

It's always great to known that pleasant surprises are on their way!

A very minor point: would not the regiments of 'Horse' have rectangular banners? Or are they too 'young' (recently created) to receive this mark of seniority?

Bill McHenry said...


You are indeed correct. It was decided to issue all regiments of horse the swallow-tail guidon at this time, although as you can tell by Lady Katherine's Regiment, some thought was given to doing otherwise. It is planned to "reward" these regiments after they have suitably distinguished themselves with "proper" colours.

Sir William

Bluebear Jeff said...

Sir William,

We heartily approve of waiting until troops have indeed proved their true mettle on the field of Mars before granting them honors which, until earned, are hollow.

-- Furst Bruno V of Saxe-Bearstein