Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feedback or Input Requested

I have recently been in communication with Ed Youngstrom (the Landgraviate of Hesse-Fedora), and would like to request your input on one of our discussion matters. Both the Landgraviate of Hesse-Fedora and the Duchy of M'Uedail have "colonies" in the land called Texas. It seems that there is one major wargaming convention in central Texas every year known as MilleniumCon, and it is held in the hamlet of Austin. This year's convention is November 9-11 and Ed already has something planned for a chap named Napoleon. We would like to arrange for a Big Battalion Game at next year's convention. Ed is in a position of authority with the Lone Star Historical Miniatures Association, the dominant club in Texas and the organizer's of this convention, and can guarantee an appropriate setting for the game. And, of course, both M'Uedail and Hesse-Fedora will be mustering as many troops as they are able to.
We are trying to determine who and how many, if any, might be interested in a visit to Texas around the 2nd weekend of November, 2008. I realize that is a long time from now, and would of course not expect "firm" commitments from anyone. We are just trying to get a "feel" for any interest in traveling to Texas to help us determine if the idea is even feasible. Austin has excellent airport connections, local transportation can be arranged, and the convention is held in an excellent hotel. There are, of course, many other entertaining "distractions" in Austin as well for after hours.
We are attempting to get as many local gamers involved as possible, but right now that is not looking promising. I think much of it is the usual, "I'll play but I can't (or won't) paint all those figures." We are even lowering our sights somewhat and only seeking 42 to 48 figure Battalions for the 1st (of what we hope will become an annual) game. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Sir William


Frankfurter said...

Well, I'm definitely interested.
While Austin is actually further drive time from northern Arkansas than Chicago, the wife has a good friend who is a business woman down that way, and they've wanted to visit for a long time.
PS. What scales will you all be using? 15's 25+'s??

Bluebear Jeff said...


I think that this is a wonderful idea . . . and I hope that you are successful.

However since I live a few thousand miles away, I will not be able to attend . . . but I urge others to do so.

Bill, you haven't announced this plan on the OSW site yet. I would suggest that as another good recruiting venue.

Come on, you "E vs E" members, if you are close enough, think about this event . . . it is over a year away.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Great initiative - too bad for me that I'm on the other side of the Atlantic!
Bill, post also on the SOCDAISY - double membership is frequent but not general.

Bill McHenry said...

Sorry Arthur, and Others;

The scale will be 1/72nd to 30mm, to accomodate my plastics and the various metal 25/28/30mm ranges available. I will use sabots under my bases to match up. The rules will most likely be BAR, Ed has his and I ordered mine last night.

Arthur, We would love to see you come down from Arkansas. We'll treat you to some down-home Texas cooking and who knows, we may get up your way in return. I used to travel to points north and east when I was promoting WRG years ago, and my plastics aren't that heavy ;-)

And Jeff and Jean-Louis, I will be posting on both OSW and SOCDAISY, just didn't get it done last night.

MiniWargamer said...

I generally attend as a dealer (The Wizard's Workshop). If I have someone there to assist me with the store then I'm ..er... game....

Ike said...

A good idea. My copy of BAR just arrived this morning and a bit over a year in advance is enough time in which to muster a few battalions of foot, some guns and perhaps a cavalry regiment. The scale is fine as mine will muster in 28mm.

I live in Texas also, New Braunfels to be exact, which is only some 50 miles from Austin. Solo play has been occupying me but the closer I get to retirement the more scope there ought to be in my gaming; don't you think?

Ed Youngstrom said...


New Braunfels? If/when you are interested in a game, let me know since I'm in San Antonio and work at Randolph AFB.

To all,

If you are interested, I would like to repeat the author's remark in BAR:

Bill Protz suggests:

“Gather a group of four committed comrades. Ask each to raise two battalions, one cannon with crew and one regiment of horse to start. That’s about 96-120 infantry, 1 cannon with 4-6 crew and 24-36 cavalry per person. {Total models = 125-163}. Do this and you will have some very stimulating small actions for a long time. Beware though as the inevitable occurs and your friends start secretly raising more units to outnumber yours. It will happen. You will want more.”

I think even my glacially slow painting can do this!

Ed v. H-F

Ike said...

Oh, by the way, is there still room in "Emperor vs Elector"? In view of where I live - New Braunfels founded by Germans from Solms-Braunfels - I had thought to attempt that minor county, suitably re-named to avoid offense of course. However, after viewing your Map v-5, there doesn't seem to be any room in its historical location. Moreover, I notice that there aren't any grafschaften and that perhaps the Duchy of Savoy isn't taken? I know they were neutral in the RL SYW, but they have nice uniforms and the Duke was a member of the Reichstag.

Thank you.

Bluebear Jeff said...


There is always room in EvE for another friend.

Email me at bluebear@uniserve.com and I'll get an invitation for you to join headed your way.

Don't worry about the map . . . create your imagi-Nation where and how you will. Several of our states occupy the same space. Or you can move yours to wherever you wish.

My own Saxe-Bearstein is based on Hanover but actually located in what was Bohemia.

So create what you want and join us.

-- Jeff

Ike said...

bluebear jeff: Ah, that's very good. Thank you and I shall email you post-haste. In that case, I'll stay with the County of Zolms.