Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Plans afoot....

Feldmarschall Antonious Strudel rides with his escorts within the Austrian Netherlands. He has much to prepare since the communication was received from Altberg. He rides to the camp where the infantry are beginning to think of winter quarters.
If plans go well they will spend the winter within the walls rather than here in tents muses Strudel to himself...

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abdul666 said...

Hi Tradgarmastare,
I did not know you own Austrian troops! Nice ones, indeed.
Then these Austrian rides give me an opportunity to ask you a question about Tradgarland cavalry.
«The Herrengard "Lord of the Manor" retainers and wealthier Townsfolk provide the Cavalry.» (july 18): does this means we can hope for 6 different Tradgarlander Cavalry units, each with its own uniform ?
Is the Tradgardian Heavy Cavalry (july 23) extra?
Best regards,