Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Offenbach Prevails

The patriots of Offenbach, in danger of being overwhelmed by 2 superior and apparently hostile forces, managed to hold onto the city of Offenstadt and the Offenbach Tuba Works for the time being.
Meanwhile, the Council of the Soweiter League has called a hasty meeting to consider possible courses of action. Some are calling for an investigation to determine whether they can trust the Frankzonians, the Stagonians, or neither. Military preparations continue in the event of need for defensive or offensive action, to protect or liberate the League's states.

This message brought to you by the Hesse-Offenbach Ministry of Tourism - "Visit lovely Offenbach Falls, favored destination of newlyweds and detectives."


Stagonian Jeff said...

We of Stagonia salute the brave (and perceptive) defenders of Offenbach.

The evil known as Frankzonia wished to assimilate your city, citizens and most especially your Tuba Works.

They freely admitted that they wanted to annex your army into theirs (probably to throw it to the dogs . . . I mean the Hesse-Seewaldters).

They were willing to lie, cheat and steal if necessary to get a hold on your city.

We of Stagonia are proud that we have driven them from your lands . . . and wish you much joy in your continued independence.

We ask nothing more than that you be wary of further Frankzonian lies -- particularly in regard to our actions. As you know, we kept our word not to attach your troops as long as you did not fire on us.

We leave you in peace and in full possession of all your holdings.

Beware of Frankzonia and bless you all.

-- Jeff of Stagonia

MurdocK said...

I like it that the 'politics' and decisions that are coming from the Offenbach battle are of the sort and type that SHOULD result from hostile actions.

The pressure to react is intense after such hostility happening right before your gates and it is good that the two sides, that were 'allied' have to deal with the fall out...

Frankfurter said...

There are several implied follow through potentials, but a local guy has approached me about letting him play a game or three ... I've zinged a note to the principals to discuss things ...