Friday, October 19, 2007

News of Offenbach

Soaked to the skin the Frankzonian Hussar stood outside the commanders door, awaiting an invitiation to enter by either the General or an Aide de Camp.

Moments later a voice called from behind him,

"What is the matter?"

Oberst Hillenbrand, officer of the day was still straightening out his tunic and suspenders.

The soaked Hussar offered a much drier oilskin pouch to the senior officer, whom at once opened it and noted the seal of Brigadier Woad as he broke the wax.

Reading it as is the message made no sense, it was talking about some family birthdays and giving a weather report saying something about the road conditions in northern germany, then went on about his sister ... the Oberst was certain that the good Brigadier had only two brothers? Shaking his head in confusion the Oberst went into the General's room.

The General applied the code-mask to the text and the real message became clear.

"The roads in and around Frankzonia are impassible to heavy waggons and carts due to the inclement rains having turned them to muddy bogs anywhere near the river. Barges cannot pass under the south gate bridge, again due to the rains the river has swollen and is too high to permit the passage under the great bridge. I shall have to move the ordinnace via roads away from the riverside and this will delay the arrival of my column by no more than two days. I estimate reaching your camp by monday afternoon earliest."

Upon finishing the translation the General simply said,

"Bring in the map."

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